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Are you ready for this? We’re kicking off another round of RETHG where we read, create, fangirl/guy and dissect our favorite books and OTP. 

Every week we read two chapters which are accompanied with questions and prompts that engage the fandom in various ways. You can choose to write/think/create/act on those, or do what you feel inspired to do. Just tag with #rethg and your post will be blogged on @everlarkedalways and many other blogs that regularly participate!

We always end the reread with a rewatch where we take a specific time to corporately watch the movies together! It’s definitely one of my favorite fandom things I’ve ever participated in. Join us! You will not regret it. :)

Let’s do this, THG fandom!


  • 4/3-4/9        Ch. 1 & 2
  • 4/10-4/16    Ch. 3 & 4
  • 4/17-4/23    Ch. 5 & 6
  • 4/24-4/30    Ch. 7 & 8
  • 5/1-5/7        Ch. 9 & 10
  • 5/8-5/14      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 5/15-5/21    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 5/22-5/28    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 5/29-6/4      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 6/5-6/11      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 6/12-6/18    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 6/19-6/25    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 6/26-7/2      Ch. 25, 26 & 27


  • 7/3-7/9        Ch. 1 & 2
  • 7/10-7/16    Ch. 3 & 4
  • 7/17-7/23    Ch. 5 & 6
  • 7/24-7/30    Ch. 7 & 8
  • 7/31-8/6      Ch. 9 & 10
  • 8/7-8/13      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 8/14-8/20    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 8/21-8/27    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 8/28-9/3      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 9/4-9/10      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 9/11-9/17    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 9/18-9/24    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 9/25-10/1    Ch. 25, 26 & 27


  • 10/2-10/8       Ch. 1 & 2
  • 10/9-10/15     Ch. 3 & 4
  • 10/16-10/22   Ch. 5 & 6
  • 10/23-10/29   Ch. 7 & 8
  • 10/30-11/5     Ch. 9 & 10
  • 11/6-11/12      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 11/13-11/19    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 11/20-11/26    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 11/27-12/3      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 12/4-12/10      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 12/11-12/17    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 12/18-12/24    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 12/25-12/31    Ch. 25, 26, 27


THE HUNGER GAMES             JAN. 1, 2018
CATCHING FIRE                       JAN. 7, 2018
MOCKINGJAY PART 1              JAN. 14, 2018
MOCKINGJAY PART 2              JAN. 21, 2018

I was honestly confused about the backlash of Annie porn, figuring that I’m an anime watcher, I assumed she was simply a loli girl. Figuring she has a “Prom Queen” skin, I thought she was a high schooler.

Submitted by @fff-furry-for-finnick


For anon…reader is a past victor as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N glanced around the massive stage as the bright lights nearly blinded them. They had yet to do their interview. The plan was to act superior to the Games. Y/N’s first Games was the opposite, be as quiet as possible. In their Game, it was to deter the other tributes from accurately estimating their skills.

Now, Y/N had to be seen as a tough competitor. There was no way they would survive as the shy child from a lowly district when the other tributes were fellow Victors. Y/N’s repertoire would be totally different with the show host: Caesar Flickerman.

Y/N wanted to hate him. They wanted their bones to be on fire from just glancing at him. They wanted to be angry for being part of the Games a second time. On stage seemed the best time to show that rage. However, Y/N couldn’t help but to think of his perspective. He was from the Capitol, never thought to disobey. To him, the Games were a necessary part of life.

Unfortunately, the other tributes didn’t care about the man’s perspective. At the moment, Y/N wished they didn’t either. Y/N just wanted to see him as a measly tool to keep ratings up. How were they supposed to act superior if their mind was trying to understand the other side?

Y/N inwardly groaned.

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Finnick Odair Imagine (Pt. 3)

Imagine you get reaped four years later, and Finnick is one of your mentors.

Four years had passed since that moment on the beach, and Finnick hasn’t spoken to me ever since. Apparently, the Capitol had set him up to be a mentor with Mags, his mentor during the 65th game, and had other plans for him as well, but I never found out what. The only thing I knew was that I’d completely lost my best friend, and there was nothing left for me.

The 69th Hunger Games reaping was imminent, and we were all gathered around the podium where the same escort from 4 years ago stood before us.

“Happy 69th Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!” She crowed. “Ladies first!” It was like listening to a broken record except this time she’d be calling out different names. Her hand sunk into the bowl and sifted through the slips of papers until she picked one. As she lifted it up to eye-level, I sucked in a breath.

“(Y/n) (L/n)!”

