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Freaky (feat. Kanye West) [prod. Travi$ Scott]
Young Thug
Freaky (feat. Kanye West) [prod. Travi$ Scott]

After a snippet appear online just over a week ago the final studio version CDQ of Freaky by Young Thug has finally been revealed. Stream is available

Going to Recommend this other song for Kanye West, Travi$ Scott, G-Eazy fans. It is titled Hentai by Australian duo LHXIC 


NEWSIES: LIVE if you look closely you’ll see... #22

Ben and David continuing to play like puppies and just be adorable after pulitzers poodles in King of New York.

dike? bavid? idk but I think I ship it ??


buffyverse femslash week ////// day 3: buffyfaithkendra

step out into the sun
skies above they radiate me
lift up, carry the love
do you know?

that i’ve been out of my mind
this slow life i’m waiting for you
to swing me all of your line
do you know?

since i’ve been walking solo
dreaming you were back home
i find getting down low
hide until tomorrow

come back into the good life
lose these hazy love lies
i’ve been chasing my mind
lonely in the cold nights
Hi guys welcome to the registration page for the young animal fan zine, based on the comics by DC's young animal (quelle surprise) This will be a collaborative project open to artists of any medium! Don't fret about having your pieces done yet, this is just for you to submit your details and some of your art for me to check and to organize the participants of the zine. Entry deadline is May 15th! Good luck and happy arting :). Any further questions feel free to @pinkishincoiour

Hi! How’s it going friends! I’m opening up a zine dedicated to the young animal comics if anyone’s interested in contributing :) its open to all artists and I think it would b a neat wee thing to do for team young animal!!

what kind of shenanigans could adam have possibly gotten into if Mr. Young can pull up to an old military base and see, as he drives in:

- a gay couple, holding hands, one holding a sword and the other a tire iron (did az extinguish the sword? they pull in their wings quickly but the sword..)
- a straight couple, one holding a pin like a weapon
- a 5’ tall angry man with a gun
- a random older woman
- four children running away from a set of scales and a crown
- a probably-still-burning car from the 1920s

and proceed to sigh and go, “what’s he been getting up to now”

fecipher twitter, 19-5-2017: “Commander of the Greil Mercenaries, Ike”

A great many sagas telling of heroes are handed down between the generations. For his past liberation of Crimea with Princess Elincia, the young man Ike is one those heroic names. He tears across this land of war, now older and stronger. With swordsmanship inherited from his father, he serves with his comrades in the mercenary band that bears his father’s name! (Illust. Clover.K)

more fire emblem cipher series 9 translations!

tag yourself (tye version!)

enzo valenciano:
-dead on the inside
-hates most people
-would resort to killing others when it comes to his friends

adelina amouteru:
-could kill you by a stare
-pretends to be emotionally stable
-a problem

-knows how to deal with problems
-the mum friend™
-seems calm even when furious

-best friend is a lute
-i bet he doesn’t even know his real name
-loves money more than himself

teren santoro:
-thinks he’s God’s gift to humankind
-does not know how to chill


Hey guys!! It’s my face!!! (Gross, I know.) I’ve been picking at asks so far today and have one somewhat close to being done so that may be out tonight, but I had some Stuffs™ to do outside of the internet (ew) and put on some makeup and feel HELLA CUTE, so I decided to share. Because… why not, right?