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You placed the carefully wrapped package on the table in front of your dad before going to fix your own breakfast. You could feel his eyes on you, curious and somewhat confused, “What’s this?” he asked as you poured yourself a glass of milk.

“It’s a gift,” you answered simply, offering a smile as you sipped your drink.

“It’s not my birthday.”

“I don’t care,” you stated, grabbing yourself a bowl of cereal and sitting down across from your father to eat. “I saw it and thought of you.”

He raised an eyebrow, a smile tugging at his lips. “What have I done to deserve such favour? Are you trying to ask me for a loan?”

You rolled your eyes and laughed, “No, dad. I just wanted to see you smile. And, yes, I do realize how cheesy that sounds. Now open it.”

Your father grinned crookedly and carefully unwrapped the present, folding the paper and setting it aside neatly. His smile grew as he examined the mug you had found for him, turning it in his hands slowly.

“Do you like it?” you asked, chewing your cereal.

He smiled and leaned over to press a kiss to the top of your head, “Of course I do. Thank you, [f/n].”

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**based on the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks**

You sat next to Jethro on the edge of the pier, bare feet swinging out above the water.

Jethro cast you a sideways glance, his lips quirked into a crooked smile, “You know, I bet you got a boyfriend, but I don’t care. I got no one to send a letter to. Would you mind if I sent one back here to you?”

You ducked your head to hide the light blush tinting your cheeks pink. “I’d like that.”

His smile grew and he took your hand as he stood, his fingers rough and calloused as he pulled you to your feet. “I’m gonna need your address, ma’am.”

You gave his shoulder a light shove, your blush darkening. “Fine, but I don’t have any paper.”

Jethro shrugged, holding out his palm, “Never stopped me.”

You rolled your eyes, lips curled into a grin as you fished in your pocket for a pen and then jotted your name and address down on his palm in your neatest printing. “I expect a letter as soon as you arrive wherever they’re shipping you off too.” You told him as he hefted his duffel bag over his shoulder.

He gave a salute and leaned in to press a quick kiss to your cheek. “Yes, ma’am.”

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This honestly wasn’t the greatest year for full length projects so we’re just gonna keep it short and sweet with the explanations :)

14. Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog EP

In 14 Words: Judging by the quality of beat selection, Your Old Droog is definitely not Nas.

13. Curren$y - The Drive in Theatre 

In 14 Words: Curren$y sticks to his infallible formula, vivid lifestyle raps over the smoothest of instrumentation.

12. Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron

In 14 Words: Schoolboy shows the world he can resonate in the mainstream without compromising artistic integrity. 

11. Isaiah Rashad - Cilvia Demo

In 14 Words: I heard someone describe this as house cleaning music, I fuck with that idea.

10. Migos - No Label 2

In 14 Words: Hooks galore, some filler tracks here and there but the highs overshadow the lows.

9. YG - My Krazy Life

In 14 Words: The music world was due for an album like this and YG delivered flawlessly.

8. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Piñata

In 14 Words: Blaxploitation in audio form directed by the always brazen Gangsta Gibbs and legendary Madlib.

7. Mac Miller - Faces

In 14 Words: Thought Mac should chill and just let WMWTSO breath and I was totally wrong.

6. Migos - Rich Nigga Timeline

In 14 Words: The growth in their songwriting, beat selection and subject matter is undeniable on this.

5. Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2

In 14 Words: All critical acclaim and hyperbole aside this is just a flat out amazing album.

4. Vince Staples - Hell Can Wait

In 14 Words: Vince displays an improved ear for production on easily the best EP of 2014.

3. Mick Jenkins - The Water[s]

In 14 Words: There really isn’t anything more you could ask of Mick Jenkins on this project.

2. Future - Monster

In 14 Words: It don’t fuck with my conscious I serve my auntie that raw…. holy shit.

1. Rich Gang - Rich Gang: Tha Tour Pt. 1

In 14 Words: Rich Homie and Thugger, Andre and Antwan, Starsky and Hutch, basil and olive oil.

Honorable Mentions

Cadillactica (Big KRIT), Big Gucci Sosa (Gucci Mane & Chief Keef), The Blue M&M (Peewee Longway)

How To Start A Riot (OG INTRO) - Riot Ten
Calm Down ft. Eminem - Busta Rhymes
Fancy ft.Charli XCX - Iggy Azalea (FelMax Remix)
Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani x TWRK - Eve (Danny Diggz Living Room Re-Twerk)
Old English ft. A$AP Ferg & Freddie Gibbs - Young Thug
Here We Go Again ft. Boy Chulo - Christo (The Clerk Remix)
Black Widow ft. Rita Ora - Iggy Azalea (Prismo Remix)
Ray Bands - B.o.B (Krush Trap Remix)
Smokin & Drinkin - Danny Brown
Let’s Play - Hydraulix & Oski
How To Be The Man - RiFF RAFF (Meaux Green Remix)
Say Hello Vs. Because (Jay-Z Vs. The Beatles) - The Melker Project
Pedal 2 Tha Floor - Tincup & Dirt Monkey
Bricks ft. Migos - Carnage
Mandala - Ash Riser
Flexin & Finnesin ft. Juicy J - Iggy Azalea (Prod by Flosstradamus x FKi)
Attak ft. Danny Brown - Rustie
Eliminate Ft. So’L Raze - XL
Get Excited ft STS) - Crookers
Saki Bomb ft. Cakes Da Killa - Saint (Saint Remix)
Heavy Metal and Reflective - Azealia Banks
Techno ft. Waka Flocka Flame - Yellow Claw x Diplo x LNY TNZ (SwaggleRock Remix)
Made You Look - Nas (Booty Clap Remix)
Hotplate - Moody Good (ALESIA remix)
Wiggle ft. Snoop Dogg - Jason Derulo (Onderkoffer Remix)
Two Seat - Tincup & Crichy Crich
Big Pimpin’ - Jay-Z (Kid Dedek x Niko Javan Remix)
Get Out Here & Werk ft. 2 Chainz & Skooly - Cap 1
Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown - Busta Rhymes
What So Notorious - The Notorious B.I.G. x What So Not (DeafMind Mashup)
Tamagothchi ft. Dai Burger - Saint
Senile ft. Tyga, Nicki Minay, Lil Wayne - Young Money

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Young Thug x Freddie Gibbs x A$AP Ferg - Old English

Young!Marine Gibbs just as hot as Mature!Silver-Fox Gibbs....

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