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the people complaining that young hockey players hide so much of their personal lives from the public eye are the same people who are bullying their girlfriends on social media… they have lives outside of hockey that they aren’t obligated to share with us, and maybe they would choose to share more if people weren’t so rude and vicious to the ones they love and care for. u get what you give 🙃

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Chicago at Detroit 03.10.2017

Last time the Hawks play at Joe Louis Arena. Didn’t enjoy the outcome but as usual, was mesmerized by this guy during warm ups. Some young hockey players stood near by and were awed to see their idol right in front of them, eyes glued to his every move and chattering excitedly to each other about him. It was fun for me to watch warm ups but even more fun to watch them watch warm ups. Even tho Patrick was disappointed in his game that night, I hope he takes a little comfort in knowing - probably in every city he plays in - that there are little boys (and girls) who, after watching him bat the puck back and forth against the boards in front of them, will go home and drive their parents nuts as they bat a puck or ball back and forth against their bedroom/basement/garage walls in mimic of the guy they dream of becoming one day.

What if Señor Bun wasn't the first stuffed animal Jack had shared his bed with?

As a fourteen year old, Jack Zimmermann sat on a bus to Ottawa, on his way to play his first away game as a young hockey player. It was the first time he spent a night away from home without a parent, but he was excited. He was captain of the team and they were the top in their league, and he was happy.

Wedged deep in his bag, between his pyjamas and Uncle Marios biography was Jess, his old tattered Sheepdog. Missing an eye and reeking of his mothers Givenchy perfume after his toddler hands had learned to unscrew bottles and spill the contents everywhere, the old girl has seen better days, but to Jack she was perfect.

Alicia tried to tell Jack to leave her at home. Jack was already having a hard enough time with his team; even though he was captain, they teased him mercilessly about his weight, his squeaky breaking voice, and the acne that was plastered across his chin. He didn’t need them finding out that he slept with an old plushie, they would break his heart. But when Alicia tried to explain this to Jack, he felt his heart start to race and the weird shakes he got in his hands came back, the ones that he couldn’t stop and made his breathing go all funny. The idea of a night without Jess terrified him. Who else was going to be there for him when he woke up from his nightmares, face wet and bed wetter? She didn’t know who Bad Bob or all his uncles were, and how much of a disappointment Jack was to them, she loved him for who he was and didn’t shake her head and sigh when he missed easy shots at practice.

They lost the game that night. The players on the other team were all a foot taller and wider, and Jack was targeted from the first second by the broad shouldered defencemen. Coach Collins congratulated them afterwards, told them they played a great game and patted Jacks shoulder as he spoke, but Jack just stared hard at his socked feet, a hand buried deep in his bag clutching Jess’ soft body. He went straight to bed at the hotel and hid her under the blankets, and managed to wait until his roommate fell asleep before he started to cry. His heart ached as he imagined his Papas voice when he called in the morning, laden with barely hidden disappointment. Jacks breathing came hard and fast as he buried his face into Jess, and his nails bit into his wrist where he had them buried, the pain always made him feel better. It was hours before he finally exhausted himself enough to fall asleep.

On the bus home, Jack was silent. The boys around him joked and laughed, the loss almost took a weight off their shoulders- this was nothing but a pressure filled hobby for them. Jess was hidden beneath a gearbag on the seat next to him, her soft, worn ear cluched in his hand between his index finger and thumb. He was startled by a laugh in his ear as one of the boys launched himself over the seat behind him and grabbed the gearbag off the seat next to Jack.

“Oooh, how is Fatty Jackie today? How-”

Jacks heart stopped at the exact same second as the boys sentence fell away. Before he could move, he felt Jess leave his his hand, and the boy was holding Jacks lifeline aloft in the middle of the bus, far beyond Jacks reach.

The entire team burst into laughter as they began to throw Jess around the bus, each boy tossing an insult in Jacks direction as they went. But Jack heard nothing but his own heartbeat as Jess’ tiny body made its way down the bus. Finally, a tall red-headed boy at the back, the one that held Jacks head down the toilet one day after practice, finally got his hands on Jess, gave Jack a huge smile and waved Jess teasingly in his direction, before flinging the tiny stuffed animal out of the open bus window and onto the highway.

Jack didn’t call Papa that day. His dinner went cold on the table but he told Alicia that Coach wanted him to diet anyway. His hands shook too much to tie his laces for weeks afterward and he was alone when the nightmares woke him. Years later, when he felt the cold bathroom floor tile again his cheek, and his vision start to blur, he felt the softness of soft, worn fur between his index finger and thumb, and the faint scent of a perfume he hadn’t smelled in years.

Hayden scoring high grades with Chicago Blackhawks (from the Daily Herald) [03\20\2017]

Life is all about taking advantage of opportunities.

For a young hockey player who may be on a short leash (like the Chicago Blackhawks’ John Hayden) that means making the most of every shift, every period and every game.

Because if you don’t, the coaches eventually will move on.

Well, in Hayden’s case, he’s not only answering the knock of opportunity, he’s barreling through the door, the boards and into the glass as fast as his skates will take him.

He’s working his tail off,” said linemate Jonathan Toews after the Hawks’ 6-3 victory over Colorado on Sunday at the United Center.

As we noted after the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Hayden signed last week, this kid has a demeanor and a confidence about him that you don’t see in most 22-year-old rookies. You never know if that is going to translate to the ice, but it clearly has in Hayden’s first three games.

