young enough to know it all

Love- Lana Del Rey

Look at you kids with your vintage music-Cancer

Comin’ through satellites while cruisin’-Pisces

You’re part of the past, but now you’re the future, signals crossing can get confusing-Aquarius

It’s enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy,Sometimes, it’s enough just to make you feel crazy-Aries

You get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular-Leo

Back to work or the coffee shop-Capricorn

Doesn’t matter cause it’s enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love-Libra

Look at you kids, you know you’re the coolest-Gemini

The world is yours and you can’t refuse it-Sagittarius

Seen so much, you could get the blues
But that don’t mean that you should abuse it-Scorpio

Don’t worry, baby
Don’t worry, baby-Virgo

It doesn’t matter if I’m not enough for the future or the things to come-Taurus 

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the signs as lyrics of Love by Lana😍😍😍😍😍

Aries:  Look at you kids, you know you’re the coolest

Taurus: You get ready, you get all dressed up

Gemini: But that don’t mean that you should abuse it

Cancer: Look at you kids with your vintage music

Leo: Sometimes it’s enough just to make you feel crazy

Virgo: Doesn’t matter cause it’s enough

Libra: To be young and in love

Scorpio: You’re part of the past but now you’re the future

Sagittarius: To go nowhere in particular

Capricorn: Seen so much, you could get the blues

Aquarius: The world is yours and you can’t refuse it

Pisces: Signals crossing can get confusing

venus and moon

*inhales* ok so when watching Child’s Play again, I noticed how they were literally just little versions of themselves. Like, same scars, same hair styles, etc.

It wouldn’t be too strange if it was just Zane, knowing he was a robot the whole time an all. But if time were truely 100% reversed for the ninja and Grundle, Zane would of just been the exact same. So yada yada, all that thinkin made me think of what young preteen Kai would look like.

So seeing that if he was training to take over his dad’s job with blacksmithing, it would take up a good amount of time from socializing and such with others enough to develop his present attitude. And with my headcanon of him wearing contacts the image is just too cute. Maybe partially the reason he styles his hair the way he does. So thoughts?

This is a cute headcanon!!

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We spent all day exploring that boxcar and the woods around it like we're little kids again, but nothing beat the thought of knowing that unlike when we where young, we won't have to say goodbye before going home. Our house together is warm and bright enough for both of us.


Jungle ~ Animal Kingdom TNT

Coming May 2017

Millie Reynolds is a gifted young hacker pretending to be Deran Cody’s girlfriend - after all, they’ve been friends since high school. Alex Wilson is Millie’s roomie, the son of a cop, and knows her well enough to see it’s all an act. Especially when there’s such an obvious attraction between Millie and Deran’s older brother, Craig.

Then Millie’s talents come to the attention of tough matriarch Smurf Cody, and the Information Technology student dives right into the criminal underbelly of Oceanside, California - leaving Alex to consider where his loyalties lie. The problem with jumping into the deep end is that if you can’t swim, you sink.

Your 20’s hurt. It’s like you know you’re young enough to not have it all, but too old to not have it yet. You’re so stressed because you wish you could hit reset but you know u can’t because you’re so curious as to what the future has in store for you.

  • i can never stress enough how you all should be watching crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • i gather it’s for free on the cw app
  • i gather netflix uploads the episodes weekly in most regions
  •  it has everything tumblr claims to desperately want and yet its fandom is made of like three people.
  •  drop the “sexist title” bullshit and try to actually watch: the entire show is about deconstructing the “crazy” world by dealing with a young woman with untreated anxiety and depression. yes, anxiety and depression
  • and yet the writing is so clever for some reason it feels bittersweet rather than intoxicatingly sad
  • it’s not about romantic/sexual relationships. there are those, but they’re just a means to explore the female protagonist’s life and journey.
  • you get anti-heroes. because you don’t have to be a man making drugs on a cable drama to be an anti-hero. you have to be deeply fucked up and that’s what these characters are.
  • it’s the most diverse cast i’ve ever seen. 
  • one character gets a number on coming out as bisexual. the word is said multiple times. you don’t like shows shying away from it? fucking watch crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • they sing and dance their ass off, and well, and showcasing meta commentaries on storytelling and how even music videos are made. they do pop, rap, rock, old hollywood musicals, you name it. they do everything and they’re brilliant at it. the soundtrack’s online. the music sheets too.
  • it’s just overall brilliant. it won the cw a golden globe and two emmys. rachel bloom is out of this world
  • rachel bloom also led this anti-trump anthem
  • again: cw app and netflix.

