It was hot it the gymnasium, like a lobster being boiled hot, but you needed to be there to support Derek.

It was his last basketball game of the season and you had attended all games prior to this one, even if he didn’t know it. He did. You just didn’t know it. He watched you between halves and dedicated every basket to you. It was an endless cycle which your mutual friends were sick of.

“Will you quit staring at him? Its like you think he’ll disappear into a hole in the ground if you look away” Stiles loudly said to you, drawing the attention of others.

“Shut up Stiles, he might hear you!” You quickly replied

Before you and Stiles could go any further Scott piped in, “He isn’t wrong though Y/n, we’ve been here nearly an hour and you haven’t looked away from him once!”

“Well im sorry, I can’t help that this intelligent, beautiful, stunning, athletic man is running around in shorts which may I add make his butt look amaz- is it me or did it just get even hotter in here?” You explained whilst tying your hair up into a simple yet cute ponytail.

Derek just happened to glance at you at that very moment, and boy was he glad he did.

Standing there mesmerised by your movements, he didn’t realise he was holding the game up.

Whispering to you, Stiles said, “I think your god is staring at you”

“What? No he isn’t, he doesn’t even know i exist!” You exclaimed.

“Just look over there!” Scott said pointing towards a figure in the middle of the court.

At that moment Derek’s eyes connected with yours and he nervously smiled at you. You returned his smile and waved. What you and Derek didn’t know was that, that was the start of a lovely friendship which later turns into the most beautiful relationship.

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Requested by the Anon whose request didn’t show up in my askbox. I’m really sorry that some of your requests aren’t showing, but I’m pretty sure they’re there, the counter shows way more messages than the displayed ones.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the request (:

“Why does it have to be me accompanying you? Couldn’t you have picked someone else?” Stiles whined while you held his upper arm with excitement for tonight’s basketball game.

“Oh, shush!” You squeezed his upper arm slightly, your eyes looking up at him with a scowl. “Just because you love lacrosse doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other sports too. Besides, we’re here to cheer for Derek. It’s been tough for him lately, and basketball seems to make him feel better.” You finally entered the gym, spotting the rest of the pack with two saved stands for you and Stiles. “Oh, and I did invite the rest of the pack.”

You greeted your friends when you sat in your seat and looked at the time on your phone, the game should start in a couple of minutes. Derek was with his team on the court, giving you a small smile that made your hear flutter and your cheeks become rosy. You turned to Stiles and sighed nervously. “I know I said we’re here for Der, but I have no idea how basketball works.”

Stiles stared at you blankly for a moment, before raising his right eyebrow and lowering just as quickly. “Okay, it’s quite simple: you take the ball and try to make a basket.” Your forehead wrinkled at his words, but then he explained it better. “The game begins with one player from either team at center court. A referee will toss the ball up between the two. The player that gets his hands on the ball will tip it to a teammate. This is called a tip-off.”

Derek was preparing with his team to start the game and stood at center court, ready to tip-off, but his gaze turned to you talking with Stiles. You were feeling hot with your jacket on and you hair down, so you removed it while Stiles was still explaining the rules of the game, Derek’s cheeks heating up as he saw you wearing a tight tank top.

“Focus, Hale!” Yelled his coach when he noticed his best player being distracted.

“Okay, so Derek is a center.” You said while pulling back your hair and tying it tightly in a high ponytail, feeling relieved that fresh air was cooling the skin around your neck.

“What the hell, Hale?!” The coach yelled again, angrily, when Derek didn’t tip-off the ball first.

The way your fingers were combing through your locks, pulling up loose strands and the ponytail swaying to the sides… These simple movement gave Derek goosebumps, his eyes entirely captivated by you, making him feel as if everything around him was in slow-motion, but it wasn’t, and he snapped out of his trance when he head his coach whistle at him, shouting for him to start playing instead of slacking off on the court.

Scott smirked and turned to you. “Guess, you make him nervous.”

“What- What do you mean?” You questioned, only to turn your head to Derek and him quickly moving to play the game, but his eyes would find you from time to time.

His team would win this game, and Derek was going to win for you.

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Teen Wolf S6 Plot Holes

Things that would happen since Peter Hale is erased but didn’t:

1. Paige would be alive
2. Derek wouldn’t have killed Paige leading him to never have blue eyes
3. Laura Hale would be alive
4. Scott McCall wouldn’t be a werewolf
5. Lydia wouldn’t be a Banshee
6. Malia would never have been born
7. Allison would currently be alive since Scott was never turned
8. Peter was the benefactor, so season 4 doesn’t exist
9. Kate Argent would never have been turned
10. Peters ultimate goal was to make Beacon Hills into a supernatural sanctum where he can control the supernatural world. So…yeah none of that.
11. Where’s Jackson then?


