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Lying with mom by Tambako The Jaguar
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Another cute photo of Nanuq with her mother.


Again, Nanuq with her mother by Tambako The Jaguar
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Next cute scene of the two female polar bears


 What if he could stay? What if a psychotic teenager really was enough? What if Andrew was right that the Foxes’ infamy could protect his identity? Neil should know better than to believe such dangerous promises, but Andrew’s words haunted him every step of the way.

                 Checking your pulse just to feel it beat. Looking for a stone to keep the peace. (x.)
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so, I have a question. and i'm not being snide, this is a real question: what's up with your aversion to swearing?

i swear a lot in real life but on here/youtube there are a lot of younger people following me and it makes uncomfortable?? like yeah it’s stupid because younger kids know swear words and are exposed to them a lot but i don’t wanna contribute to that? so i’m a heck, frick, darn, and shoot kind of person on the internet

the difference in their reactions tho hahahahaha

I cant fukin draw today so I finished colouring that CC doodle from a while ago to COMPENSATE.. Max is my fave hes angry and his eyebrows r funny

Also the lineart because I thought it looked alright!

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We need more teenage girl characters coming to terms with their sexuality in the media. Like, we have progressed in terms of young boy characters, like Cyrus from Andi Mack and Jude from the fosters. But I havent seen a lot of young girls dealing with their sexuality in shows, movies, books, etc., and a lot of people would benefit from something like this. Like, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Santana from glee, and she was already in high school. I just want to read a book about a girl coming to terms with liking girls, because thats not something we see very often.

Stories with young wlw coming to terms:
Glee (santana)
I guess I can include Fun Home?

Please add more!

The fallen blossom does not return to the tree;

and a shattered mirror does not reflect again.

I challenged myself to draw Hanzo in the simplest way possible, and I tried to recall the style of sumi-e paintings.

My mom liked it and it was also super fun to do, so I can say I’m pretty happy with the result!