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Angel With Orders

What if Castiel bringing Dean back from the dead wasn’t the first time he met the Winchester siblings? 

Characters: Castiel x Winchester sister!reader + Sam and Dean (all kids), Lucifer and John (mentioned)

Words: About 1400

A/N: Usually, I’m really picky about things being canon, and I spend like hours researching to make sure, which sometimes actually kills my inspiration. While this time, I didn’t really have the time, and I just wanted to write, so if some things don’t really make sense with the storyline of the show, I’m sorry. 

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Just because Kira from Orphan Black is soooo cute.

Your name: submit What is this?

Castiel stands outside of the motel, hidden amongst the trees of the forest surrounding the small town. The wind blows through the crowns of the trees, making the branches slightly bend in its force. It’s in the middle of the night and the only light sources are the moon and the stars above, and the dimmed light of a lamp placed on the windowsill inside one of the motel rooms.

That’s the one. That room.

The angel of the Lord is here on orders. He’s been told that he needs to kill a girl.

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Property of Midtown (Peter Parker)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: None

Summary: Peter goes on a mission and for the first time his partner, Y/n, doesn’t go with him due to an illness. But, Y/n misses Peter more than she thought she would, leading her to wear Peter’s hoodie. 

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a fluffy little fic I thought up. I hope you like it!

Masterlist Request Any Of These

Six days had passed since Peter left. 

To Y/n, it was six days too many. Sure, Peter was Y/n’s partner on missions and they were good friends and most friends are distant from one another longer than that, but the two young heroes were far from most. Y/n had insisted that Peter go without her since she was ill, but she ended up fine when Peter was already gone. 

Y/n sighed as she checked her phone once again, in hopes that Peter called her or texted her, but no such luck. She was starting to get annoyed, was starting to really miss the little Spider-boy. Y/n flicked through the channels on the tv until she landed upon a rerun of her and Peter’s favorite show. She glanced over at the seat Peter normally sat in, expecting him to be sitting there with a dork smile.

Peter, however was not there and Y/n began to feel odd for watching their show alone, for thinking he would magically appear at the end of the couch when she changed the channel. Peter being gone had sucked for Y/n, she missed him for the first time, more than she ever thought she would. 

Y/n gave into her own yearning to see Peter and dialed his number, stretching out on the couch as she listened to the phone rang. 

“This is Peter Parker-”

“Hey, Petey.”

“I can’t get to the phone right now, so you know what to do, but if this is Y/n calling, program my watch and I’ll see your message.”

Y/n groaned loudly, her heart sinking in her chest as she hung up the phone without leaving a message. She told herself not to get emotional over her friend being gone, but she couldn’t help but feel disappointed and upset. She wanted Peter to call her, she had given into her emotions. She missed Peter and she hoped and prayed that he missed her.

Y/n rose from her seat on the couch and walked down the hall to Peter’s room. She felt as if she would be caught as she opened the door and tip toed inside. 

The room was cleaner than Y/n expected and the only thing out of place was the Midtown High hoodie Peter loved so much. The dark blue sweatshirt on the gray bed sheets caught Y/n’s eye as she walked over to it and gathered it in her arms. 

With a sigh, Y/n buried her face in the soft and worn fabric of the sweatshirt, breathing in Peter’s scent of cheap cologne, chemicals and the fabric softener May loved to use so much. Y/n pulled the sweatshirt over her head. Her eyes were slightly covered by the hood, the length went to her mid thigh and the sleeves were so long that only her finger tips emerged from beneath the deep blue. 

Satisfied and feeling slightly more comforted by the soft warmth of the hoodie and whom had worn it before, Y/n went back into the living room, laid on the couch, and buried herself in the hoodie all curled up.

Peter sighed as he stumbled into the living room, dropping his bag on the floor and cursed himself for waking the girl who was asleep on the couch with the tv playing static. He opened his bag and pulled out the gift he had gotten for Y/n as she sat up on the couch. 

“Peter?” Y/n yawned, rubbing her eyes and trying to focus on the boy who came close to her. 

“Shh…” Peter shushed her quietly, pressing a kiss to her forehead as he placed the gift in her hands. “It’s me. I got you a little something.”

Y/n looked down at her gift, thanking god for the dark room that hid her red cheeks from the boy. “I see that. Thank you.”

