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Leonardo DiCaprio Photographed by David LaChapelle, Hollywood 1996

Prompt list!

Here is the prompt list! Please make some requests the queue is widddeeeee open right now. Feel free to request any character, not just the ones I have already written! Alright let’s have some fun!

1.     “I love you, you idiot.”

2.     “That’s never going to happen.”

3.     “I can’t believe you don’t like Disney movies.”

4.     “Damn, when did y/n get hot?”

5.     “Only if you give me a piggy back ride!”

6.     “Who doesn’t like waffles?”

7.      “Just shut up and kiss me.”

8.     “Is there a reason your crawling through my window?”

9.     “You’re everything to me.”

10.  “I had the weirdest dream about you and now I can’t stop thinking about you naked.”

11.  “just tAKE THE JACKET”

12.  “I can’t stop blushing… You’re not helping!”

13.  “I’ll always be here.”

14.  “You’re my nerd.”

15.  “We could just make a fort…”

16.  “Hey! Don’t do that! You can’t do that to me!”

17.  “I don’t regret it, not even for a second!”

18.  “They’re right behind me aren’t they?”

19.  “Then come here and make me.”

20.  “Sometimes I wish the sun wouldn’t go down.”

21.  “Were you ever going to tell me?”

22.  “I’ve never said that to any one before.”

23.  “In your dreams!”

24.  “Oh bite me!”

25.  “I’ve never been more in love with you.”

26.  “Can you just hold me?”

27.  “Nothing would make me happier.”

28.  “Dance with me?” “But there’s no music!”

29.  “Where’s your shirt?”

30.  “The least you could do is not hog the blanket.”

31.  “You should stay hydrated.” “What?” “You should-“ “I heard you…”

32.  “Have you seen my… oh”

33.  “You’re not always right you know!

34.  “I can fix that.”

35.  “For the last time I AM NOT JEALOUS!”

36.  “Is this you trying to seduce me?”

37.  “Wait… is this a date?”

38.  “If I did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you.”

39.  “ I just can’t stop thinking about you.”

40.  “I just miss you every second of every day.”

The John Green Playlist

Certain songs make you feel a type of way and so do John Green books. As I have said before, I love it when you read a book and there are songs that fit the ‘mood’ of the book. When I read John Green books, I listen to mostly indie, alternative music. Because I feel that that is the type of music that fits his books the most. I also feel like John’s characters would be the types of people to listen to indie/alternative music.

Here, I’ve compiled a playlist of 10 songs each for four of John Green’s novels. I’ll list down the title of the book along with the ‘theme’ of music that I think most suits the story/mood of the book.

(I know that TFIOS and Paper Towns have their own movie soundtracks, and both are really good soundtracks. But I enjoy making my own playlists)

1. The Fault in our Stars //Heartbreaking Love Story//
These are songs that give the listener a ‘heartbreaking love story’ feel. The kind of songs that ‘pluck on your heartstrings’
- Bloom by The Paper Kites
- One Day by Kodaline
- Firefly by Ed Sheeran
- Paint by The Paper Kites
- King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
- Pretend We’re in a Movie by New Politics
- Stardust by New Politics
- Halcyon by The Paper Kites
- Vanilla Twilight by Owl City
- What You Wanted - One Republic

2. An Abundance of Katherines //Carpe Diem//
These are the songs that give you the desire to jump up and carry out the latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ which means ‘Seize the day’ or ‘make the most of each moment’
- Trojans by Atlas Genius
- Heroes by David Bowie
- Simple Song by The Shins
- Whatever by Oasis
- Smile by Mikky Ekko
- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
- The World is Watching by Two Door Cinema Club
- A Comet Appears by The Shins
- Something Good by alt-J
- Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy

3. Paper Towns //Roadtrip//
Basically, songs you’d listen to while on a roadtrip with your friends. These songs also give you that ‘In a car with the windows rolled down and the wind on my face’ kind of feel.
- Chocolate by The 1975
- Different Colors by Walk the Moon
- Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones
- Take a Walk by Passion Pit
- Houdini by Foster the People
- It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
- Tear in my Heart by Twenty One Pilots
- The Kids Aren’t Alright by Fall Out Boy
- Another Night on Mars by The Maine
- Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queen) by New Politics

4. Looking For Alaska //Teen Angst//
Songs about raging demons, self-hatred, regret, bitterness, depression, things Alaska Young might listen to.
- Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots
- The Mess by The Naked and Famous
- Youth by Daughter
- Me by The 1975
- Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machine
- Carmen by Lana Del Ray
- Asleep by the Smiths
- Conversation 16 by The National
- Under the Gun by The Killers
- Walk Away by Dia Frampton

So that was another one of my ‘Book Playlists’ I hope you guys liked it. And I will be posting a hell of a lot more of these because I love making them. The two things I love combined, music and books.

