young farmers

k but charmer where chowder and farmer get married young. like. before graduating samwell young.

farmer isn’t all for the “love at first sight then” and then this kid literally crashes into her life and she’s like, forever wouldn’t be so bad with you!!! and then she’s like, oh shit

so like, farmer proposes after briefly bringing it up to chowder who was like?? i’d do anything to be a great husband!!! i wanna make my wife happy as much as i possibly can!!!!!! and like farmer’s like ok i love u even more and so she buys some nice looking, kind of worn, gold bands from a thrift store and is like “marry me, right now, i’m not shitting yOU CHOW”

so, duh, chowder cries a bit and then!!!! WEDDING PLANNING!!!!

chowder can’t decide who his best man will be and so nursey and dex are both his best man. (………………………ofc they’re gonna hook up at the wedding ok) and farmer brings along march and april for her maid of honors.

headcanon that farmer was one of those girls who were like “i don’t like princesses!!!!” but secretly wanted to wear a tiara like all the time so!!!!! at her wedding she gets to be a goddamn princess ok. she doesn’t wear a tiara down the aisle but she does at the reception!!!! chowder cries again and can’t stop crying. 


speaking of which: jack brings along some hockey friends, who proceed to bring along their own hockey friends, and suddenly half of the sharks team is there and chowder faints and farmer begins to fan herself “oh lord”

f u ck m e  u p if they dance to any song from beauty and the beast i’ll start crying

like. imagine them being like thirty and the amount of people whose eyes will bug out their head when they say that they’re celebrating their TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR MARRIAGE FUCK IT UPPPPPPPPP

A bright eyes young farmer has set up a small stand on the side of a road your party travels often.

1. The food starts off looking delicious and fresh, and every time you pass after it becomes more and more horrendous. Does she ever leave?

2. She’s saving up to become an adventurer! She’s too sweet. She won’t last. Her older sister, in disguise, regularly steals and breaks her stand in an effort to keep her from affording gear.

3. Every day when she first opens a man stops by. He makes her uncomfortable and no matter where she sets up, he always fonds her.

4. She’s an assassin who sets up booths in popular towns and gives laced food to her targets, and delicious food to the rest. She possibly mixes up which food is bad.

I met this guy today who was like 20 and unironically said “aw shucks” he brought the whole house Klondike bars because my grandpa likes them and he offered to go out and warm my car for me when I was leaving my grandparent’s house and he handed me my shoes and opened the door for me and was just so sweet??? To everyone??? Angels are real and he’s a young adult dairy farmer in rural Michigan

Weed Dating

Have you ever heard of weed dating? It is a fantastic concept that is gaining popularity all around North America for sure. I’m sure it’s all over the world - good ideas travel fast these days.

Anyway, you get to meet up with like-minded, farmer types, make friends and help out a fellow farmer at the same time. It is a great way to have fun, make friends, find farming partners/co-workers, or maybe even that special someone.

So for all of you fellow weirdos that LOVE weeding (as I do) - know that you are not alone. :)

Gay Angry Punk Biracial Irish Farmer and Young Father Ronan Lynch GIVES ME LIFE

I seriously love this kid, and his hoofed dream guide child (I vary on what kind of hooves I picture her with, though it mainly fluctuates between horse hooves and deer hooves) that he is kind of raising with the help of his forest magician boyfriend, so much.

And I have to say that some of my favorite fics are the ones where all of Adam’s college friends know that his boyfriend is a farmer and/or a young father, and expect him to be some kind of white, barely educated, red-necked hick who hates modern technology (because he never answers his phone), with a thicker accent than Adam’s (even if they know that he went to the same prestigious private school as Adam), and then are confronted with Gay Angry Punk Biracial Irish Farmer and Young Father Ronan Lynch, who is most definitely very intelligent and educated (and likes modern technology and just doesn’t like answering his phone), and is just more than content with just running the family and raising his dream kid with Adam’s help.

NEW PROJECT! Variety: Nat Wolff, Alexander Skarsgard Starring in Thriller ‘The Kill Team’                                                                         

Based on true events, “The Kill Team” tells the story of a young American soldier trapped between his conscience and survival when members of his platoon carry out a murderous scheme in the wasteland of Southern Afghanistan.