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Request: Hiya!!! So this might be a really weird request, but could you do an imagine where you’re dating young Derek and one night you’re in the gym waiting for the Basketball game (His game) to start and you decided to put your hair up and he gets distracted watching you because he finds it captivating?

Pairing: Young Derek Hale x Reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

       The boys were running drills in the gym. You had just sat down with your best friend, Paige. You both were waiting for the game to start which took forever because the other team hasn’t arrived yet. Tugging on the end of her sweater, you look around and try to find Derek. Your eyes search the entire gym until you find him doing passing drills with his teammates. “You excited?”,Paige asks as she bumps you. “Nervous. Derek’s was really broken up about the last game they had where they lost sooo…”, you answered looking down. Paige pats you on the shoulder and gives a warm smile. “They’re gonna do great.” A couple minutes later, Coach gives the boys a break to get some water. Derek approaches the bleachers while you immediately walk up to him.

      “Hey,babe.”, he greets. “Hey.”,you say as you rush him into a quick kiss. As you break away, you can already sense that Derek is getting discouraged about the game afraid that won’t be able to win it. He looks down.

      “Hey look at me.”, you assure letting his chin with your finger. “You’re going to great, okay. I know you, Derek, and everything you do you put your heart into it especially with basketball.”

        This little pep talk of yours seems to brighten his spirits because a smile breaks out on his face. He looks up at you with the most considerate eyes. “What I do without you?”, he says. A piercing whistle sound rips through the gym. Derek gives you a quick kiss and joggs to the middle of the gym. As he jogs, you yell, “Hey Hale!”. His attention is geared towards you as you finish your statement, “Go kick some ass!”.

      The game starts and it’s intense. The points keep climbing. If one team scores one point, the other team succeeds them with one point too. It’s making you nervous and when get nervous, you sweat. To avoid being a complete hot sweaty mess, you put your hair up in a makeshift bun. 

      Derek stands the free throw line dribbling the ball back and forth in his hand. Pressure’s on. He takes a look around the room and stops when he finds you. And then he stops. All motion. The ball stays in his hand while he just looks at you with a look you’ve never seen before. The ref is getting annoyed with all the time that the Hale boy is taking up so he blows the whistle. The sound wakes Derek out of his gaze and he immediately makes the shot. The ball is in the air. It rolls around the rim and finally…makes it in! You cheer along with crowd and the game continues.

       They won. Took a long amount of grueling effort, but they won. You see Derek talking with his teammates, probably congratulating them on the win. You surprise him when you wrap your arms around him and say great job. The other teammates leave you too alone and Derek turns to look at you.

      “What’d I tell you?”, you tease as he giggles a bit. “Yeah, whatever.”, he retorts. A silent pause reveals an obvious tension between the two of you.

“So what happened out there with your free throw?”, you ask curiously.

       “Ummm…welllll….about that..”, he mumbles as he scratches the back of his neck. He becomes completely flustered and looks down.

        “You distracted me.”, he admits. You look at him surprised. “What?”, you say shocked with a grin. “You.With your..your hair.”

“My hair?”

“Yeah..I’ve never seen it up’s nice.”

“Well, I’ll have to put more then.”, you say pulling Derek into a kiss.

I Hate U, I Love U (Young!Derek Hale x Reader) Part 2

I hate you I love you
I hate that I love you
Don’t want to, but I can’t put
Nobody else above you

You tried to avoid Derek for the next few days to give yourself more time to gather your thoughts to figure out what you wanted to do. Sadly, that was harder than you thought. Whether it was because you were both in the same pack or werewolves just could sense others more easily, he somehow managed to find you even when you tried to sneak away.

Heading deeper into the Beacon Hills Reserve, you inhaled deeply to make sure you were alone for now. Besides the fact that you could faintly hear the Hale House in the distance, you knew no one would come this far out.

Especially since Talia had warned everyone to stay away since there was an incident with the other visiting packs and hunters. 

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Beautiful - Young Derek Hale imagine

Plot: Based off of the scene in 4x02

[A/n]: This isn’t a request, but I thought this was a cute imagine, I guess. I love young Derek, and to be honest, there’s not enough of him in the world. Also, the whole dad/Agent McCall/Rafael thing is pretty confusing.

Word count: 700+

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