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Another contender for dead fandoms: the Darkover series. Kinda cheating, since part of why it died was for the same reason Mists of Avalon did; the other reason was the ban that Marion Zimmer Bradley imposed on fan works (despite common misconception, the fan whose work was at the center of that clusterfrak never tried to sue MZB). I was considering looking into the series based on its somewhat unique 'medieval fantasy and starships' setting, before...well, you know.

This is a great point, and I think it’s important to bring up @olderthannetfic who wrote about the truly awful misconception that the fans tried to sue MZB, when that simply never happened, it was actually the other way around, with a big company using MZB’s name trying to bully a fan around and putting an unwarranted anxiety conservatism into fan work creators, who are often young people flexing their creative muscles, and they should be allowed to explore whatever in their writing that they like. 

I’ve always believed that fan works should be ruled according to the motto of the 1968 revolution in France: “il est interdit d'interdire” (it is forbidden to forbid). 

I don’t like bringing up ancient fandom drama from decades past (unless it is freakishly weird, like the Shaver Mystery or the Dean Drive), but it is important to set the record straight on this story as it has implications for amateur fan writers today.

To quote this response: 

Boy howdy, does knowing your history matter. And the reason is that THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED WITH MZB!

It’s certainly what plenty of authors thought happened or claimed happened for years and years, but it has been debunked. Authors who hate fic still regularly trot it out though.

We may never know exactly what really happened, but we have accounts both from the fan in question and from very pro-MZB people that agree: the fan never tried to sue.

MZB had a massive stroke and thereafter “wrote” a number of books with “cowriters”. This was some V.C. Andrews level “Totes wrote it! Plz give $$$” nonsense. From much later accounts, MZB was in no state to write, and some of those books were later quietly changed to give complete credit to the “cowriter”. MZB had possibly planned to eventually expand on some bit of her canon. She liked a particular fanfic that expanded on the same bit of canon. She tried to buy the rights to this fan’s writing, but the fan didn’t like the deal she was offered, fearing that it was a payoff in exchange for using her work wholesale and giving her zero credit. (Seems like a reasonable fear to me, given what was going on with MZB’s writing at that point!) They had a falling out over money and contract negotiations, just like eleventy-billion other creative professionals have.

However, to keep the MZB brand and money machine going, it was important to shit all over everyone in the vicinity.  All that “A yeeeeear of my woooorrrrk!” bullshit was to explain why MZB wasn’t writing much, since the real reason–that she couldn’t write–was something they were keen to keep under wraps. In fact, according to the fan involved, the only time anyone actually threatened to sue was when MZB’s lawyers threatened her should she reveal MZB’s situation.

Empty Side of the Moon

I woke up on the other side of the moon.
It’s different from what I would have guessed.
Sure, it’s cold, and there’s this dusty gray film
Covering everything.
But it’s big -
Giant like the young mountain ranges
Still flexing their muscles.
And do you know you can see
The way ground curves
And yields to its spherical nature?
It seemed if I walked far enough,
I’d slide right off -
Some sort of amusement park
Fun-house illusion.

And I screamed,
And no one heard me
 - I didn’t even hear me.
I said nothing,
And it was deafening.