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Prime Cut

Title: Prime Cut

Pairing: Scabior x Hermione Granger

Word Count: 5,290

Rating: M

Links: // ao3

You have nine (9) unheard messages.

“Hermione? Hermione, sweetheart, it’s Molly—Molly Weasley—oh, I so wish you’d picked up, I found a very nice young man at the farmer’s market who’s agreed to meet you for drinks, he’s apprenticing at a dairy farm, he’s so lovely, really—really just very nice, he always saves me samples of Colby jack—”

Your message has been deleted.

“Hey, ‘Mione, thought I should warn you that Mom’s on a fucking warpath finding you a date for Harry’s wedding, I don’t know why she took your breakup with the asshat so personally, but—I don’t even know, whatever, she came home earlier with, like, four pounds of smoked gouda and certified crazy eyes, so—”

Your message has been deleted.

“Hi, uh—is this Hermione? Hermione Granger? I don’t—am I even doing this right? Do I have to press—no, no, it would have told you, Neville, get it together, get it together—um—hi, Hermione, if you’re even still listening to this—my name is Neville, Neville Longbottom, and I got your number from Molly—uh, Molly Weasley—”

Your message has been deleted.

“I swear to God, Granger, if you don’t find a fucking date for my fucking wedding and I have to fucking rearrange the fucking seating chart for your skank ass again—I don’t care if you’re Harry’s fucking soul-sister, I will put fucking rat poison in your fucking rice pilaf—”

Your message has been deleted.

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“In the summer of 2015, Eva Verbeeck asked me to join her on a trip throughout the Pacific Northwest to produce a short film on young farmers, that would accompany her photo story for a variety of publications. Having spent much time WWOOFing on organic farms, I knew the importance of providing a voice for this underrepresented population. So we loaded our iPods with old bluegrass music and set off in a 1990 Nissan truck, heading from Portland to British Columbia. We offered our labor in exchange for room and board at the farms that we made it to.” - Half Magic Farms

Style and Fashion Drawings: Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday is an animated film from Studio Ghibli that’s getting a big re-release in English this year. The movie’s unlike any animation I’ve ever seen: it’s a memoir about a young woman who takes a working holiday in the countryside after growing up as a kinda difficult child in Tokyo. The film is about growing up, being yourself, fitting into society, and meeting expectations. I didn’t expect to relate to this story, but I was deeply moved.

The world of clothes in the film is quiet, but very specific. There’s such loving attention to precise details.  See the particular cuts of children’s sweaters, young farmer Taeko’s short-sleeved hooded sweatshirt, the special gloves, as well as the aprons and hoods worn to harvest saffron.

The wardrobe nicely reflects time and place, too. There’s as much detail and distinction between different children’s clothing in the summer season as there is in the winter. Taeko packs pragmatically for her stay on the farm; Toshio dresses up casually and elegantly for their informal date. The style isn’t very loud, but it is clear and strong. It doesn’t take a lot, and it doesn’t have to be flashy, to say something about the world with clothes.

My favorite outfits: Toshio in a crew neck sweater over a polo with popped collar; Taeko’s high-waisted jeans, tucked tank top, and white sneakers.

RWBY V4 E1 Thoughts

-Im calling this the Shadow Realm and nobody can stop me.

-This just in, Martial Arts Sadist and Morally Questionable Thief realize they might be in a bit too deep.

-Cinder getting rapid-fire hazed is a wish come true.

-Dr. Watts? Hm, wonder if his Semblence is Memory Traversal. (Hope someone got that reference.)

-Tyrian scares me. In a strange turn of events, i can tolerate him more than Cinder.

-Hazel is the MVP. Possible Dad of the Salem Roundtable of Super Villains.

-The Wicked Witch of the Shadow Realm is actually kind of chill. Who knew?

-Young farmer boy(?) is totally not connected to the plot. Does not have a resemblence to the Spring Maiden.

-Team JNRR, erm, RNJR, is adorable still. Nothing new there.

-Ruby has gotten really good at flying. Defying physics to the max now!

-Good seeing Nora and Ren fight again. In other news, Jaune doesnt fight again. Extra points for dodging skills though.

-This Geist Grimm is awesome. RNJR’s team attacks on point.

-I want Jaunes sweater. Im not even kidding. Also feels but what else is new.

-Guess we’re getting Weiss next episode? Im into it.

Overall a fantastic start. I cant wait to see more.