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Gradblr Challenge: Day 17

Wednesday, 03.22.17

Today’s been a class-filled day. My paper presentation is tomorrow, and I’ve spent my free time today getting ready for it.

The end of my third and last rotation is coming up and I’m torn between two options. One is my current lab: the PI is young, enthusiastic, and supportive; the lab is new and small. The other is my first lab: the PI is much older, very well-established in the field, but also very busy; the labs are larger. I enjoy working with the people from both labs, so fitting into the lab culture really isn’t a problem. 

I want to pick the new lab because I feel like I do better when I have a good relationship with my PI, and I feel like I will get a lot of mentoring from him, based on my time in the lab. But my previous mentor has said to seriously the older PI because his being more well-established means he’ll have more connections for me to hit up for post-grad opportunities. This is a bonus, but I have a sense I will regret it if I pick the older lab. Ugh, I emailed my previous advisor hoping he would reaffirm my decision, but he just made it more complicated. 

How did you other science gradblrs end up in your thesis lab? Am I missing out on substantial amounts of opportunities if I decide to go with a new, un-tenured PI?

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Unrelatedly, I’m a bit ????? about the convention that Luke is SUPER TINY.

Mark Hamill is 5′9″. That’s certainly not tall, but except for stormtroopers it’s not really short, either. He’s the same height as Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, and only an inch shorter than Diego Luna, Ewan MacGregor, and Ian McDiarmid.

Of course, we mostly see him around tall men (Harrison Ford is 6′1″, Billy Dee Williams is 6′, David Prowse is 6′5″ w/o the suit), so between that and the coming of age narrative, it’s understandable that he seems small and boyish. But he’s not tiny! Really!

Summer 2015 anime in a nutshell:

aoharu x kikanjuu: ohshc but with guns

charlotte: nobody in this anime is named charlotte

durararax2: yandere olympics

gakkou gurashi!: haha this show is pretty cu- WHATTHEFUCKWHATTHEFUCKWHATTHEFU

gangsta.: hot people

monster musume: guy with no pupils is forced by the government to live with monster girls who are cute but also thirsty as fuck

prison school: *strategic fart noises*

ranpo kitan: young androgynous sinnamon roll enthusiastically solves brutal homicides and turns his best friend gay

rokka no yuusha: hot people

shimoneta: in a future distopia, a daring group of young rebels commit acts of terrorism to save dick jokes

On that day, [Denver Post photographer Steve ] Larson was working inside the newsroom. All the other photographers were out on assignment, he recalled, so an editor told him to run upstairs to the Elbow Room [ Post lunch room ]  to grab a photo of the three as Kreck and Andrews interviewed them.

“It was kind of a dump. There were cups all around. It wasn’t anything posh,” said Larson, who now runs a small newspaper in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood called The Front Porch. “I think we bought them a soft drink, and we were just sitting there talking.

“It was the normalcy of these kids that got me. She (Fisher) displayed a lot of humor, and Harrison Ford didn’t talk as much as the other two.”

Kreck said they spoke for about 45 minutes.

“They were so young and so enthusiastic and thrilled to be asked to go on a national tour for a movie,” Kreck said. “They were just kids. I think for most of them, it was their first big movie. They were very nice, we laughed and had a good time. Mark Hamill was nice, kinda quiet. She (Fisher) was the peppiest of the bunch and much more willing to talk. I got the impression that he (Ford) was going through the motions.”

The trio addressed subjects ranging from their financial stake in the film, to a scandalous story involving Fisher, published in People magazine, to how they got their roles. And they came hungry, according to the story Andrews wrote about the interview, which ran June 15, 1977.

“Vowing ‘We like junk food,’ the three proceeded to devour everything fistfuls of silver could extract from the sandwich machines at The Denver Post coffee shop — from vending-machine pancakes, to sodas and to a packet of two hard-boiled eggs and crackers,” Andrews wrote. Fisher apparently slipped one of those eggs into her bag because, as Andrews wrote, “when you are out promoting a film on a multicity itinerary, you never know where your next meal is coming from.”