So. It’s head canon time again.

I have not seen nearly enough Johnny Weir content in this fandom and I intend to rectify that. Cause you better BELIEVE young, queer baby, figure skater Eric Richard Bittle would have lost his shit over Johnny Weir. Johnny Weir came out in 2011 when Bitty would have been about 15 and like. You know that boy cried. Especially after all the shit Weir put up with in regards to speculation about his gender and sexuality.  He has a framed, signed Johnny Weir poster still hanging up in his childhood bedroom and loudly tells the story of how he came into possession of that poster to anyone who will listen— mostly when he’s drunk. It isn’t a very interesting story. He won it in a fan contest.

Now fast forward to after Jack has publicly come out and imagine that he and Bitty are on a date somewhere, maybe at a bar or a restaurant, and Johnny Weir walks in the door. So, of course, Bitty loses his goddamn mind like:

“Holy shit. Holy shit. Jack, Jaaaaaaaack.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Good lord, pinch me, I’m pretty damn sure that’s Johnny Weir who just walked in!”

“… Ehh, who?”

To be fair, Jack had a lot going on during Weir’s rise to fame (what with juniors and then the OD and then the getting-his-life-back-together stuff) and he never really followed figure skating all that closely (or at all). But Jack is pretty sure he just broke Bitty because he is giving Jack this wide-eyed, rattled sort of stare and he just—

Who is Johnny Weir? You don’t know how Johnny Weir is?”

“No???” This is the wrong answer.

“Jack. Johnny Weir is THE pop culture icon – the Beyoncé, if you will – of men’s figure skating, and you know I don’t make that kind of comparison lightly. You not knowing who Johnny Weir is…That’s like if Sidney Crosby walked in right now and I went ‘Hey, Jack. Who’s that guy over there who stole your ass?’ That’s like – that’s like if –“

“Like if your boyfriend’s dad was Bob Zimmermann and you had to google him when you found out?”

“Shut up! That was different!

“How was that different, Bittle?”

“Well… well… you don’t say ‘pecan’ right!

“We are not having this discussion again.”

Because all of Jack and Bitty’s arguments somehow work their way back to the pronunciation of ‘pecan.’

And when Johnny Weir starts walking over, Bitty maybe hyperventilates just a little because I mean, it’s his childhood idol and he’s sitting here with his queer NHL star boyfriend and HOW did his life BECOME like this? Johnny says hi and introduces himself (Bittle is trying so hard to keep it together) and mentions how happy he was for Jack when he came out. Maybe they have a short chat about that kind of thing, how even in this day and age it’s hard to be a publicly queer athlete. Jack carefully avoids having to know anything about Weir’s career, to Bitty’s gratitude, and casually mentions that his boyfriend (he still relishes in getting to use the term) Eric here used to skate in the juniors.

Bitty actually gets to have a conversation with Johnny Weir about figure skating and manages to stay moderately cool under pressure and truly his entire existence is a surreal simulation. Eventually Weir leaves to go re-join his own party and throughout the rest of the night Bitty will just periodically stop in his tracks and turn to Jack and whisper:

We just met Johnny Weir.

“Yes, Bitty.”

Johnny Weir knows who my boyfriend is. Johnny Weir knows my name.

