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Braemar Hill Murders - 17-year-old Kenneth McBride and 18-year-old Nicola Myers were a young couple studying at Island School in Hong Kong. They were both popular and well-known, with McBride being the captain of the rowing team, a member of the debate team, and even the president of the debate team. Myers had a keen interest in foreign languages, hoping one day to become an interpreter.

On 20 April, 1985, the promising couple decided they would take a romantic stroll in the countryside of Braemar Hill. They stopped at a bench and began to study for their upcoming A-Levels. At some point, they were approached by a gang consisting of 24-year-old Pang Shun-yee, 20-year-old Tam Sze-foon, 25-year-old Chiu Wai-man, 17-year-old  Cheung Yau-hang and 16-year-old  Won Sam-lung. The gang later confessed that they had believed the couple to be wealthy, due to the fact that they were white. Having only one dollar, the couple defended themselves against the attack, which soon turned brutal.

McBride was tied up and savagely beaten as Myers was raped. The sadistic group then mutilated Myers genitalia with a stick and broken bottle. When they were discovered, McBride had over 100 injuries on his body while Myers had over 500. Both were bound and McBride was strangled with his own arm sling while both were repeatedly beaten with sticks. The beating was so severe that Myers eyeball was hanging from it’s socket when they were found. They were all found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.


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And then something invisible snapped inside of her, and that which had come together commenced to fall apart.
—  John Green (Looking for Alaska)