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Time for the saddest Welsh myth ever - The Legend of Gelert

Llywelyn Fawr (Llewelyn the Great) was Prince of Gwynedd and eventually most of Wales. He was a great sportsman and particularly enjoyed hunting especially with his favourite dog, Gelert. Gelert was a magnificent beast, he was fast and brave, loyal and attentive. 

One day, Prince Llywelyn went hunting with his men and his dogs. He had left his young wife, Joan, and home. She was the daughter of King John of England. She was there with their young son. 

As they came back Llywelyn noticed that Gelert was missing. In fact he could not remember seeing his favourite dog all day. Something was wrong, Gelert was always by his side, he was always attentive. He rushed back to the castle, fearing something had happened when he heared a peircing scream. There he found his wife slumped on the floor in tears. The room had been torn apart the baby’s cot had been overturned and there was blood everywhere. Sat in the corner, his tail wagging happily to see his master again was Gelert, blood smeared all over his face. He ran, jumping up to greet Llywelyn but the price took his sword and run it through his favourite dog. 

The couple sat in each other’s arms trying to comfort each other, the dog continuing to whine when they heard a cry coming from the other side of the bed. Hidden behind the bed was their baby. But beside it was the biggest wolf that Llewellyn had ever seen. It lay dead, it’s throat torn apart by what could only be the teeth of a dog, Immedieately, Llywelyn’s heart sunk. Gelert had not killed his baby but had protected it from harm. He had killed a wolf that had got in and saved his child. Passing the baby to his wife, Llywelyn took the head of his good and faithful dog and cradled it as the dog gave out one final whine. 

The dog was buried with the greatest of honours, a stone laid to commemmorate the bravery and loyalty of faithful Gelert, From that day on, everyone who knew the price said he never hunted with the hounds nor did he ever laugh again. 

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Any fics where hermione pregnant with draco's child but h tell d it's not his cos of some reason and d angry cos he is in love with her and leave h. Then d find out it's his but h has gone somewhere so d looking for her. Sorry it's too specific, i've watch drama series with similar plot n kind of like to read dramione version. Ty

This kinda:

The Ginger Malfoy - Delancey654 - M, 17 chapters - The war is over, and after serving a short stint in Azkaban, Draco returns to wizarding England to finally claim Hermione Granger and her young son, Reg, as his. But Hermione isn’t a push-over and Draco has to earn his redemption before she’ll tell him the truth about her boy’s paternity.

- Lisa

Sterek Week // Friday: Sterek AU - Pirates of the Caribbean

When Stiles Stilinski was a young boy, he was found amongst the wreckage of a ship - the only survivor - by Governor McCall and his son Scott. While unconscious, Scott discovered a pirate medallion around Stiles’ neck. Fearing for the boy’s life, Scott took  the necklace and hid it.

In Port Royal, the boys grew up to be best friends, despite their differences in class, Scott being the son of the most powerful man on the island, and Stiles being an orphaned apprentice to the black smith.

On the same morning that Scott finally pulls the medallion from it’s hiding place and puts it on, Captain Derek Hale sails into Port Royal on a sinking boat. These two events set in motion an adventure no one was expecting.

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Any fics where d gets h pregnant during the war and she tries to keep it a secret??

These are just general war pregnancy fics:

Title: Accidental
Author: Little Witch
Rating: M
Genre(s): General, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 4,162
Summary: It’s the best accident she ever made. An alternate DH fic

Title: Broken Chains
Author: Leave it at that
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 45,920
Summary: After Ron and Harry fail to rescue her from Bellatrix, Hermione is trapped in Malfoy Manor. Now she has to face Voldemort alone, but is she completely alone? Suddenly she is bonded to Draco. Then Draco and Hermione wind up somewhere they never imagined they’d be- bonded for life. Set during DH. EWE.

Title: Checkmate In Five Moves (alternatively, “The Aftermath”)
Author: RZZMG
Rating: MA
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 24,000
Summary: In the midst of the on-going conflict with the Dark Army, the White Queen, Hermione, and the White King, Draco, manoeuvre around each other, both aiming for the same thing – an end to the curses laid upon them by Bellatrix Lestrange. Circling the board are random pieces: Rabastan Lestrange (the White Knight), Narcissa Malfoy (a Bishop of indeterminate colour), Ginny Weasley (the White Rook), and Astoria Malfoy (the Black Queen). Can Hermione figure out how to win the White King’s affection and Checkmate Voldemort, the Black King, in time?

Title: Consequences of War
Author: NJ Coffee Queen
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Chapters: 29
Word Count: 37,235
Summary: Draco is asked to do the unthinkable when the Golden Trio is brought to Malfoy Manor. Can he handle the consequences of his actions or will he flee like the coward everyone believes him to be?

Title: Sad and Bad and Mad
Author: sapphiretragedy
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,628
Summary: War allows people to let go and live – for fear of death. Draco and Hermione find each other. Draco discovers Hermione has more to offer than her love.

Title: The Edge of the World
Author: phlox
Rating: T
Genre(s): Angst, Drama, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,231
Summary: The only thing worse than living in the world the way it is now… is to bring a child into it.

Title: The Ginger Malfoy
Author: delancey
Rating: M/R
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 28,200
Summary: The war is over, and after serving a short stint in Azkaban, Draco returns to wizarding England to finally claim Hermione Granger and her young son, Reg, as his. But Hermione isn’t a push-over and Draco has to earn his redemption before she’ll tell him the truth about her boy’s paternity.