“Yes, I know Bitty. I was there.”

Jack – Johnny Weir.”

“I’m gonna start reading pecan pie recipes off my phone if you don’t cut it out.”


get to know me meme (5 favorite male characters)

↳ [1/5] aaron burr (hamilton)

death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes. history obliterates, in every picture it paints, it paints me and all my mistakes. when alexander aimed at the sky, he may’ve been the first one to die but i’m the one who paid for it. i survived, but i paid for it. now i’m the villain in your history, i was too young and blind to see… the world was wide enough, for both hamilton and me.


Can I be honest with you, man to man? You know your mom and me, we always try to treat you kids the same, always have. Hasn’t always worked because well, you’re not all the same. You’re adopted and we don’t talk it enough because to me you are every part my son. Maybe I don’t want you to feel like you stand out but I need you to know something, I want you to stand out. I want all of you to be as different as you can possibly be in all the best ways. I love you as much as a human heart can kiddo. You are an exceptional young man.

Couldn’t go to the Women’s March in Paris today as I was bedridden, so the least I can do is what I’m best at, drawing stuff?

Thank you to all the people around the world, especially the women, especially the transgender women, especially the transgender women of color, especially the transgender women of color and disabled who were brave enough to march for their rights and ours. You’re leading a revolution.

Also, that second dude getting punched is Milo Yiannopoulos. He didn’t get punched or anything! But you know. He’s pretty punchable! Food for thought. :)

Call me clique but I want Yuuri to win gold

Hear me out:

Yurio is young and arrogant. He needs to realize that winning isn’t the only important thing. He also needs to gain respect for others even those he’s surpassed.

Chris thought it was boring without Victor but he’s gonna be even more proven wrong then ever when he doesn’t make the podium.

JJ is only starting to come back down to Earth but I don’t think he’ll give up.

Otabek isn’t really that big of a character and all we know about him is what we get from his and Yurio’s interactions which isn’t really enough to root for him.

Phitchit is already breaking records making the final as the first south asian but for him to win during his first year without any fear would be unrealistic.

However, Yuuri isn’t too young or too old, he failed miserably last year so he knows what failure is and has already dealt with it. He hasn’t broken any records except his own and to leave the main character undeveloped would be stupid.

It’s unlikely Yuuri will win but I want to him to whether it’s cliché or unrealistic as the other skaters have things they need to work on. I don’t know whether people will agree with me but I want the best ending not a shocking one.

When Moana thanks Maui during the final battle, you can tell this is the first time any mortal ever thanked him and meant it whole heartedly. 

What Maui was doing for Moana, coming back knowing full well he may lose the one thing that shaped his identify for over a thousand years, was enough for Moana.

Having this sixteen year old chief to be, this young woman who crossed the horizon to save her island and people, having her thank him in earnest was enough for him.

Affection, appreciation, and acceptance, I don’t think he ever thought he’d get it, and he got all of it from Moana.

Just having Moana in his heart, having her live, that would be enough. 

i’m tired of lesbian being a dirty word in q*eer circles. i’m tired of being told that my identity is outdated, not progressive enough, too manhating, too weird, too loud. most of all i’m tired of these circles putting down young questioning lesbians. for a lot of lesbians, we eventually leave these communities. we know when we’re not welcome anymore. so, you reap what you sow when you complain about lesbians who feel alienated by you


My great hope for us as young women is to start being kinder to ourselves so that we can be kinder to each other. To stop shaming ourselves and other people for things we don’t know the full story on—whether someone is too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too loud, too quiet, too anything. There’s a sense that we’re all ‘too’ something, and we’re all not enough,