You like his composure in games, his thought process, physicality,” coach Joel Quenneville said. “Comes up with a lot of pucks, had some big, hard hits tonight (vs. the Avalanche). You notice him.”

Hayden’s start includes a goal, 2 assists and a whopping 15 hits. He scored at Toronto by stopping a pass from Toews with his left skate, shuffling it to his stick and burying it over the left shoulder of Maple Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen.

It was the Hawks’ only goal in regulation during a 2-1 overtime victory.

It’s fun to be on the ice when a young guy gets his first goal,” Toews said. “It feeds into his confidence. Sometimes you get that first goal early on, it gives you some relief that you can play at this level.

Hayden’s 2 assists came 17 seconds apart on goals by Toews and Richard Panik against Colorado. Hayden’s net-front presence helped create both as he:

  •  Deflected a puck that Toews then redirected past goalie Jeremy Smith to cut the Avs’ lead to 3-2.
  • Dove and pushed the puck back to Panik, who buried the game-tying goal.

We finally found our energy and our stride in the third,” Toews said. “We made a nice play getting that puck back to Panik on that goal, so he’s doing little things and he’s getting better and better every game.”

Those 2 goals were part of a 3-goal-in-34-seconds barrage bettered only two other times in Blackhawks history. They were the centerpiece of another amazing comeback by a team that has won 17 of its last 20.

It was awesome,” Hayden said. “I think it says a lot about this locker room. I haven’t been here long, but I can already tell that there’s amazing leadership and a culture to never give up.”

That leadership core also is helping make Hayden’s transition to the NHL a smooth one. Asked what some of the best pointers have been and who gave them, Hayden drew a loud roar from reporters when he deadpanned: “How much time do you have? Seriously.”

He then said: “I remember after one of the practices, Duncs (Duncan Keith) told me to just settle down and enjoy it. That helped me the next day. But, honestly, it’s all of the guys here and it’s been tremendous.”

Almost unbelievably (in addition to learning about the Hawks’ system, his teammates and a new city), Hayden still is trying to complete his course load at Yale.

I’m actually on spring break,” he said. “A little time off of school, but I’ll start writing essays in a little bit.”

If they’re as good as the start to his NHL career, Hayden will ace those as well.

Chowder’s Letter to the Journalist

Hey, you punk-ass bitch…Hi Chad…Mr. Johnson,

HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!  I was disappointed with your recent criticism of Mr. Zimmerman. MY FATHER IS AN AMAZING MAN! I believe that Jack is an excellent role model and a great example of a successful rookie! I would literally die for him. After all that he has been through in his life, it is inspiring to see someone work hard and not take for granted getting to live his dream. I just want him to be happy. Please don’t hurt him. In conclusion, Meet me in the pit motherfucker. I would urge you to think about the comments you make about Mr. Zimmerman in the future. I have no doubt Jack is able to stay focused if it made him sad so help me…, but there are many young hockey players who look up to him and are affected ME! I’M AFFECTED!! by the negative comments you make regarding his past and how it has affected his hockey career. 

I Hate You and your stupid face Thank you for your time,

Chris “your worst nightmare Chowder” Chow


Mr. Johnson,

I was disappointed with your recent criticism of Mr. Zimmerman. I believe that Jack is an excellent role model and a great example of a successful rookie! After all that he has been through in his life, it is inspiring to see someone work hard and not take for granted getting to live his dream. In conclusion, I would urge you to think about the comments you make about Mr. Zimmerman in the future. I have no doubt Jack is able to stay focused, but there are many young hockey players who look up to him and are affected by the negative comments you make regarding his past and how it has affected his hockey career. 

Thank you for your time,

Chris “Chowder” Chow

such a youngin'

“And then let it roll”.
  • Reporter: Do you feel homesick?
  • Artemi Panarin: Yes, I do. I dream about it sometimes. I miss Korkino, Russia. Motherland is calling me, you know, and it’s tough to ignore it.
  • Reporter: How do you feel about your first NHL play-offs?
  • Artemi Panarin: I haven’t thought about it yet. I think you should be focused on every game. Play-offs are in April, so for now I just want to play hockey.
  • Reporter: Young hockey player is interested, “How to be just like you?”
  • Artemi Panarin: Are there people who want to be just like me?! *Artemi was in shock*
  • Reporter: Yes! There are many!
  • Artemi Panarin: Well, it’s a hard question. I don’t even know myself how to become a great hockey player. You need to really want it. But as I experienced it myself in NHL, you need to want it, but not that much as I did.
  • Reporter: May you explain it?
  • Artemi Panarin: If you crave it, you won’t get it. I experienced it once. You need to want it deep inside and then let it roll!
  • Reporter: That was good!
  • Artemi Panarin: And you gotta push yourself obviously! You won’t have anything if you don’t work hard to get it.

That Norway’s most promising 15 year old player, Mathias Emilio Pettersen, with Derick Brassard.

Pettersen played in the warm-up match at Zuccarello’s All Star game with young talents, retired hockey players, non-hockey athletes and tv personalities. He completely dominated and scored 4 out of 6 of his team’s goals! The last of which was absolutely spectacular. 

And then he actually played some on Zuccarello’s team for the proper match as well, against Stavanger Oilers. This kid is going places.