It was unusual for movie stars or other prominent figures to visit at The Post. Larson recalls that if people came for press tours, most ended up at the historic Brown Palace Hotel a few blocks away. Kreck said reporters either interviewed stars in the hotel rooms or over the phone.

“Looking back at it, I think the photo conveyed the informality of the situation. It wasn’t a big production,” Larson said. “Just kids coming to talk about what they were doing.”

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Request: yoooo can you do a tom holland x reader request where they meet on set and fluff ensues and such?
Requested by: @princeofsassgard

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: this might be bad tbh idk :( but no warnings, just FLUFF
Notes: thanks for the request!! xo ily

Tom walked onto set with Harrison by his side like he did when he walked onto any set: his head held high, a coffee in his hand and ambition and energy like no one else to begin this new project. He smiled politely at all the young women who smiled enthusiastically at him. Tom had mentioned in interviews that he was nowhere near shy when it came to girls. If he wanted to talk to a girl or ask her out, he’d have no trouble doing so. He wasn’t cocky about it, he just believed that you had to put yourself out there to get somewhere – that thought came with everything he did.

“So, who else is on this movie?”

Tom sipped idly at his coffee as he turned to face Harrison, realizing he couldn’t really answer his question. He had spent so much of his time the last two months rehearsing and perfecting his deliverance of the new script that he hadn’t even done any research on his new colleagues. Right when Tom went to answer Harrison, his head shifted to look ahead of him as he heard a new voice in the room with them.

That was his first mistake.

You were simply standing there with your hair in a ponytail as you spoke to the director. In the time that it took him to notice the smaller details in your face he had already become distracted. Tom had no trouble talking to women, but, when your eyes came up to meet his he couldn’t stop himself from stumbling over his feet. He stopped abruptly causing Harrison to walk into him, in turn sending Tom’s coffee toward the ground.

“Oh, my god!” He heard your voice again but didn’t dare look up, afraid he might do something even more embarrassing than trip over himself.

“Mate, what the hell is wrong with you?” He turned to face Harrison with wide eyes, noticing that his coffee decorated the front of his white shirt and red flannel. He was about to answer when he heard you again.

“Are you alright?”

When Tom didn’t answer after the first few seconds Harrison nodded slightly and gave you a small smile. “We’re fine. Are you on this movie?”

You nodded with a bright smile. “This is my first movie! I’m playing Penelope.”
“Oh, the lead! Well, this is your counterpart, Tom. Tom, don’t be an ass, turn around and introduce yourself.” Upon seeing you, Harrison had a pretty good idea of what happened, allowing himself to give Tom a subtle smirk while Tom casted him a glare. He composed himself quickly before turning around with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Tom. Sorry for the cold shoulder, I guess I’m just a little embarrassed because of the, you know, coffee thing.”

“It’s no problem,” you offered with a laugh, and Tom had to resist the urge of blurting out that it was quite honestly one of the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard. “I’m (Y/N)! I guess we’re lovers now.”

“What?” Tom’s eyes went wide and he heard Harrison snicker from behind him. He didn’t fail to notice the crimson color that dusted across your face.

“Um, in the movie. We’re love interests. Sorry, that was my attempt at a joke.” You bowed your head to allow your hair to curtain around the sides of your face to block the brightening color you had been developing.

You both let out a small sigh. This was going to be a long few months.

“Okay, Tom,” You replied, pausing to take another spoonful of your ice cream. “If you could live in any fantasy world. Which would it be?”

You and Tom had grown rather close the past three months of shooting. It wasn’t until the second month in when you both started to grow comfortable with each other. It was when you both had to shoot your kiss scene. You had gone to Tom’s trailer directly and asked if you could talk to him about the scene. You had told him that this was your first on-screen kiss, and because you were nervous you wanted to apologize if you didn’t do as well as you hoped.

