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Ghetsis, sure yeah you "adopted" your kids. That's why N looks exactly like a young you huh?

[GHETSIS hits the “floor” of Jirachi’s realm with his cane. GHETSIS is gripping his cane so hard, his knuckles are white.]

GHETSIS: That thing is not my child and looks nothing like me! His hair is a deeper green and constantly matted and disgusting unlike mine and my daughters’, and his eyes are a dull, repulsive grey! How dare you compare him to me?!

So young, so naive {Young!N & Ghetsis} || N & Ghetsis

Inside his big, big castle, G-cis Harmonia could not see the temperature outside. Maybe it was sunny, maybe it was rainy. Who cares anyway, he thought to himself. Today was not out of the ordinary: a simple yet quiet day like every others before. The single dad was standing alone in his bedroom, looking at a picture of his deceased wife. He was happy that N did not have the time to knows her more: her lost was not affecting anyone except him, and it was perfect this way.

“You were so… beautiful.”, the man said, starring at this frame who was by far one of the most precious souvenir he had, alongside his son. Speaking of which, he did not hear about him in a while, and it was bugging the young Ghetsis. Yes, Natural was quite the quiet type, playing with pokemons all day long, but this silence was unusual. What was he planning to do, again? Childrens could seriously do a lot of innapropriate things in a short amount of time.

After the father had put the frame where it belong, he turned around and headed for the castle’s playground. N was surely here, but he wanted to be sure. Just to ease himself.

Walking in the long, long hallways, father Harmonia took the time to look at the frames around him while walking. There was so much painting that he did not even know about however that he just proceeded to his walk, looking forward. He eventually arrived at the playground’s door where, like all the others day, N wad playing with his pokemons on the ground. His smile and laugh were making G-cis really happy as he was secretly watching his son. Smiling lightly, Ghetsis finally interrupted his kid.

“Natural? I’m sorry to disturb you while you are playing, but can we talk a little bit together?”

The father was a bit afraid of not paying enough attention to his beloved son. He had to, if he wanted someone to take over the castle in case of something, just like his wife… chasing those ideas from his head, the young dad sat on the big comfy chair inside the room and signaled N to come sit on his knees.

“Come, son, let’s have a talk”, he said at him, smiling.