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Yoon Young Bae & Irina Liss by Tim Walker - Maison Margiela Artisanal s/s 2017


so a percy jackson/dc crossover OR pjo does superhero halloween take your pick

I kind of mixed and matched with the outfits but kept them all young heroes and basically it’s percy as kaldur/aqualad, jason as 90′s kon/superboy, and annabeth as tim/robin

I respect Allura so. Fucking. Much.

I cannot express how much I love her. She is a princess and she is a queen. She is young, fierce, graceful, but she is a mess, she is lost, she is struggling. She’s hot-headed and fierce. She is kind and sweet with her friends. She is passionate. She is inclined to fight for justice. She is unyielding. She blazes her own path. She’s taken the fight, reluctantly, from her father’s hands. 

Allura, you’ve gone through so much, yet you’ve never let the fire die out.

Your flaws complete you. I love you. I might never see another quite like you again. But Allura I respect you, I love you, I adore you, and I will always aspire to be as great as you are.

That Makes Her A Shelby

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“And this’ll be your room.” You silently look around, turning in your spot as your brother laughs quietly. It was definitely a step up from your room at Polly’s. You loved living with her but the house was small for the three of you, and frankly you were tired to hearing Michael whenever he brought someone home from the Garrison.

Your room was on the same floor as Tommy and Graces, but closer to Charlie’s than there’s. It had a lot of windows overlooking the gardens and a big closet and fancy, shiny furniture.

“Why don’t you start unpacking and then we’ll eat.” Tommy says.

You slowly turn to face him. “Thank you Tommy.” You say and he smiles, opening his arms signaling you. You place your suitcase down on the bed and run into them, missing his hugs most of all.

“Don’t thank me yet.” He scoffs pulling away and walking down the hall to leave you to your things. “Dinner’s at 7.”

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