young fred savage


Fan-casting for IT (Part 2)
*I personally prefer grown-up versions of kids shown in film to actually look their ages realistically, so for the most part, all of the actors I’ve chosen are between the ages of 35 - 50 (except for Thomas, of course)

Colin Hanks as Bill Denbrough
David Harbour as Ben Hanscom
Julianne Nicholson as Beverly Marsh
Cuba Gooding Jr as Mike Hanlon
Joseph Gordon Levitt as Stan Uris
Mark Ruffalo as Richie Tozier
- i was going to go with Penn Badgley, but he was too young.
Fred Savage as Eddie Kaspbrak

BONUS: Thomas Brodie-Sangster as one of IT’s shape-shifted forms, an older Georgie Denbrough.

anonymous asked:

Lol just me or does Jack kind of look like the smaller version of jason sudeikis.....

Hmmmm personally I don’t see it but he does look like a young Fred savage LOL