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Neil Young - Heart of Gold

the more self aware and capable of suffering they are, the more unethical it is to make them suffer.

is that why vegans are ok with mice and other rodents being killed or displaced by tilling and harvesting, there young left in nests to starve?

or the many such animals being killed as pests, often poisoned, and if not diligently removed and disposed of maybe killing scavengers as well.

while not being ok with animals raised for food, however humanely, and killed for food, however humanely?

what about deer shot as pests to protect crops [don’t care?] but then eaten rather than wasted [very,very bad?]?


Hey guys so I have been plotting this challenge for a while. It will be a 4 part challenge with 1 part dedicated to each season. Since fall is just around the corner - that is the season we will begin with.

Each part of the challenge will run for 3 months - to fit the season. There will be no extension since 3 month is plenty of time to come up with something. If you want to drop out for one reason or another that is totally fine. Just sent me an ask and I will remove you from my list. If you don’t turn in your fic on time and you haven’t kept in touch, you will be banned from all my future challenges.

Do I have to take part in all 4 seasons?

No. You can take part in one, in two ect. Any you would like.

If I do all do the stories have to be linked?

No. They can be but that is not an acquirement.

If I do them all do I have to write the same pairing each time?


Will you read and reblog my fic?

You betcha :D

Do my fic have to be autumn themed?

Since it is the idea of the challenge - yes I am afraid so.

When Do I Post?

Between Sep 1st and November 26th. Sign Ups start now and ends when there are no more prompts


Due Date: November 26th

Word min: 500 words

Word Max: 5k words

Style: It can be a drabble, one shot or beginning of a series. Do not put in in the middle of an ongoing series since I plan on reading them and don’t want to read 10 parts of something to understand the entry.

Genre: Fluff, smut, angst are all welcome. DO NOT write smut if you are under the age of 18 and tag everything with appropriate warnings. AUs are more than welcome!

Limits on what you can write: No Mommy/daddy kinks, no non/dub con, no A/B/O, no glorification on cheating, no wife hate in rpfs! - if you got any questions at any time feel free to send me an ask. 

Format: State in your A/N that it is for my (thing-you-do-with-that-thing) Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall Challenge. And use the # SoL - Colors of Fall challenge in the first 5 tags.

Submit: After you posted on tumblr you have to add yourself and your fic to this doc. If you don’t do this you will not be added to the masterlist I create when the challenge is over. If you got questions - just ask :D

Doc link it case tumblr is an ass:

How do I join?

You pick a prompt and a pairing off the list. Send me the prompt number along with a backup just in case and your pairing of choice. ASKS ONLY!! REPLIES, REBLOGS AND IMS WILL BE IGNORED!

There are no limits on the pairings but I only allow 1 person per prompt so think before you sign up. If you don’t think you will be doing it then don’t take the spot from someone else. Prompts and Pairings are under the cut!

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Handful of Dust

Anon asked:  What do you think the seven are afraid of? Death, being alone, spiders?

Originally posted by oddly-drawn-thoughtss

Sam Chisolm –Sam seems downright comfortable staring down the business end of a gun. Hell, he’ll even opt not to carry his own; but even in those situations he is in control. And that need is exactly where his fear seats itself. Sam cannot abide losing control. No one ever sees Sam’s fear. They don’t see it when he runs his hand over the scar on his throat. They don’t see it when he is intensely engrossed in a plan, or when he readjusts the items in his pockets, but it’s there just the same. 

Goodnight Robicheaux -“Goodnight,” the “Angel of Death.” He earned his noms de guerre. Because of his time at war Goody has numerous personal demons that make him jump at shadows. Despite this, there is something that is even more horrifying to him: losing his legacy. The bleak irony is not lost on Goodnight. He yearns to be remembered the way he used to be. It’s why he allowed Faraday to goad him into displaying his skill. There is no phantom owl, or fear of death that will keep him from proving (especially to himself) that he is still Goodnight Robicheaux.

Red Harvest –Red was born a warrior and he’ll die a warrior. It’s the interim that’s unclear to him. While the fear the young Comanche evokes in others has its uses, every mistrustful, sidelong glance from a white man chips away at his patience for clarity. Save for the clench of his jaw, Red Harvest gives no indication of this vexation. Not even to the rest of The Seven. While being with them is a step in the right direction, he constantly cautions himself against bitterness. Ultimately, he fears that it will lead him to compromise and disgrace.

Jack Horne –Jack Horne’s initials mark his possessions. They are his; and he carries them with him the way he does the memory of his family: with faith and ferocity. It is unthinkable to him that those things, those memories could ever be stolen away from him. Yet, the fear is there. He is afraid he will lose them completely, and that he will lose what is left of himself along with them.

Billy Rocks –It’s difficult to believe that Billy Rocks fears anything, but there is one niggling notion that is forever in the back of his mind. For all of his stoicism, Billy fears that he will never be enough. Not for Goodnight, not for himself. He’ll always be an inconsequential runt. Billy refuses to let it be a detriment, though. He compensates for his doubt and fear by honing his elegant lethality, and he has no pity for anyone who is dumb enough to underestimate him.

Joshua Faraday –Joshua Faraday will jest, and openly admit to being afraid of clowns. Sonsabitches are terrifying. The truth of it is, though, he fears change. Not change in the day-to-day sense, no. Faraday seems to be the human equivalent of a tumbleweed. He fears that he will outlive the time and place to which he is so well suited. On sober, sleepless nights Faraday will take pause and think about the encroachment of civilization. The thought of the West being less wild fills him with an unease that he finds difficult to quell.

Vasquez –Vasquez affects a devil-may-care attitude about having nothing better to do, and having nothing to lose; but this is because the alternative terrifies him. He says he doesn’t have the guts to have a family, but that is only half the truth. If he had a family, and they were taken from him, he recognizes that the depth of that loss would break him. Vasquez has only to look at Jack to see how agonizing the loss would be. And if his loved ones came to harm because of his past? Vasquez doesn’t let himself dwell on it. He figures it’s best not to find out and keep his life to himself.


This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Dressing the Mill Stones

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Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

As always, let me know what you think.

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