Peter smiled a smile unseen by Y/n. “You’re welcome. I saw it in the window of a store on our way home and it reminded me of you.” he cleared his throat. “I missed you a lot, so almost everything reminded me of you, but this truly did.”

“I missed you, too.” Y/n said, shocked that Peter had felt the same way.

With shaking hands and a nervous chuckle, Y/n unwrapped the box to reveal a fairy garden set. She looked back up at Peter and pressed a kiss to his lips quickly as she squealed happily. 

Peter turned red and stammered as he spoke. “I’m glad you liked it.” 

A yawn escaped Y/n as Peter chuckled and brushed the hair from her eyes. Without warning, Peter wrapped his arms around the girl and gathered her up in his arms.

Y/n let our a content sigh and buried her face in Peter’s chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt like a child again as Peter laid her in her own bed, tucked her in, and pressed a tender kiss to her cheek. 

Peter believed that the young girl was asleep as he pressed another kiss to her forehead. 

“I’m home. God, bug, I am glad to be home. I missed you so much.” He whispered softly to the girl he believed to be asleep as he brushed her hair from her closed eyes. “…I love you.”

Y/n had to hold her tongue as Peter said those three words so quietly. She struggled to keep her breathing from quickening to the beat of her fast heart. 

Peter rose from his kneeling position by Y/n’s bed and walked towards the door as quietly as he could. He was blinded by the bright light of the hall when he heard something so soft from behind him. 

“Peter?” Y/n spoke softly.

“Yeah?” Peter turned to see Y/n leaning on her forearm as she bit her lip. 

“Will you stay with me tonight?”

Peter sighed, regretting what he responded with as soon as he heard himself speak, “Not tonight, bug. I should probably sleep alone tonight.”

Y/n woke up early, got herself dressed in a hand-me-down shirt she had gotten from Peter the year before and placed Peter’s hoodie back in the spot in which she found it when she found out Peter never ended up making it to his own bed and crashed on the couch. 

She had awaken Peter with the aroma of pancakes and eggs being cooked in the kitchen. She was unaware of Peter’s knowledge of her stealing his hoodie as they conversed about his time on the mission and what Y/n did in her free time while she was home. 

It wasn’t until their time cleaning up after their meal that Peter changed the subject from the new project Stark had him working on to clothing that Y/n knew something was bothering Peter. 

“You should wear my hoodie more often.” He said proudly. “It makes me feel like you’re really my girl.”

Lesson Learned [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot] [Request]

Combining tow requests into one one-shot, because they fit each other really well ^^

This is from @xpurplehair:

Hi! Can I request a One-Shot with Edmund in the Golden Age where reader is really good friends with Peter, and he usually teaches her how to sword-fight, but one day he makes Edmund teach her bc reasons and they end up confessing their feelings? Sorry if it’s kind of stupid hehe

This is from MarvelGal [Quotev]:

Hey can I get an Edmund one shot. Maybe a little jealousy. Ed could feel jealous about the Reader and Peter hanging out a lot. I also would like to use this in one of my future stories.

Sorry this took so long I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]

Lesson Learned

Fic Summary: Everybody had some lessons to learn, be it to back off for a while or to finally confess something.

Word Count: 2,4k

Warnings: None

“Oh come on (y/n), you can do better than that!” Peter yelled while swinging his sword at the (h/c) haired girl again, who barely managed to dodge it.

“Maybe I could. But not after hours of training. I could use a break, Pete.” she panted.

“You don’t get any breaks in a real battle.”

“Yes, I do. There are respites. And in wars there are breaks to bury the dead on each side. And–”

“Alright, alright, I get it. At least you pay attention during the strategy lessons from Oreius.” he sighed and sheathed his sword, stretching his arms above his head and making his back pop. 

“I suppose it is getting rather late. Let’s head back to the castle and get something to eat.”

“Finally!” she shouted in glee, throwing her sword and it’s sheath down to the ground and sprinting towards the warmly glowing castle in the distance.

“Wow. She sure can move when she really wants to.” Peter mumbled to himself while picking up the dropped sword and following after her. 

He caught up with her in the hallway leading to the dining hall.

“Heading straight for the food, huh?”

“You’ve been draining me for 5 hours straight now, so yes." 

"Hey, I’m just trying to teach you something to keep you alive on a battlefield.”

“I know and I’m thankful for it, but you’re overdoing it a bit, Peter.”

“How so?”

She stopped and turned to look at him with raised brows. 

