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before sunrise / remus lupin

SURPRISE! after falling off the face of the planet, i’m back and hopefully better than ever. love u guys so so much and enjoy this fluffy fic of my baby love aka remus <3 x

(ps. i’m 10 away from 2k and i can’t even believe it. i love u guys so, so much and i can’t thank u enough)

word count // 2,021

Boxes upon boxes were stacked along the walls of the new flat that you and Remus had moved into a mere day ago. It was early morning of the second day, the clock reading 4 AM, and you sat in the floor of the living room with a box packed to the brim of books sat in front of you. The clutter had already begun to bother you and the thought of going to bed was preposterous when there was so much to be done. With ratty hair twisted up on the top of your head and one of Remus’ t-shirts on your body, you had set out on a mission to sort through all of the books belonging to him and yourself.

Whilst you rummaged through the box, pulling out books and flipping through each one, Remus leaned against the counter top and admired you. He studied the way you picked up a certain novel and opened the cover with extreme delicacy, head casted downwards towards the pages settled on your outstretched legs. A soft glow from the floor length lamps illuminated you in the darkness, allowing him to fully appreciate your complexion clean of cosmetics and the soft smile on your rosy lips from you having bitten down on them out of habit. He felt at peace as he watched your lips form the words on the pages and his heart felt fuller than it ever had and more than it ever would.

Unable to fight his overwhelming urge to touch you, Remus pushed away from the counter and padded silently on the hardwood until he stood in front of you. He knelt down beside you and placed a hand on the back of your head, bringing you forward so his lips could press the softest of kisses to your forehead. Your eyes managed to tear away from the page and watch Remus as he lowered himself to the floor alongside you, his hand sliding down the back of your bare neck to trace letters and patterns on your back. Humming appreciatively, you sent him a sleepy smile that made the beating of his heart pick up the pace.

Remus chortled softly and soothingly stroked strands of hair from your cheeks. “Have you slept at all, sweetheart?” He asked, concern trickling into his low voice like music to your ears.

“Maybe.” You paused and smiled mischievously. “Maybe not.”

Shaking his head, Remus smiled in spite of his worry for your wellbeing. He knew all too well that you would not rest until some progress had been made with unpacking. “You need sleep, Y/N. These boxes will still be here when you wake up,” He murmured and leaned closer to press his lips to your cheek, then lower to your jaw.

“I know, my love, but we’ve hardly made any progress since we moved in and—“

“Sweetheart,” Remus interrupted, chuckling to himself. “We only moved in yesterday.”

His warm irises, the shades of freshly brewed coffee, were drawing you in, swaying your decision to remain awake until sunrise. You could nearly feel the soft, white duvet that had been freshly washed and smelt of lavender fabric softener on your arms and bare legs. Remus would be beside you, both of his arms encasing you completely with your head resting on his right shoulder. Warmth from his body would radiate onto yours and you’d drift off to the occasional kiss on your forehead. However, as tempting as the vision was, you weren’t very tired and your desire to unpack was not able to be wavered.

“Rem, I need to at least finish unpacking this box. I’ll come to bed after, okay?” You promised before pushing yourself off the hardwood and over to the bookshelf, grabbing handfuls of novels to place in their spots on the shelves.

Only seconds passed until you felt him standing behind you. His slightly muscular arms wrapped around your body and pulled your back flush to his chest, his face buried into the crook of your neck so he could proceed to pepper kisses to the soft skin there. You tried to remain focused on the task of organizing the bookshelf, but it proved to be difficult as Remus pulled the t-shirt fabric on your shoulder to the side and trailed his lips along the bare skin. Shivers went down your spine, to your core and you dropped the book in your grasp, gasping when he lightly nipped at the place where your neck met your shoulder.

Swallowing thickly and cheeks beginning to flush, your hands fell to his on your midsection all the while Remus laughed gleefully, chest vibrating against your back. “Remus John Lupin, you are such a little shit. Did you know that?” You grumbled, feigning annoyance. How could you possibly be annoyed?

He never faltered in showering you with kisses and his methods of distracting you were commencing in great success. “You’re mine now,” Remus declared and rested his chin on your shoulder, peering at the side of your face lovingly. “No more unpacking, alright?”

“Okay,” You agreed and turned to face your boyfriend who was grinning victoriously. You couldn’t help but smile up at him in return. “I’m all yours, my love.”

