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Can you imagine how different (and better) Teen Wolf would have been if it had been Derek’s story? 

Just imagine that Teen Wolf was a series about Derek, starting from when he’s a young teenager trying to deal with his powers, wanting to learn the way his mother and Laura did but eventually having to rely on Peter’s manipulative teachings to twist his emotions. Imagine getting the full story of him falling in love with Paige and then losing her.

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Imagine the story of him living every day in fear of hunters, constantly watching his back because everyone knows who the Hales are, but he knows no-one.

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Imagine the full story of Kate abusing him - no brushing over it, but giving the abuse the attention it needs and showing people its not okay, not sexualising it by having Tyler stripped bare and chained up but showing that he was sixteen or seventeen years old when Kate started abusing him.

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Imagine getting the full story of the Hale house fire and all the emotions that come from it. Imagine Derek feeling so alone, knowing that he only has a comatose uncle and Laura left. Imagine seeing Derek’s reaction when he finds out that Laura was torn in two by his uncle.

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Imagine him spending years on the run and hiding away int he ruins of his old family home as he tries to hold onto the memories of his family while fearing that every firework or poacher’s rifle could be a hunter coming after him.

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Imagine getting his side of the story when it comes to Scott being a bloody idiot: ignoring his advice and dating an Argent.

Imagine seeing his perspective as he falls for Stiles and finally reaches a point where he feels comfortable and safe enough that he can open up to someone and let himself love again.

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Imagine everything that could have been and cry.

Derek Hale Imagine

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Imagine finding out about Derek being your mate

Strangely it wasn’t the usual cliche when a bad guy was spilling the beans, ultimately changing your life altogether. Because in the end it was Peter Hale who was blurting the big secret out. 

You both were bent over the many open books spread on the table in the living room of the loft. There was a new threat on the horizon and this already felt like the usual go-to strategy. Lydia and Stiles decided to do their own research at his place.

Since you were little you used to hang out with the Hale boys, feeling like you three were a close-knit group, even when you were all teenagers. 

Of course you couldn’t help it sometimes that you felt something more than friendship towards Derek. Maybe you were a masochist, when it was clear that the brooding Hale sibling only saw you as his best friend or probably even his sister.

A glance at the clock made you nervous as you thought about Derek tracking the creature’s footprints in the woods. “When was Derek supposed to come back again?”

You could literally feel Peter roll his eyes in aggravation behind you. “Don’t worry. If anything Derek would never do us the favor to get himself killed,” he said monotonously. You sent him a lazy glare, already used to Peter’s antics, which he ignored. “Besides, you’d feel it when something was wrong.”

He was so deeply immersed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice what he was saying.


“Because you’re his mate - oh shit.” His head whipped in her direction, his hands covered his mouth like he just uttered a big secret.

“What did you just say?!”


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pairing: reader x young derek hale.

summary: in which derek does everything in his capability to protect you from kate.

warnings: violence.

song inspiration: moondust → jaymes young.

HE’S GOT electric blue eyes and a sculpted face. 

Derek Hale would do anything to make sure you were safe, even if it meant sacrificing his own existence.

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Boyfriend material

Not requested.

A/N: so this is my first Derek Hale imagine!:D Thanks to my friend @oneprettygryffindor for this idea and for helping me write it :D

Words: about 1.200
Warnings: cursing.
Pairing: (Young) Derek Hale x reader
Summary: Derek gets turned into his younger self and you need to watch him.

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