young foal

Quelques animaux en français

caméléon (nm) - chameleon

daim (nm) - deer, fallow deer, buck

hérisson (nm) - hedgehog

fourmilier (nm) - ant-eater

pieuvre (nf) - octopus

paresseux (nm) - sloth

  • paresseux (adj) - lazy, idle

morse (nm) - walrus

manchot (nm) - penguin

calmar (nm) - squid

alpaga (nm) - alpaca

piaf (nm) - sparrow

biche (nf) - hind, doe

faon (nm) - fawn

ânon (nm) - foal, young donkey

bouc (nm) - billy goat

caneton (nm) - duckling

poulain (nm) - foal, colt, filly

porcelet (nm) - piglet

têtard (nm) - tadpole

lapereau (nm) - young rabbit, baby rabbit

lionceau (nm) - lion cub

louveteau (nm) - wolf cub

oison (nm) - gosling

oisillon (nm) - nestling, fledging (bird)

ourson (nm) - bear cub, teddy bear

poussin (nm) - chick, young chicken

Back 2 school indie playlist 🙌📖

Because summer vacations ended we need some motivation and energy to go to school so this playlist can help. Also for mondays 😁😉

Campus- Vampire Weekend
When we were young- The Killers
Weight of living pt. II- Bastille
Last nite- The Strokes
When I’m away- The Colourist
Wake up- Arcade Fire
Tokyo (vampires & wolves)- The Wombats
Are we ready (wreck)- Two Door Cinema Club
Brianstorm- Arctic Monkeys
Wild heart- Bleachers
Heart out- The 1975
Different colors- WALK THE MOON
Ooh la- The Kooks
Villainy- Local Natives
Youth- Glass Animals
Female Robbery- The Neighbourhood
Until we can’t (let’s go)- Passion Pit
Don’t stop (color en the walls)- Foster The People
HandClap- Fitz and the Tantrums
Twice- Catfish and the Bottlemen
Leave a trace- CHVRCHES
Do you want to- Franz Ferdinand
Young chasers- Circa Waves
Olympic airways- Foals
Sunshine- Young Empires
Bad sun- The Bravery
The less i know the better- Tame Impala
Feel- Bombay Bicycle Club
Way too much- Wavves
Skeleton boy- Friendly Fires
Fever- The Black Keys
Silvertongue- Young The Giant
Seeing stars- BØRNS
Welcome to your life- Grouplove

You can listen and follow this playlist here 👇

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna

But if Olga could be smart, Tatiana dignified, and Marie beautiful, Anastasia found that she could be practical, a young girl ambitious for everything in life except for lessons, with a zest for enjoying herself and making the most of her admittedly peculiar environment. “I never noticed in her the least trace of mawkishness or dreamy melancholy,” recalled Gilliard, “not even at an age when girls fall prey to such tendencies … She was very boisterou, and sometimes too remperamental. Every impulse, every new sensation was something she immediately had to indulge to the utmost; she glowed with animated life. Even at sixteen, she behaved like a headstrong young foal that has run away from its master. In her play, in realizing her wishes, in her schemes, in everything she did, there was the same impetuousness and youthful enthusiasm.”

Age brought a natural end to the most audacious of her practical jokes and tomboyish behaviour, though Anastasia replaced them with an often reckless, acerbic wit. Her humour, sharp, pointed, and she often unwelcome, honed in on humiliation and mockery, and she developed a keen sense of mimicry. Relatives, courtier, servants - no one was safe from her unstinting lampoons of personal faibles and flaws.

Greg King: The Ressurection of the Romanovs

Air Brush is an airbrush artist! His unorthodox markings/stripes/dots and whatnot are all self-applied.

He works at various places around town offering his services to young foals (and adults!) interested in some temporary decorative body art!

You’ll likely never see Air Brush without his art upon him. He meticulously maintains a constant paint presence on his back and hooves (and sometimes elsewhere!).
Lately he has been covering his cutie mark with paint matching his natural coat colour. Not out of any sort of spite; he simply enjoys a smoother, more unbroken symmetry to his paint.


“She was the imp of the whole house, and the glummest faces would always brighten in her presence, for it was impossible to resist her jokes and nonsense. She was aflame with life and animation. Even at sixteen she still behaved like a headstrong young foal that has run away from its master. For all her weaknesses you were bound to love this child, because you could not escape from her irresistible charm, made up of freshness, enjoyment of life, ingenuousness and simplicity.” - Pierre Gilliard

Heyo here’s a character design for my song-trade with @ask-heathersweetfeathers, based on this song.

Despite her name being Camera Shy, she’s not actually that timid. In fact, she has been in musicals and movies since she was a young foal, as her parents are both in showbiz (she’s a complete mommy’s girl). She’s an extremely talented actress and singer, but because she spent so much time as a child focusing on her craft, she never really socialized with other kids. So now, as a young adult, Camera Shy is kind of horrible at expressing herself and emoting. After all, she’s used to a script telling her when to smile.

Hope you like her! And feel free to change whatever, name, CM, backstory, I don’t mind!