“Seriously? I can’t remember the last time I could get up after sunrise or the last time I went to bed without sore muscles.” she accused with a pout.

“Well of course. You’re learning something entirely new, the start to that is always difficult. Besides, you should be glad you’re teacher is the best swordsman there is.” he answered, smirking confidently.

“You’re good. Really good.” she agreed. “But not the best. Not even the best in this castle, I’d wager.”

“Oh really? Who do you think could beat me then?”

She simply grinned and leaned to the left, looking past him. He turned around and immediately wanted to slap himself. He’d walked right into that one. He wouldn’t admit it, but there really was someone who could beat him a sword fight easily.

“Did you two only come back now?” Edmund questioned when he reached them, a frown on his face. 

“Yeah, this guy likes to work me to the bone. But as the best he has the right to do so, huh Pete?” she quipped, trying not to laugh.

“I hate you sometimes, do you know that?” the blond king grumbled.

“Naw, I love you, too.” she chuckled, throwing an arm over his shoulder.

“So Ed, you want to come with us and raid the kitchen?” she asked, directing her smile towards the younger brother, who looked like he was biting his tongue hard enough to draw blood.

“No thanks. I wouldn’t want to intrude.” he coldly stated before rushing past them and heading towards his own room.

“What’s up with him?” (y/n) questioned genuinely confused, more so to herself than the young man next to her. 

“No idea…” Peter stated, just as confused as her. 

“But I’m sure he’ll tell you when he wants to. After all, you’re his best friend.”

“No, you’re my best friend.” she corrected.

“Then what’s my brother? Hot air?”

“Well… He is a really good friend… But it would be great if he was more…” she mumbled quietly, the last part so incoherent only she herself could understand it.

“What was that?” Peter asked.

“Nothing! Let’s just go eat!” she quickly said, grabbing his arm and pulling him along.

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  1. Entrance to the Garden
  2. Morning
  3. Girl with Rose
  4. Evening - Interior
  5. Autumn - Miss Larson Dancers
  6. Young Girl Asleep in Her Room
  7. Morning - The Bathroom
  8. Drops of Rain
  9. Still Life
  10. Ohio Landscape

by Clarence Hudson White

Imagine Sam and Dean running into you on a hunt; a homeless girl curled up on the streets.

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The cold winter air was at least five below and the wind didn’t help any, but the Winchester brothers kept on with the hunt, shivering bodies and all. After all, this was part of the job no matter how much they disliked it. Toughing it out was something they had learned to do, and they would have to apply this skill for this case.

As they walked down the street lit by tall street lamps, the wind began to pick up even more and everyone seemed to be rushing to get to their destination to escape the biting cold. That was when they saw a slumped over figure in torn clothing, the snow building up on its side. Clueless to who would be crazy enough to be outside today, they decided to go investigate and what they saw caused their hearts to shatter. A young girl fast asleep. She was nothing but skin and bones with the skin tone that blended with the falling snow.

“Um, ma'am?” Dean asked as he shook you gently once he saw there wasn’t any movement. “Ma'am?” You awoke with a jerk, bringing your frozen blanket to your chin. “Are you okay?”

“F-fine. Thanks for asking.”

“Do you have some where to go? It’s freezing out here.” Sam questioned.

You simply shook your head and laid back against the stone wall. “Haven’t had any where to go since I was little. My folks were killed and I was left.”

“Can we drive you some where? Maybe the mission down the road? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind to help you-”

“Man, can't you just leave me alone?!” You snapped, feeling your heart beat slow down to that fatal pace once again…. “I was almost home…”

Based off of this song: Almost home By Craig Morgan

A Wolf’s Prayer, Prologue

Winter was setting in, the streets of the four towns were filled with fear and screams of the hunted. Women of brown and black hair lay dead in the streets. Cries of agony from mothers whose children were marked based on the color of their hair. Each Town hunted the same colors. Brown and Black. Black for Death, Brown for Beasts. Girls born with these colors in their hair were considered evil and ill omens, and thus, the sad tradition of hunting them came every winter.

The belief was that each hair color meant something different, Brown haired women were Witches of the Earth and commanded beasts. Black Haired women were Harbingers of Death who flew on the Wind. Blond hair was a Symbol for Healing and Medicine and thus Holy Water. Red hair was Sacred, as it represented sacred Fire. Winter’s were long and harsh for these villages, and some used to think that my killing the maidens of brown and black hair it would keep their families safe from death and beasts. Thus every winter so many were slaughtered from this superstition; One Winter the Village head’s, who all had girls of their own, came together to try and find a way to stop all this bloodshed.