- Tris xD


The night I met him, he said ‘gal, old Hank’s gonna marry you.’ I said ‘ no, you ain’t. I’m not getting married, I ain’t ready to get married.’ And I said ‘ You don’t even know me, and I don’t know you.’ ‘ Well that’s alright, Old Hank’s gonna marry you.’  - Billie Jean Horton.

An extended bonus
When Faron Young first moved to Nashville, Billie Jean was his girlfriend. One night, they went out clubbing, and Hank joined them. They went to the men’s room, and Hank pulled out a gun on Faron, and told him “Boy, this is gonna be my girlfriend from now on.

anonymous asked:

Same asks as the last question ypu had but with Charles Xavier, Peter Maximoff, Hanck, Alex and Warren?

(previous question) How would they treat their cute girlfriend? Do they mind if you get flustered easily? Give you lots of PDA? Tickling? Being all lovey dovey?

Alex Summers

Alex seriously loves kissing your face (Probably to get you really flustered).

He’ll hold you close in public, to make sure everyone knows you’re together.(He’s a real protective guy Lbh.)

You both surprise each other with random gifts, cause you love the others smile. And would do anything to see each other happy.

You’ll tickle him just to piss him off sometimes. it’s definitely not worth it when he takes his revenge.

He’s probably the cutest thing when he’s jealous. His face will get slightly tinted red, and he’ll be kissing you and glaring at everyone who even glances at you with a flirty look.

Alex only likes PDA when people are eyeing you. Other than that you two tend to keep it behind closed doors.

Charles Xavier

You love it when he reads to you, so Charles sometimes reads to you before you go to sleep.

Also, You two talk to each other about your day before sleeping. And Him brushing through your hair to calm you down if something stressful happened that day.

You guys can get super lovey dovey. Cuddling and giving small kisses all day.

Charles showers you in complements. Mostly about your eyes and how caring and sweet you are.

He likes to surprise you by flying out to one of the best places in the world for your favorite food for a “Casual date”.

Charles can get quite flirty and playful In public (When he has a drink or two), But normally doesn’t like flirting or any PDA.

Peter Maximoff

Peter would talk so fast while asking you to be his girlfriend that you couldn’t hear a word he said. And He had to repeat it three times before you actually heard him.

You play video games with each other when you’re to broke to go out. And you swear he’s cheating because he can use his speed.

He would find it so freaking cute when you get flustered. He would also be super shocked. Cause you’re flustered over him. (Literally something he never thought would happen)

If you ever got hurt he would always ask if you’re doing okay. Like, every other minute.

Quick kisses when he passes by you.

Peter would love to show you off. Because he really didn’t know how he managed to get you. But he did, and of course he’s going to tell everyone he has a super hot girlfriend.

You two have kind of a unique relationship. It can be pretty silly, and you two are definitely still best friends.

Hank Mccoy

Hank is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Mainly cause he’ll go out to a store and buy you a ton of chocolate and candy if you’re feeling down.

Everyone ships you two. You’re the perfect couple. And look so cute together.

He gets a lot more flustered than you, so you absolutely love PDA. The look on his face just makes you want to kiss him more.

You’ll also whisper some…. Things to him in public to get his face all red.

Your favorite date night is a picnic when the sun sets.

Hank would be very nervous at first when you work with him in his lab. But softens up when he notices how much happier you make him when you’re there.

Warren Worthington III

You two have a Very, very flirty relationship.

Warren will protectively wrap his wings around you whenever someone winks at you.

Let’s be real, he would totally crack some really dirty jokes about your life behind doors just to make you flustered af. Works every time too.

Even though on the outside he’s a total bad boy, he really has his sweet side.  Like He’ll bring you flowers and take you on romantic dates every week.

He would shoot you daggers if you ever tried to tickle him.

Often times you two would hang out under the shade of the biggest tree, with his arms wrapped around your waist. Just talking about your past, and sometimes his. (though it can be really touchy)

His bad behavior never really rubbed off on you. Well, that’s a lie. You two are the best pranksters in the school together.