Cool things about today at NC Comicon (11/12/16)
  • Gerard overslept bc he was up all night writing, so the 10am Young Animal panel started without him. He eventually shuffled onstage around 20 mins late but they didn’t have enough seats for him at the table so he had to sit awkwardly at the end and he had to have a handheld mic instead of a nice table mic.
  • He rubbed his face and eyes a lot which is one of my fave little things that he does.
  • Some nice person brought him coffee bc he pointed out that he hadn’t had any yet (didn’t know he could physically get out of bed without it but apparently he can, sorta) and we all applauded :)
  • Gerard showed us the original sketch for Mother Panic and we learned that he’d drawn it whilst sitting in a dentist waiting room when Lindsey was getting her wisdom teeth removed.
  • He talked about how awesome it was working with Klaus Janson bc Klaus had been one of his teachers at SVA (School of Visual Arts). Aw.
  • The Mother Panic panel talked about how they had to consult with the Batman people (bc Mother Panic takes place in Gotham) whom they kept brilliantly referring to as “The Bat Office”.

And now for some shitty photos. I took some reasonable ones here.


“Can I be honest with you? Man to man? You know, your mom and me, we always try to treat you kids the same. Always have. Hasn’t always worked, because, well, you’re not all the same. You’re adopted, and we don’t talk about that enough. ‘Cause to me, you are every part my son. Maybe I. . I don’t want you to feel like you stand out. But I need you to know something. I want you to stand out. I want all of you to be as different as you can possibly be. In all the best ways. I love you as much as a human heart can, kiddo. You are an exceptional young man. So don’t let your dad’s poor choice make you feel afraid to be different.”

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hello why do u think lena luthor has bpd (i don't disagree)

bpd is most often (not sure if it can be caused by genetic influences though i remember reading something about it?) caused by environmental influences in childhood such as neglect, abuse, loss, bullying - all of those can lead to someone developing bpd. for lena, from what we know about her past and from her relationship with her adopted mother and brother, she experienced neglect (both emotional and… physical? because she was adopted, regardless of the reason as a 4yo she was raised for a while in the foster system, even if she doesn’t remember much of it now, because she was too young, it could still leave long lasting effects). everything we know about her family life is that she never felt Good Enough to be a luthor, never felt loved by lillian, only ever felt cared about by lex who later turned his back on her (loss, possible emotional abuse by lillian)

so what we know about her past in canon (i’m not even talking headcanons just taking from what was on the show) is already enough to cause her to develop bpd. now what else makes me headcanon her with bpd?

one of the symptoms of bpd is impulsive and self destructive behaviour and despite not having much screentime so far we’ve seen lena putting her own life in danger multiple times

another symptom? fear of abandonment and intense and highly changeable moods, that’s what i saw watching the “be your own hero” scene from medusa. first she’s smiling and so happy to see kara and then she lashes out at her thinking kara will betray/abandon her, it can also be seen as splitting and black and white thinking (which are also symptoms of bpd)

it’s very likely that she has unstable sense of self (another bpd symptom) especially considering her complicated relationship with her adopted family and being a luthor

lastly, people with bpd often idealise others (that’s basically a direct result of black and white thinking) and from the way lena was talking about lex it seems to me that she was idealising him for a good portion of her life. people with bpd also usually have a “favourite person” which i think lex used to be and now it’s kara. favourite person is someone who is usually being idealised and/or imprinted on. it’s someone the emotions of a person with bpd most rely on, who they care about the most.

Shout out to all the women

who couldn’t march today because of chronic illness

who couldn’t march today because they couldn’t afford the travel money

who couldn’t march today because they’re too young and nobody would go with them

who couldn’t march today because they’re stuck in hospital

who couldn’t march today because they couldn’t get the time off of work

who couldn’t march today because there wasn’t a march close enough

who couldn’t march today because they work nights and needed to sleep

Shout out to all the women who couldn’t be there but wanted more than anything to be there

I see you, I know

I Do
  • I Do

Contains: A happy little kitten (he’s crying from the happy), and lots of breathy words and such

Otabek wanted to surprise him. Yuri wanted to know what was going on. Ft. Barcelona, young love, and a promise of forever in the form of two rings. 

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