Remus cupped your face in his hands, his fingers running along your jaw with the steady beating of your heart under one of his fingertips on your neck. The pace of your heart picked up when he stooped over and brushed his mouth against yours in a feather-like manner. For a moment the two of you stood with his hands holding the sides of your neck, your significantly smaller ones wrapped around his forearms, and basked in the feeling of his lips barely grazing yours. You let out the smallest of whimpers when Remus finally kissed you properly and you tasted the dark chocolate on his tongue, bitter and sweet all at once. It was the loveliest of tastes and thorough disappointment tugged at your heart as your lips separated from his with a quiet pop.

His eyes crinkled as a smile overtook his swollen lips. “Perfect,” He hummed and swept some hair behind your ears, his hands dropping from your face to shoulders and down the length of your arms until his fingers tangled with yours. “Now, dance with me?” 

Your brows rose in surprise and an involuntary giggle slipped out. “You’re a horrible dancer, Remus.” 

Remus released your hands and trekked over to the record player perched on top of a sealed box. You watched as his long, slender fingers pulled up the needle and gingerly dropped it onto the record that you had been listening to earlier in the day. The gentle melody of one of your favorites began to play into the silent flat and Remus made his way over to you again. The soft glow of the lamps cast shadows along his face, his jawline sharp and the light casting a twinkle in his eyes. You couldn’t have possibly torn your focus away from him even if you tried with all the strength in your body. He was an ethereal kind of beautiful.  

He reached for your hands and pulled you flush to his chest, his large palms going to rest on your waist. Remus nudged your jaw with his nose and kissed your skin, breathing in the delicate scent of you and humming in satisfaction. “Just wanna hold you,” He murmured into your ear and began swaying the two of you lightly.  

Arms looped around his neck and rocking from foot to foot, you caught his eye with a small smile on your lips. Remus had to fight the urge to kiss the life out of you. “Then hold me,” You said just as softly as he had, feeling as if you spoke any louder it would disrupt the romantic atmosphere.  

Obliging to your response, Remus tightened his grip on you and the fabric of the t-shirt you wore bunched up in his palms just slightly. He guided you between boxes, sliding across the hardwood easily and quite gracefully. The sweet lyrics of the song filled the serene space around the two of you and the stress of unpacking melted away. It was just you and the love of your life, dancing around an empty flat whilst the sun had just begun to rise through the windows.  

“I’ve waited a hundred years, but I’d wait a million more for you…” 

Your gaze flickered upwards to the warm brown irises already looking down at you. The piano on the record played out in a melodic tune, so beautifully and elegantly, and you found yourself singing amongst both of you quietly. “Nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do,” You sang and Remus smiled at the sound of your voice mingling with the angelic sounding piano, his cheeks tinged pink at the words being related to him. 

His face tucked into the crook of your neck, the tip of his nose brushing along the curve of the place where your neck and shoulder met. One of your hands slid down to his bicep, the other remained curled around into his messy hair whilst Remus carefully placed kisses on your neck. Your heart was pounding so quickly in your ears as he inched up to your jaw and to the corner of your mouth, his forehead coming to rest upon your own. The yearning to feel the contours of his lips was driving you mad and a smile broke out on his face, knowingly, as you stretched to his height and captured his lips after an aching moment. Kissing him was like a thirst, unquenchable and unable to be suppressed once the desire emerged. 

“Your love is my turning page, only the sweetest words remain…” 

It was when Remus pulled apart from your lips, pulled you closer to his body, and his breath fanned out onto your ear as he muttered six words that made your heart pound quicker. The breath was knocked from your lungs and you pulled back just enough to meet his eyes that had begun to fill with anticipation and worry.  

“What did you just say?” You asked, breathless and dazed.  

His eyes searched yours carefully, lovingly. “I want you to marry me,” He said.  

Your lips parted in surprise, breath coming out in little gasps. You had to bite down on the inside of your cheek to keep tears at bay and the rusty taste of blood coated your tongue. The glistening of tears caused Remus to cup your cheeks in his hands, worry and anxiety taking over his being, and he felt his face softening in effect of the feelings rushing through him.  

“I want you to marry me,” Remus repeated in a tender whisper. “Because I love you and I don’t think I could bear a day on this Earth without you.” 

“Remus–” You cried, happy tears spilling onto your cheeks.  

“Shh,” He hummed and placed his thumbs over your rosy lips. They were wet with salty tears and ran onto his fingers as he continued. “I thought I would never find love because of what I am. I didn’t think any girl would be able to love me. I’m blown away that a girl like you, a girl so pure and more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed up, could fall in love with someone like me. I’m so in love with you and there’s no other girl I want to be my wife.” 