“I seriously doubt you’ll be any bad at it.” As soon as Tom finished what he had thought was just a remark to himself, he shook his head and continued with,

“But, if it makes you feel better, we could practice in front of Harrison. I mean, I know he doesn’t equal the crowd we’ll have out there, but it’s something.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I love a good show.” Tom rolled his eyes without facing Haz and kept his eyes on you, smiling at you reassuringly.

“I mean, if you don’t mind,” you tried to breathe deeply in order to keep your face at a normal color.

“I don’t mind at all.” And after delivering the few lines that lead up to the kiss, Tom leaned in as the script told his character to, and when you kissed him it changed everything for you.

For both of you.

“Hm,” Tom contemplated your question. “That’s a good one. Maybe Zootopia.”

“Zootopia?” You stifled your laugh as you looked at him incredulously.

“Um, hell yeah. Can you imagine living in a world of nothing but animals?”

“But when you’d be an animal. There aren’t any humans in that universe, doofus.”

“Oh,” his cheeks turned a light pink. You felt bad for the light teasing so you shrugged slightly.

“Well, if that’s the case. What animal would you want to be?”

“Oh, Nick Wilde for sure. I’d be a fox. Cool, clever. I mean, I’m already pretty close.” He winked at you slightly.

“Har, har,” you rolled your eyes in return, your head moving down to rest on his shoulder as his arm went to hook around you.

It was difficult for Tom at first. Despite the hazing that came from Harrison, talking to you was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He couldn’t understand why you had made him so nervous. He liked to think that it was because this was his first love interest in a film – one that he had to kiss. He was flustered and nervous, never having done a romantic comedy before. But, he knew deep down, that wasn’t the case. In all honestly he never worried about talking to girls because usually they would make the first move. Not that Tom was opposed to talking to them first, but being in the acting world led him to fear all kinds of rejection, so he reserved himself. But, he was just drawn to you.

So, when you came into his trailer that day to talk to him about the kiss, he used that as a way of making himself more comfortable with you. Maybe he didn’t have a crush on his costar, maybe this would solidify that he could be friends with a beautiful young girl that he had imagined kissing a couple of times. But when you agreed, he grew ten times more nervous. and When he finally kissed you it did solidify something – it wasn’t just a crush.

“Okay, my turn,” Tom thought about his question as he tried to ignore the smell of your lavender shampoo invading his senses and the warmth you provided as you inched closer into his side. “What’s your ideal date?”

“Easy,” you answered with no hesitation, “I want to go to a small diner and sit in a booth in a corner. I want the lights to be bright because I love the part of a date when you invade each other’s personal life. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing the expressions on people when they tell me about their childhood, their favorite song, what they would want to be if this were a different era or world.” You paused to look up at Tom, only to realize his eyes were already fixated on you. “I want to know small things about them. What they ate that morning, what their favorite scene in their favorite movie meant to them, had they ever broken a bone?”

Tom felt his breathing become shallow, not being able to shake the feeling that you were talking about him, to him. “Would you let him get a question in before it was over?”

“Of course,” you breathed, “I’d want him to invade my personal space, too. Even something as small as what my favorite color is.”

“And then?” Tom hadn’t realized, but both of your voices had dropped down to a whisper.

“And then he’d walk me home. He’d still be holding my hand,” at this Tom’s hand instinctively reached for yours, lacing your fingers together. You didn’t mind, your eyes were staring into his, to entranced to react to anything now. “He’d compare me to something as cliché as the moon and hopefully tell me that he wished the night never had an end.”

“And then?” Tom couldn’t help the small smile that graced his features as he looked down at you. His eyes alternating from your eyes to your mouth.

“And then he’d kiss me.”

Without thinking Tom leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, still holding your hand. He had only let go when he felt you fighting against his, only to bring them up to his face. His hands dropped down the grip your sides. The kiss was agonizingly slow but it left you breathless just the same.