The Village Elders came together at the mount of the 4 elements, each man with the color hair that represented his village. Blond for Water, in the South, Brown for Earth in the West, Black for Wind in the East, and Red for Fire in the North. The four men called in a warlock in hopes of finding a way to end the slaughter and bloodshed of innocent women. Unfortunately for these elders, this warlock did not have their best interests at heart.

“I see a time of sacrifice, but also a time of great peace” he said, a practiced smile on his face and deception hidden under tones of honey in his voice.

“Every year after the first winter’s snow, a woman in a red hood must be sent into the woods to be eaten by a wolf. Her soul will be taken to the sacred fire on high and the town will be saved for another winter. Every year one village must send their fairest maiden, a different hair color each year.” When the warlock finished the elders looked to one another with pained expressions, how could they send these girls into such a situation? They wanted to end the death not ritualize it.

But the warlock persisted, using his magic to slowly pierce the minds of the elders, and drive them mad.

“If it is what we must do…”The Wind was the first to fall, the other elders began to break. “I see no other way” Came from the Water. “I am in agreement.” Said the fire. But the earth was not so easily broken. “Listen to yourselves! You want to sacrifice women? Have you gone mad?” The warlock began to grin and let out a cackle of delight.

“My dear earth elder, I must congratulate you on your will, my magic seems to have no effect on you” The earth village elder looks perplexed but quickly realized what was about to happen.

“No matter, Your son is old enough to lead now, and his mind is much easier to manipulate.” The other elders eyes had turned red from the warlocks madness and turned on the Elder of earth.

Fighting broke out and eventually the Earth Elder was brought to his knees.

“Last chance old man.” The warlock’s eyes gleamed. “Join us or die.” A small gasp was heard at the cave’s entrance. The Elder of earth looked in fear at the small girl. His girl, his precious little one. “Run! RUN!” The small girl started to cry, shaking her head. “RUN NOW!” her father demanded as the Elder of Wind drew his sword and came after her. The girl ran in fear looking back to see her father’s face before watching the Elder of Fire take off his head with his sword. The girl continued to cry, tears blinding her as she ran. The Wind elder was right on her tail.

The small child ran until she tripped on a branch, causing her to cut her knee on the frozen rocks beneath her. She looked up at her assailant and cried out, closing her eyes in fear and curling up on the ground.

“Nowhere left to run whelp.” The Elder raised his sword to strike; but the blade never hit it’s mark. The sound of something burning made the small girl open her eyes. The Wind elder was nothing more than ash, his sword in the hand of a middle aged woman with long black hair. With her a small girl with the same black hair seemed confused but she clung to her mother’s leg for safety.

“I knew this day would come….” The woman’s face twisted into sadness as she seemed to mourn the death of the Wind elder. “Come we must go.” She forces herself to pull the black haired child along while scooping up the brown haired one in turn.

Night fell as the villages are lied to about the incident on the mount. The woman took the two girls to her home in the deep forest where no man dared trot. There, in her cottage two more young girls lay asleep in their beds; a Blond haired girl and a Red haired one too.

“Lily go to the fire and get me the blankets laying there, we need to use those scraps for her knee.” the black haired girl, Lily, nodded and did as she was told. Meanwhile the brown haired girl clung to the woman, crying silently as the image of her father’s death replayed in her head over and over. “Shhhhhhh, Hush child, shhhhhh…” The woman knew it was a futile effort to try and sooth her now but what else could she do?

“I know what you saw has your heart in pieces child, I am sorry, I am so sorry.” Lily brought the thin linen blankets and began to help rip them into usable bandages.

“Why…” The girl finally spoke “Why did they do that? Why did they take my daddy from me..?”

The woman sighed deeply and set the girl on a stool near the fire.

“That man, the man with red eyes. He’s a very bad man, he used his magic to hurt your father, and to hurt these villages.” the woman spoke softly as she cleaned the girls knee and wrapped some bandages around it.

“But why?!” She asked again and the woman sighed once more.

“I wish I knew sweet love.” The woman touched her poor little head tenderly.

“He’s always been this way.” she paused to watch the girl closely.

“You both didn’t deserve this…One day you will be able to take your homes back.” she told the girl slowly.

