young hollywood award

Yes Finally, My Two Favorite People Together In One Photo!!!!


Mads: “We’re all really weird!”

Casey *keeps talking about his three favorite kinds of peanut butter*


Okay, I can do this now. Let’s go!

1. Peyton didn’t bring up KJA, CS did. He did not have to, he wasn’t asked to, that was what he WANTED to talk about. 

2. He’s like half making fun of KJA, but also…not…I mean, he did bring it up, so it’s clearly made a huge impression on him. 

3. KJA is OBSESSED with The Rock and John Cena and of course CS not only knows that, but that’s his immediate first thought when coming to the TCAs is hoping they are there so they can meet KJA.

4. Speaking of, CS made it clear that he wants to introduce them to KJA. Boyfriend brownie points. KJA can do it just fine himself, but no, CS is on the look out so CS can do the introductions. 

5. “Does he need tips? “I don’t think so” Of course you don’t. CS is probably so proud of KJA and how diligent and hard working he is. Keeping in shape is hard. He should know, as he implies in the next line. 

6. So CS does go to the gym with them, and also just gave his approval of KJA spending so much time with CM which…why the fuck would a friend do that? He played the boyfriend car of “I trust KJ,” which was cute. 

 7. I like how KJA won’t let CS just kind of sit there at the gym but makes sure he’s actually getting a workout. Also, the trainer line was super cute and when she says that CS just agrees with her in a super genuine tone like, “oh, I hadn’t thought of it like that”

8. Erotic bromance is an oxymoron. If it’s a bromance, it’s inherently not erotic. If it’s erotic, it’s not a bromance. It’s just a gay relationship. 

9. She asks about sleepovers and he emphatically says yeah AND then says he thinks he made her uncomfortable. So he didn’t mean sleeping bags on the floor. He meant sleeping in the same bed, naked, spooning…etc

10. Which caught her by surprise. I guess she knows about them now, if she didn’t before. And CS seems super happy that she’s supportive, which I love.

11. I like how he asks her if her cast’s friendships are erotic expecting her to say no. Cause…that’s inherently romantic and his sarcastic tone when saying it. 

12. So everyone expected CS to speak, but then CS gave it to KJA. NOW that’s even cuter than when I just saw the head nod beforehand. This gives that so much more context. 

Okay, that was a lot for 2 minutes, but like…I had to. 

Hope you all enjoy!