My mind drew a blank, my stomach sank, and my feet turned ice cold as every eye turned to me. Registering whose name she called out, I shakily made my way up to the podium. My heart hammered in my ears as I stood there and the male tribute stepped up next to me; alas, I never caught his name because I already knew I was in for certain death.

My hands balled into fists as she grabbed one and the other tribute’s hand. “I present to you, the tributes for District 4!” The peacekeepers immediately took us into the building where we awaited our final goodbyes. Of course, I knew I wouldn’t get any, so I merely sat there in shock of what was happening:

I was about to be killed in front of millions of people, and not a single one of them would care.

“Time to go,” a voice boomed from the door. Sulking, I stumbled from my seat and trudged onto the train.

“Your mentors will be in shortly,” our escort informed me and the other tribute. “My name is Lux.”

“Thank you,” the other tribute replied with a deep voice as she stood there with us in silence. Minutes ticked away and the door swung open revealing our two mentors.

First, there was Mags: I recognized her from the 65th games. A warm smile crossed her face as she glanced at us.

“Hello, I’m Mags,” she greeted softly. Her aging figure shuffled over and hugged us both. As I pulled away from her embrace, the sound of footsteps stumbling to a stop echoed from the door.

“(Y/n)?” A familiar voice breathed. My heart wrenched at the sound of his voice, and I turned to see him standing there with a look of horror.

“Finnick,” I stated blatantly.

He’s changed a lot since the last time I saw him: his once long, curly hair was cut short to a tame updo that framed his chiseled face. His green eyes still dazzled, but this time they swam with hurt and fear. The amount of time he’d spent working out really stood out from the look of his broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, and flat stomach. He stood about a foot taller than he did at age fourteen. His lips twitched, then he turned his back and walked out the door.

“Where are you going?” Lux called.

“To my room,” he answered sharply.

“You just got here. Besides, you need to meet them,” Mags gently reminded him. He turned and glowered at me.

“Nice to see you again,” he spat sarcastically. With that, he stormed back to his room. Mags looked apologetically at me.

“He’ll come around eventually,” she reassured me. “I’m terribly sorry.”

“It’s all right,” I smiled weakly. “I’m (Y/n) (L/n).”

“You don’t say,” she gasped. “The young lass that Finnick never shut up about.”

“He told you about me?”

“And never stopped,” Lux added. “If I may ask, what happened between the two of you?”

Looking down, I shook my head. “It’s a long story, actually.”

“Oh, you don’t have to explain, darling.” Lux cooed, patting my shoulder. She turned to the male tribute. “And how about you?”

“Titan Knowles,” he answered stoically.

“It’s lovely having you here, Titan.” What a name.

“Why don’t you two come along and join us for supper?” We both agreed and followed her to the car that held the food.

As soon as we were seated, Finnick reluctantly joined us sitting directly in front of me but never making eye contact.

“So, tell us, (Y/n),” Lux asked, “what sort of skills do you have to offer?”

“Uh…” Nothing. I could think of literally nothing. “I don’t think I have much-”

“She is a brilliant swimmer,” Finnick jumped in, “handy with a spear, and can tie and untie any knot.” He looked right at me as he continued. “She can make hooks and nets without trouble, and she will win the games.” I was lost for words; in fact, we all struggled to find a response.

“Well,” Lux chirped, “as long as you have Finnick by your side, you’ll receive plenty of sponsors. Now, Titan, how about you? With your masculinity and stoic build, you must be pretty strong.”

Inwardly groaning, I dug back into my food feeling a hole burning in my forehead as Finnick stared me down.

Maybe those feelings he spoke of weren’t a hoax after all…

This one was kinda short, too, but it’s not the end!

You guyyyss! Y'all have been so kind and supportive since I’ve stated publishing these thangs! I just wanted to say, once again, THANK YOU, and if you want me to write an imagine for drabble (see the “Drabble Game” on my page or on my other account @8fandoms-galore8 ) for a certain character feel free to ask!

I’ve got one more follow-up to this imagine, but a lot of people on Quotev requested another part for it as well, so I may be writing more for our dear Finnick and all of you lovely people ^_^! All right, it’s pretty late here, so I’m gonna sign of for now. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy this! -LGN

@caspian-odair {Forces younger Finnick on you}

Finnick walked slowly down the hallway, as slowly as he could manage. the last thing he needed was to wake up his father. When he reached his brothers door he pushed it open, leaning his head in. 

“Cas?” He called out in a hushed whisper while stepping inside the room. After a moment he resigned himself to just walk out, it wasn’t like Caspian was going to be awake anyways. Even if he was, what was he going to say? Turning he began to leave the room.