“Take it back?” the woman nodded.

“But today is not that day, you have a lot of training ahead of you.”

The witch smiled gently at the girl whose eyes widened with wonder and perhaps, just a little bit of hope.

Years later a boy was tied tightly with chains. The warlock laughed at his attempts to get free.

“It took us a long time to hunt that mother of yours down, who knew she’d just die and leave us with exactly what we needed?” The boy howled in pain, a wolf forced into human form. “Settle down boy. I’ve given you a gift you see? You can take human form to escape human hunters, and in return, you will be my instrument of death.” The warlock began his spell on the boy who cried out.

“Thy body will be my tool, thy mind be under my control. You shall take the life of the red hood maiden. Become a beast at the sight of the Red hood and feed on the maiden’s soul!”

The spell penetrated the wolf cubs mind like a spear but it was repealed. He could feel his mother holding him.

“You’re mother’s spirit protected you from my spell. No matter, I might not have full control but you are still my slave boy.” The warlock freed him from his chains and the cub took off. The poor thing tried to run outside the village but was stopped by immense pain in his legs. He couldn’t move. He tried again to leave but his legs burned again in agony. He was trapped.

“You see?” The warlock cackled maniacally. “Leave me alone!” The boy growled in fear.

“Of course my boy, I’ll leave you be.” The warlock’s smirk was sickening.

“But first you must kill this girl for me.” He nodded and a woman with brown hair fell from what seemed like nothing. She was crying and looked like she was terrified.

“This poor soul is the Late Earth Elders wife, since her husband couldn’t do what needed to be done for the safety of the village, the other elders decided she should be the first sacrifice.

“S-sacrifice? No! I don’t want to kill her!” the wolf cub growled making the warlock chuckle.

“I thought you might say that.” He took out a red hooded cloak from his bag and placed it gently around the woman’s shoulders.

“How about now my boy?”

“Nngh….” the wolf felt his instincts hit him like a brick. He suddenly felt a carnal need to take that woman’s life. He was able to shift back into a wolf and stalked around the woman, circling her like the predator he was. In an instant of pure, feral need, he took the woman. Her throat was cut open with his fangs and she bleed out onto the snow until he heart stopped beating.

When his mind snapped back the wolf became a boy again and jumped back in surprise. He trembled in fear at what he had just done.

“Good boy. Now you’re free to roam the 4 villages as much as you like~” The warlock left the boy, his laughter mixing with the boy’s howl of agony.

(Prologue is done, whew there was a lot of stuff to sort out before I started this but it should start flowing more smoothly now!

Inspired by @danydarkly ‘s Animatic Wolf Song this is my interpretation on the story from the song and the Animatic. This takes place before the Animatic the next chapter will most likely be during and then it will go from there :D

Hope you like it so far!)

Your Father's Daughter

 TITLE: You Father’s Daughter


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Loki and his wife deciding to raise Thor and Sif’s daughter as their own, after Thor and Sif are killed in battle and Loki assumes the throne. They raise her alongside their own daughter, and vow to tell her the truth about her parentage when she is old enough to understand.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I think it is safe to say, character death is an obvious one here. 

Ragnarok, it was foretold; that Loki would cause the cataclysmic end that would effectively put an end to life on Asgard. Even the mortals of Midgard had heard of it with the Vikings, a race long gone, but whose scripts and symbols remained, warning all their realm of the Æsir apocalypse. But it never came to be that Loki actively sought to destroy the realm eternal, misdeeds held no allure for him anymore. He had gained good grace in Asgard once more when Thor became king, the older brother remembering Loki’s good deeds that finally outweighed his wrong doings, and so he was residing in the golden palace he was reared in, happily married and father to a beautiful daughter. He had everything he could ever wish for; he yearned for nothing else, except for his beloved wife to tell him they would have another child, but he knew that would come with good time.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please write a reaction for the Sakamaki brothers after their S/O runs into their arms while crying? Thank you Xx

The s/o got incredibely scared of the thunder raging outside that night and couldn’t stand to be all alone in her room, panicked she ran to her lover in tears to seek comfort.

Shu: “Tch…so noisy…” the blond vanmpire sighed and looked down at her. “Why are you crying? Huh? Did someone hurt you?” he asked sitting up on the couch he was previously sleeping on. 

“You’re afraid of the thunder huh? Come here then…” the male hugged her and laid back down with the frightened girl, he offered her one if his earbud and made her listen to music along with him. Both quickly enough fell back asleep.