Tom was the first to pull away, but even then, he hadn’t pulled away completely. He leaned his forehead against yours and looked at you with a small smile.

“What’s your favorite color?”


Oakland fire victims ‘came to find like minds’

They came to dance, to enjoy, to create. To have their minds blown by the music. To surround themselves with friends. To celebrate life.

They were young, enthusiastic. Excited about the world around them, often struggling to pay their bills with service-industry jobs, struggling to fit into a society they sometimes felt had no real place for them, drawn together in the struggle to thrive in the hard city of Oakland. At least 36 were killed, though, when a fire ripped through the Ghost Ship venue in Oakland.

Pictures from inside the building taken before the fire show carpets strewn across wooden floors, a tangle of rafters and wood hanging from the ceiling. A staircase made from wood pallets. Exit doors that were almost impossible to find.

What you don’t see: the community created there, the sense of belonging and creating and experiencing all wrapped up into one.

“You came to find like minds,” said Vikram Babu, 35, an app designer who was supposed to be at the party that night.

Babu got the address wrong and missed the party. Several of his friends were inside. One got out. Another, filmmaker Alex Ghassan remains missing. Ghassan has young twin daughters and posted an Instagram photo shortly before the fire from inside the venue.


Headcanon Time!

Tala Waialiki, as a rebellious and enthusiastic young lady, was the partner of the Chief of Motunui and ever since she was a young child was always more drawn to the ocean than anyone else on her island. She and the Chief discovered a cave of canoes, and upon playing the drums they were given the knowledge of their ancestors. Tala discovered that their world was dying and that she was chosen by the ocean to seek out Maui and restore the Heart of Te Fiti.

Despite her husband insisting that it was too dangerous for her to leave the island, Tala took a canoe in the dead of night and sailed away to find Maui at the bottom of his hook, just as her ancestors had instructed. Already days out at sea, she found herself lost. She had a vague idea of how to be a wayfinder by what she had seen of her ancestors in her vision of them, but had never been properly taught. As luck would have it, a school of manta rays were migrating along the current she needed to guide her in the right path of the hook.

Finally, Tala had found Maui’s island. She could see it just over the horizon in the distance. A small, bare, rocky island but she was sure that was where the ocean wanted her to go. It was that day that Tala found herself feeling off. Though she was certain she was not ill or seasick, Tala had vomited over the side of her canoe. Something was not right. As if by instinct, her hand went to her stomach and she paused. She could feel it deep in her heart. She was carrying a child.

She realized she could not continue on if this was to be, and she stood to face the ocean. Taking the Heart of Te Fiti from her necklace, Tala held it out in the palm of her hand for the ocean to take. She would mourn this journey’s end, but celebrate the beginning of a new one.

“Choose someone else…”

Listen this blog is going to be a very enthusiastic young justice blog for about the next week so if you need to unfollow me in that time I don’t blame you.

But also feel free to tune in next week when we will probably be enjoying the usual radio silence

Anyway, where are my headcanons about baby werewolves turning into tiny adorable puppies and wrecking havoc in the Jade Wolf. They always want to play, switch forms whenever it pleases them, and will destroy your shoes. Where are my little warlocks with toddling around and catching themselves with magic when they fall, little half grown horns and crumpled still forming wings, chubby baby cheeks in every colour of the rainbow. Baby mermaids making faces from the water at passersby, little selkies with big dark eyes and soft downy hair no matter what form they’re in. Teething in fangs and tripping over their own tails. So young and innocent and enthusiastic about the world. Baby Downworlders


Duet -

Duet is the owner of Tome Tomb, the used book and comic store where Vivi works.  Despite a rather deadpan way of speaking, Duet can be quite an enthusiastic conversationalist and is surprisingly easy to get along with.  Though Vivi has attempted to learn more about her boss, Duet has remained largely a mystery.  