Title: The Taste of Honey
Author: a_bees_buzz/Buzzy
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Family
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 51,787
Summary: There is nothing a parent would not do for their child, even if it means facing their fears, making peace with their enemies, and opening their hearts.

- Lisa


Mary, Queen of Scots  

8 December 1542 – 8 February 1587

On the eighth of December in 1542, Mary of Guise, wife of King James V of Scotland, gave birth to a baby girl. At the time of Mary’s birth her father was ill and it legend states that King James said “It cam wi’ a lass and it will gang wi’ a lass!” when he learned of his child’s sex, referring to the Stewarts, ruling house of Scotland. James died within a week of Mary’s birth, making her Queen of Scotland as a newborn. 

From her first days Mary’s life was riddled with politics and plots. Her great-uncle King Henry VIII of England sought to unite Scotland and England by marrying his son Edward to young Mary in a time known as the “rough wooing” of Scotland. The outcome of this was Mary’s betrothal to Francis, the Dauphin of France. Mary was sent to France at the age of five and would live at the French court for the next 14 years.In 1558 Mary and Francis were married. The two were childhood friends and got along well, but the Dauphin was weak and sickly compared to the very tall, beautiful,and lively Mary. They would have no children. Francis became king in 1559 and Mary became his consort. Francis was dead of an ear infection a year later and Mary returned to Scotland in 1561, with very little knowledge of the country’s people or political environment. Within the first years of her reign Mary saw religious strife, intrigue, rebellions, and conflict. 

When Mary wed a second time to Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, she received disapproval from all sides. Soon Darnley became arrogant and demanding and their marriage was strained. Despite this, Mary became pregnant. During her pregnancy, Mary was witness to the murder of her Catholic friend and private secretary David Ritzzio at the hands of Darnley and his co-conspirators. Mary and Darnley were forced into hiding by the Protestant conspirators, and in 1566 she gave birth to her son James. Shortly afterwards, Mary began working with some Scottish lords to get rid of “the Darnley problem.” This resulted in Darnley’s murder by strangulation after the house he resided in was blown up with gunpowder. It was believed Mary was directly responsible for her husband’s murder and allowed the guilty men to escape, with James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell being the chief conspirator. But Bothwell had his own plot to wed Mary and rule Scotland with her. In 1567 Mary was abducted by Bothwell and possibly raped by him. Mary, whether by her own will or not, married Bothwell, to the shock and animosity of both Protestants and Catholics. Many Scottish nobles turned against Mary and she was eventually forced to abdicate in favor of her infant son James, now James VI of Scotland. 

Mary fled to England, possibly seeking help from her cousin Elizabeth to regain her throne. But Elizabeth was not keen to involve herself and her army so far into Scottish politics, and instead ordered an investigation into the murder of Mary’s husband Darnley. Mary was placed under house arrest in England, from which she would never be freed. For the next 19 years Mary would be kept under careful surveillance, as she was suspected to be involved in Catholic plots to usurp Queen Elizabeth. After Mary was implicated in the Babington plot, which was a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth and place Mary on the English throne with the aid of King Phillip II of Spain, she was put on trial. She was allowed no legal council nor was she permitted to review evidence that had been seized from her. Nevertheless, Mary was found guilty and sentenced to death. She was beheaded on February 8, 1587 at the age of forty four after a short but tumultuous life.

Mary’s son James succeeded Elizabeth I as King James I of England, and thus began the Stuart dynasty’s rule of England and Scotland in a personal union. Through her son, Mary is a direct ancestor of all British rulers extending to the present day. 

The South Shields Poltergeist -

In the summer of 2005 in the town of South Shields, England, a young couple and their three year old son started being terrorized by a malicious spirit. The couple’s real names have never been revealed but they are usually known as Marc and Marianne.  It started off like most poltergeist hauntings. The spirit stacked chairs, moved chests of drawers and slammed doors but it didn't take long for the ghost to find something that it really enjoyed playing with: children’s toys. 

One night while in bed, Marianne felt her son’s toy dog hit her in the back of the head. She sat up and turned on the lights just in time to see a second cuddly dog flying in her direction. The couple hid under the sheets, but felt something trying to pull the blankets away from them. Suddenly Marc cried out in pain, and 13  deep scratches appeared on his back. Strangely, the scratches were gone the next morning. 

Even though the poltergeist had shown that it could cause physical harm to living people it seemed to decide that it liked torturing the family with toys instead. It hung a rocking horse from the ceiling by its reins and on another occasion it placed a large cuddly toy rabbit in a chair at the top of the stairs, with a sharp box cutter in its paws. The ghost left threatening messages on the three year old’s magnetic drawing toys, such as the one in the image above. The little boy would also go missing, only to be found in various strange locations in the house. One of the stranger habits of the poltergeist was its ability to send text messages and emails that could not be traced back to any number or computer saying threatening things like “You’re Dead.” On one occasion the family’s toilet cistern filled with blood, which mysteriously vanished a few moments later. 

After months of being tormented and threatened the family called in a team of investigators to put an end to the poltergeist problem. This only seemed to make the ghost worse. It threw knives at the investigators and their experiments, it appeared as a silhouette in front of both the investigators and the family, it destroyed equipment and it also began talking to people through a number of children’s toys. Eventually, after several visits from various experts they were able to terminate the problem and the poltergeist disappeared.