Reiji:”What are you running around the mansion during the night? Let me guess…the thunder? I can hear your heartbeat from here. Come with me” he said on a rather harsh and formal tone, even thought it was usual for the vampire. 

He lead the s/o to his room and prepared some camomille tea to calm her down. “Drink up, it’ll ease you…” he said before sitting on his bed and taking of his tie and glasses. “If you’re really that scared then i guess you can sleep with me tonight, so what do you say? Are you staying ?” The girl accepeted the offerand stayed the night with the vampire.

Laito: “Oh?” The vampire looked down at the girl with a confused expression. “Did you miss me that much bitch-chan? Nfu  ~ You should’ve said it sooner that you wanted a hug nfufu ~ “ he softly hugged her. “My my Bitch-chan ! you’re trembling, are you okay?” he asked concerned. “Oh wait, the thunder right? I noz you’re afraid of it, come with me nfu ~ “ Laito led her to the music room and sat at the piano with her on his knees. “I’ll play something to calm you down” he then began playing Claire de lune gently and calmly.

“My my Bitch-chan ! you’re trembling, are you okay?” he asked concerned. “Oh wait, the thunder right? I noz you’re afraid of it, come with me nfu ~ “ Laito led her to the music room and sat at the piano with her on his knees. “I’ll play something to calm you down” he then began playing Claire de lune gently and calmly.

Kanato: “What a baby you are, it’s only the thunder… it wont hurt you “ he said slightly irritated. Seeing the girl distressed he tried calming down a bit and sighed. 

“I guess it can’t be helped… come with me…” he said and before bringing her back to her room and laying her down on the bed.”I might help you calm down but… you better pay it back later…else Teddy and I will hurt you.” he huffed before sitting next to her and then began singing gently”Are…you…going to…scaborough fair.. ~ “ he kept going until the young girl fell asleep while holding his hand. “She can be cute sometimes,,,right teddy? Not as much as you thought…”

Ayato: “Tsk, chichinashi! Don’t jump on me like that! I almost got a heart attack…” he sighed and pat her head. “

How can you still be afraid of the thunder at your age huh? You’re pathetic …” he gently hugged her. “You can sleep with me if you want, but i don’t guarantee your safety, who knows what i could do you “ he laughed. “My brakes my not work well ~ “ he chuckled and pulled the blanket on top of them before snuggling closely to her.

Subaru: He punched a wall angrily. “Tch…! You’re such a cry baby! S-stop crying,

” i-i am sorry i didn’t …mean to ….” he looked away bashfully and hugged her. “Humans are a pain in the ass…” he mumbled. “If you’re that scared i guess… you can stay with me until everything is over… but after that you leave!” he said full of pride.

-Tessa (I got carried away again oopsies! Also I used Kylie style for this because it’s actually nice, quite a pain but i love it)

Found: Chapter Four

Fic Request: A fic where the pack finds a little girl who’s a werewolf and she only wants to be with Stiles and Lyd and they become closer again. Everyone realise how in love they are and how cute the three of them they look as a family, also Malia, who stills being Stiles’ girlfriend. Maybe she’s jealous and she makes Stiles choose between Lydia and her??

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author’s Note: { I know that this is fairly short, but this chapter is really cute, at least in my opinion, so hopefully the length is forgivable }

Author: fandoms-and—randoms

[Other Chapters]

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Daddy 5SOS: Four Times Kayla Wanted to Cuddle, and the One Time Luke Needed to Cuddle

can you do a daddy 5sos preference for luke and kayla where she just wants to cuddle???? 

A/N: I’m doing this in a form of “Four Times…One Time” and I hope you enjoy it! These are all a bit short, but there’s five of them, so I hope that makes up for it!

Coming Home from Tour

Leaving his family was the hardest thing Luke had to do. So every time he got to come home from tour, his favorite part was walking through that front door. Because ever since she learned how to walk, Kayla would waddle toward him as fast as she could and hang onto him as tightly as her tiny little arms would allow. And Luke would pick her up, hugging her tightly to his chest, letting her hang on tight for as long as she wanted.

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The young girl was fast asleep with her head on the arm of a chair, all of a sudden she jumped awake. She thought she heard a loud crashing sound, all of a sudden there was ringing in her ears. Kira frowned and grabbed her head closing her eyes.