young family tree

Does anyone else imagine Miles Tuck going on to try and piece out what happened after Rose took Thomas (like did Thomas get married? Did he die young? Did the Tuck family tree end?)? And does anyone else imagine Miles discovering that the Tuck family, i.e. his descendants, still carry on his last name even though it’s been generations? And that that means Thomas had children and Miles was once a grandfather? And so Miles does more research and discovers that Thomas had, lets say, four children (and just for fun lets assume Thomas had 3 girls and 1 boy). And obviously carrying on the family name was important way back when, so Thomas having only one son would mean that that son was awful special. But while Miles is doing research, he discovers the names of his grandchildren: Margaret, Elizabeth, Anne, and Miles… now imagine with me Miles crying in front of his computer because he realizes that Thomas, his bright boy Thomas who could have forgotten about him or been bitter towards him for not being in his life as he grew up, didn’t forget about him and even named his only son after him.