The only response you could manage was pushing yourself onto the tips of your toes and kissing him. Remus responded immediately and the two of you poured every ounce of love into the passionate embrace. He had lifted you off the ground in the midst and your feet just barely grazed the floors, but you had no cares in the world besides the blissful blooming in your chest and his mouth moving on yours. Between the sweet kiss and coming up for air, you managed to muster up enough breath in your lungs to whisper one little word.  



Don’t you dare tell me they don’t love each other!

The way they look at each other. The way they hold each other.

Their love is precious. Their love is too beautiful to hate. People need to stop hating on them (especially on Renee), it’s ridiculous. It’s 2017 for God’s sake, you have to deal with the fact that Dean (Jon) is in love with Renee. And after all the shit he’s been through in his life, I’m so fucking happy he found happiness and love. You should grow up and realize that too. I think it’s time to stop hating on them. Just be happy for him and Renee. They don’t deserve the hate, they deserve respect for their relationship.


I knew ye’d come, Uncle Jamie,” he said, with a tremulous smile, “but ye left it a bit late, aye?” The smile widened, then broke, and he began to tremble. He blinked hard, fighting back tears.

I did then, and I’m sorry, Ian. Come here, a bhalaich.” Jamie reached out and took him in a close embrace, patting his back and murmuring to him in Gaelic.

A Poem In The Wake of Trump’s Inaugration

Imagine we were particles

Or words within an article

Water that stands in glass half full

Air filling an inflatable

Consider us the single parts

That contribute to works of art

To take part, outsmart and kick start

Change strong enough to counterpart

I know, you know, just who I mean

Whose inauguration turned eyes green

Whose words, obscene, foresaw the scene

Two mil’ combine like plasticine

It’s down to us to mediate

To demonstrate and devastate

Agenda known to thrive on hate;

I’ve seen, at once, the rights at stake

I might not be minority

But I will always stand by thee

As humans I know we can free

Ourselves from cruel powers that be

Our strength lies in our numbers. // A.S

Missions(Conner Kent Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:   Can I request a batsis reader, where she is Bruce’s daughter and vigilante and she starts dating Conner (superboy) and Bruce tries to sabotage their relationship but then Clark kinda finds out and makes him confess
Summary: Bruce tries to keep you and Conner apart after finding out you’re together. 
Word count: 522
Warning(s): none

It had come up during family dinner one day, you had lowkey mentioned to your family that you and Conner were together. All of your brothers and sisters were quite fond of the idea, since it was someone they knew and trusted. Even Damian approved, which is really saying something, he was your most protective sibling. 

But the only one that said absolutely nothing was your dad Bruce, I mean even Alfred was cheering you on.

It was a couple of days later, you were in the watch tower, waiting for Conner to come through one of the Zeta tubes. Right as he came towards you, your father, the one and only Batman came out of nowhere. “Superboy, you have a mission.” He said giving him a briefing packet. Your mouth fell agape, “What do you mean ‘he has a mission’??” You ask, unsure of what game his playing. “I’m sorry, it’s urgent.” He said, walking out.

Sorry babe, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” He said, walking away.

This kept  happening almost every day for two weeks, You and Conner would be ready to go out, then BANG B-man  would be there, ready with a packet to send him off. 

This had yet again happened one day, and you were sulking around, thinking about life when Superman zapped in. “What’s wrong kiddo?” He asks, flouting to you and sitting own next to you, His huge frame making you look tiny. You breath out heavily, “Dad keeps sending Conner away every time we want to go out. I get the feeling that he just doesn’t want us together.”

Superman seems in thought for a moment, before offering you a warm smile, “I’ll have a word with bats.” He vanishes into the rooms of the tower.

Why are you not letting the kids be kids Batman.” He asks as he comes up behind him.

He audibly sighs, turning around, “I don’t want him hurting my daughter.” 

I think you’re hurting her more than he ever could. You should have seen her face when I came here, she looked miserable.”  

She’s my little girl,” Bruce sighs. 

I know, but she know’s you’re doing it on purpose and it’s making her sad.” Superman tries to reason.

Thank you.” Bruce answered, signaling that the conversation is over.

It was a day later, everything seemed to go like clock work. You and Conner were meeting up, then Bruce walks in, making you both breath out heavily, fearing the worst. 

Don’t worry, I’m not here to send him on a mission,” Batman reassures, making you both visibly relax, “What are you here for then?” The boy asks. 

I’m here to apologize for sending you away every chance I got,” He answered, visibly pained from having to do so. Now your jaws were hitting the ground, taking a second to register, “You’re forgiven,” you say, making the grown man cringe.

Turning around he walks away, that’s when you notice superman in the doorway. He smiles at you offering you a nod, which you gladly return.

Turning back to Conner you lovingly smile at him, “Movies then ?”


With love,