Chloe is Vivi’s coworker at Tome Tomb.  A young enthusiast of obscure anime from the 90s, she tends to show up to work in full cosplay.  While she claims she is dressing up to advertise for the shop, no one really believes her.  She has begged Vivi multiple times to join her paranormal investigations, though Vivi always turned her down due to concerns about her not being old enough.  It didn’t help that Chloe’s main interest in joining the group seemed to revolve around “catching me an undead boyfriend”.  While she and Vivi get along for the most part, Chloe demonstrates some resentment from time to time.

In 2009, I was starting out as a junior architect for a small firm.

The client was a shipping company who specialized in importing goods from China. They wanted to build a 20,000 square meter (215,000 square feet) warehouse in the harbour adjacent to their existing container storage platform so they can open the containers themselves, categorize the contents and then ship them off in their own fleet of trucks to their various destinations.

They also asked for a four story HQ building near the warehouse, complete with a worker's dining hall and enough office space that they could move their operations down to the waterside instead of leasing expensive real estate in the city.

At first I was puzzled why the other, more senior architects in the firm decided to not get involved in the project, but I was young and enthusiastic, so I accepted.

There were a few red flags. For one, the project lead was a “quirky” structural engineer who sometimes didn’t talk to people for months if he thought they had slighted him. For another, the client asked me to attend daily meetings in which to show everyone the progress I had made.

Me: I can’t really make any meaningful progress from one day to the next – especially if I’m spending the morning in a meeting with you.

Client: I thought you young folks these days preferred to work at night. Just do it then.

I refused and he finally accepted to hold those meetings only twice a week.

I set to work, but soon afterwards the Financial Crisis began to manifest itself in earnest, so the client firm ended up having to find partners for the project.

Those partners would change sometimes from one week to the next and each would have their own requests which most of the time invalidated all the work I had done up until then.

Finally, a few months in I couldn’t take it anymore. The project had already been radically altered five times and the clients keep changing their mind from one meeting to the next on wherever they wanted a HQ building at all or simply a small office on the side of the warehouse. Finally I had a meeting with the client to clear these things up.

Client: (staring down his nose) I’m a respected pillar of the shipping industry. I’m no amateur.

Me: Okay?

Client: I’ve heard that windows are cheaper than walls.

Me: They’re not.

Client: Well, whatever the case, I want the whole warehouse to me made out of windows.

I sat there, completely dumbfounded. My brain had stopped working, so the only thing I could ask was:

Me: So… like a greenhouse then?

Client: Exactly like a greenhouse! Can you change the plans by tomorrow morning?

At this point, I stood up, packed my laptop and left, informing them I’ll send them completed drawings to the last design specification but they’ll have to find someone else to finish their project for them.

They sent me a host of emails, ranging in tone from threatening to plaintive. The “quirky” project lead didn’t speak to me for a year, even though we worked together on a few projects. He would ask other people to relay information to me, but never spoke to me himself.

The warehouse was never built and the client was instead arrested two years later for smuggling and evasion of customs duty.

The first time I photographed Jack was June 2015, just a little over a year ago at IndyPop Con.  He was a young fresh faced, enthusiastic young man who was perhaps just a bit overwhelmed when the line formed…..and formed……and formed………and formed.  I met a really genuine young man that exuded a rare mix of shyness and exuberance which did not change in 3 grueling days of signings. 

In August of the same year, I had the pleasure of photographing him again at PAX Prime.  Though some of the shyness had worn off, he was still enthusiastic and genuine in his attitude and perhaps still a little surprised by his “fame”.

In April of 2016, I was fortunate enough to photograph him at PAX East.  This time however, I met a very confident young man, a seasoned professional. However, what had not changed was his attitude to his fans.  He was and is still approachable and energetic and wishing to bend over backwards for his fans.

