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Ace Frehley: Frehley’s Comet (1987)

30 years since Frehley’s Comet? They’ve gone by in a flash. But in 1987, the Ace Frehley’s long-anticipated rebound from post-Kiss self-destruction seemed to take a 100 years.

And you must remember (and if you weren’t alive and breathing yet, allow me to inform you) that everyone LOOOOOVES Ace, who was never the most technically astounding player (especially after the advent of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads), but is arguably the most broadly influential and beloved hard rock guitarist of all time.

Me, I wasn’t half the Frehley nut my friends were (Angus Young has always been my man), but even I was excited to see how the Space Ace would adapt to new hard rock fashions upon his return to our planet.

Mission control included producer Eddie Kramer and drummer Anton Fig (both fellow Kiss associates) as well as guitarist/keyboardist Tod Howarth and bassist John Regan (fresh blood), but all involved applied the necessary amounts of hair spray, makeup, and ‘80s production gloss to Frehley’s Comet.

That being said, the opening triple threat of the autobiographical “Rock Soldiers,” Eric Carr co-penned “Breakout,” and extra-melodic “Into the Night” suggested Ace would blasting off for the stars.

Then the rest of Frehley’s Comet happened, and by that I mean, it sucked!

Well, maybe not the whole way through: “Dolls” was disturbingly entertaining and “Stranger in a Strange Land” was a no-frills heavy rocker; but frequent flubs like “We Got Your Rock” and “Love Me Right” catered to the glam metal era’s worst, simple-minded cliches (the only element of surprise being whether Ace or Howarth handled lead vocals).

Personally, I think Frehley’s loyal space cadets deserved better – and demanded it, I think, because I didn’t see them uniformly supporting Ace’s subsequent, largely disappointing solo efforts, until Kiss’ 1990s reunion.

More Ace Frehley: Ace Frehley.

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