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what do you think about em joining that new show?? if we're all right about her coming back to the show, will that interfere with her filming for twd? bc my heart broke when i read her tweet idk :(

I am not worried. For those who haven’t heard the news, Emily has been casted in a new show called Ten Days in the Valley (X). It stars Kyra Sedgwick, and the show focuses on the producer for a crime show after her daughter goes missing. The series is set to film ten episodes, and it is slated to air on television “in late midseason 2017, summer or early fall” (X). Emily will play Casey, “Jane’s [Kyra Sedgwick’s character’s] hip and upbeat young assistant who looks up to her boss as a role model.”

The show is scheduled to film from January 23rd to May at Paramount Studios. (Paramount Studios is based out of Hollywood.) 

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Source (X). (Tassie Cameron created the show.)

Some filming locations in Los Angeles from this week: X, X. (Credit to @allatariel for finding these sources; she is a computer wizard.)

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This is the perfect time for Emily to film a project in the off season. TWD won’t start filming till mid-May. The timing also works out if Beth is back in the finale because interest in Emily will skyrocket. People will become interested in Emily’s other projects, and so AMC will try to have Emily in the media as much as possible. ABC and AMC likely have a business deal. A good portion of Conviction’s promotion was done through Emily (X) (X), and AMC also played Conviction commercials on their channel. Emily’s first role on an ABC was in The Unusuals back in 2009. She didn’t work for that network again until she guest-starred on Forever, her first TV appearance post-Coda. (The show actually posted on their Tumblr a very obvious Beth-lives kind of post (X)). Then in 2016 she was in Conviction, and now in 2017 she’ll be in this show. AMC and other networks who have hired Emily for roles at least twice, they must like working with her. It begs the question then why they haven’t casted her in a starring role for one of their shows. 

It’s a win-win for networks to share their actors. ABC gives Emily’s roles to maximize her appearance in the media for AMC, and ABC gets a piece in the biggest plot twist in modern television.