This last time was at VidCon 2016.  Though I was able to photograph him, I did not have a chance to actually speak to him BUT as seen in the panel he was on, the shyness, the awkwardness on stage, the hesitation to interject is gone.  This is a young man that has grown into his “job” but has not lost his ability to laugh not just with others but at himself too.  

From observation, he takes what he does seriously but not to the point of arrogance.  Trust me, I’ve met a few of these YouTubers and the fame and adoration has gone to their heads.  Staying grounded is not an easy feat when you have millions of people heaping praise on you. Do I think he is as humble as the first time that I met him?  No, no one would be but that is part of growth, growing up, becoming more confident in what you do.  Experience changes anyone and everyone.  Have I enjoyed all his videos? No, they are some (Hunipop comes to mind) that I just did not “watch” or listen to (I listen usually as I work on photos or art). Have there been times that I believe he was just not enjoying what he was doing?  Yes, especially leading up to Christmas this last year. However, we all go through slumps in our jobs and daily lives.  I can’t even comprehend trying to balance that with over 11,000,000 sets of eyes on you.

We all grow, we all change.  It is an inevitable part of life and who we are. Telling yourself  “not to change” is unrealistic.  It is happening and will continue to happen.  The difference is, you have the ability to direct the change, to shape it and define who you wish to continue to be.  Stay true to your ideals, your morals, your ethics and the growth will be one of a positive change. Having doubts, misgivings and self introspection is a sure sign of maturity as long as you are willing to use what you discover about yourself.

Please remember, this is just an opinion and observation, nothing more.

Have a peaceful day.

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ask-kirah-mudokon  asked:

Kirah came home later than normal. She had lost track of time helping a rather enthusiastic young archer. Once back at the hut she found Ahlu with Mar, looking rather glum. "Hey, you okay, babe?"

Mar only stood and ran over to Kirah, throwing his arms around her to hold her tightly.
Ahlu couldn’t bare to look at her, and she kept her eyes on the chew toy in her hands, despite the fact that Ogg was whining about her keeping it to herself.
Neither him nor Ahlu spoke though.

honestly when i think about much ahsoka tano has lived and how little of her story we have seen (relatively speaking), i feel so cheated.

i mean, i’ve always been impressed by how the writers have taken this generic archetype - a young, enthusiastic hero who likes to fight, and is often too rash and impatient - and breathed a lot of life into it in the clone wars. they’ve put her in crisis after crisis and sometimes letting her fail and showing her struggle to overcome her collapse of confidence, they let her be challenged, they showed her growing and learning.

however, i think what really makes ahsoka tano a cut above a lot of action heroines is the decision she made right at the end of the wrong jedi. like, we barely see a character like that become so disillusioned that they have to walk away entirely from their organisation. that’s a political decision - and usually the sort of topic one would expect the showrunners to shy away from. i think it not only is indicative of how much ahsoka has matured across the duration of the series, but I also think it’s the beginning of a new phase of character development, where she has to begin reorganising her life and finding a new purpose outside of the jedi.

i think it’s relatively rare we see a character, in genre fiction, make a decision like that - to realise they’re on the wrong path, and completely turn their life around in a different direction, even if it means cutting people off. i think it’d be fascinating to watch, even if it would be difficult for ahsoka - she is, after all, leaving behind the closest thing she has to a family, she’s incredibly isolated and it absolutely won’t be easy for her.

this is complicated of course by order 66/revenge of the sith, where ahsoka suddenly finds herself having to reinvent herself again and again, in order to avoid imperial detection. at this point in time she’s working through some incredibly complicated emotions - the jedi left her behind, they didn’t protect her, and perhaps she’s still bitter about that, but they’ve been utterly destroyed.

like, there’s so many interesting stories, there’s so much emotional turmoil, there’s a lot of conflict and ahsoka has to work through it all, i imagine she’s been challenged by all of this and it pushes her to new places. i think it’d be so good to read/watch and i’m sad we’re unable to currently.

i almost wish star wars was centred around ahsoka tano instead of anakin skywalker.