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List of Important Steve/Tony Moments in Avengers Assemble - S02

2x01 The Arsenal
Tony makes a robotic friend, a would-be present from Howard that ended up absorbing gamma radiation in some random town in Russia.
There’s a scene like the one in S1 opener of Tony observing his teammates on his screens.
Steve uses the Power Gem, it looks pretty cool. He screams a lot too (if you’re into that).

2x02 Thanos Rising
Contains the team’s first clash with Thanos. Arsenal gets destroyed.
Not much Steve/Tony though.

2x03 Vallhalla Can Wait
This one has the team on a late night talk show at the beginning of the episode. Both Steve and Tony are super cute in their segments.
But this is mostly a Loki vs. Thor episode. With a pretty cool bone monster on a rampage through NY, if you like those.

2x04 Ghosts of the Past
This one has Winter Soldier zapping everyone in the Tower.
Cap is angsty about taking on a young apprentice (Sam) because of what happened to the last one. Tony offers some helpful advice (like a good husband he is).
Cute Tony/Guacamole moments.

2x05 Beneath the Surface
This episode is beloved by Clintasha fans. It has them play a couple on a cruise, in normal clothing (I’d effing kill for a Stony episode like that! js).
Some footage of Tony in his lab, trying to revive Arsenal. Later they fight giant robots on a rampage through NY.
Cap looks great in his diving gear, that’s a plus.

2x06 Nighthawk
Nighthawk turns Tony’s arc reactor into an electromagnet strong enough to attract a table, could be useful for for h/c vids.
Steve gets trapped in a bubble.
A couple of moments where Steve and Tony act like team dads, this time for Sam.

2x07 The Age of Tony Stark
This one has Tony de-aging into a child and Steve staying behind to help (and not at all because in sickness and health does cover de-agings :P)
So many cute young!Tony scenes.
Some triceratops trample Cap, interesting visually.
End scene for young!Tony where he and Steve hug and Tony finally takes the Time Stone out of his arc reactor is one of the most beautiful precious Stony moments this show has blessed us with. It really has to be seen to be believed.
In the end Tony plays with Steve’s shield and they live happily ever after.

2x08 Head to Head
This one has a well known scene in which Steve carries Tony (in Iron Man suit!) on his shoulders, while running and throwing his shield about, and Tony exclaiming that it’s impressing even to him.
Cap gets to ride Tony’s body for a day. They all switch bodies. There’s a reason people think this show’s been taking their plot ideas from fanfic lol.

2x09 The Dark Avengers
This episode has the Avengers in a flipped reality, courtesy of Squadron Supreme (if you don’t know, in short, they’re Marvel’s evil Justice League)
Tony wears a black and gold armor and looks great in it
Cap’s new identity is The Captain
This episode is famous for the scene in which Tony catches Steve as he’s falling down a building (Hyperion’s doing) and it looks a bit… A LOT gay what with Iron Man’s hands around Cap’s torso and his crotch, well, let’s not go further.
Very important episode that shows Avengers as bad supervillains because of their internal moral compass that survives even a reality flip.

2x10 Back to the Learning Hall
This one has mostly Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye being bros and defeating Loki.
Tony has one great moment though, he straps Thor’s pet bilgesnipe Bilgy to Natasha’s flying car and makes it chase a Mjolnir hologram so they can get into Asgard. Someone watched way too many Christmas movies hahah.

2x11 Downgraded
It’s mostly about Hawkeye and Falcon who end up in Vanaheim and have to find their way back to Earth without electricity.
There’s one important Steve/Tony moment, the one where Steve gallops to Tony on a horse called Snowball that, by Steve’s own words is not a pony but a stallion. (There’s a joke in there somewhere, I’m sure of it!). It can be used for all sorts of vids imo.

2x12 Widow’s Run
This one is mostly about Widow trying to hide the Infinity Gems.
There’s one moment where Tony looks angry, at the beginning, because the Gems are affecting him, and there’s also a short animation of what he’d do if he used them, it looks cool.

2x13 Thanos Triumphant
This is a team episode, Avengers vs. Thanos. Has ageing up, everyone baiting Thanos, cool robo suits, but not much Steve/Tony one on one interaction.
Ultron returns in this episode.

2x14 Crack in the System
Ultron is back and his plan is to divide the Avengers, starting with Steve and Tony.
This one has Tony with a flower necklace thing. Super cute! And he offers Steve a double cheeseburger from his glass (idk either).
Steve leaves the Avengers at the end after some harsh words are exchanged between him and Tony.
Great visuals of Steve returning the Avengers card and walking away with his back straight, to the sound of mutual heartbreak (I’m mostly joking, but then again, I’m not).
In my opinion 2x14-2x18 should be watched and rewatched and studied because, in addition to showing why Avengers work best as a team, they reveal the limits of Steve/Tony relationship and how they mutually expand those limits because THEY LIKE EACH OTHER THAT MUCH!

2x15 Avengers Disassembled
This is the episode in which the team is further divided, with Widow, Falcon and Hulk choosing Cap dad and Hawkeye and Thor choosing Tony dad.
The upside of this drama is, Steve looks hot in his Commander uniform.
Also, this is the episode where Tony replaces Cap with Spider-man. His explanation for this is that Ultron-Adaptoid doesn’t know his attacks so he can’t adapt but I think it’s obvious he wants to piss Cap off.
The team splits in the end after Tony busts up all his suits as well as the Avengers Tower.

2x16 Small Time Heroes
Ant-Man becomes a Tonyvenger. This episode is a bit gross because it has Tony’s team enter MODOK’s ear cavity and then his brain.
It also has some cool scenes of Tony being a failboat.

2x17 Secret Avengers
This one has Capvengers go to Russia. No Steve/Tony interactions, can be skipped.
At the end of this episode though, Fury wants Capvengers to arrest Tonyvengers. There’s a moment where Cap looks at a picture of Iron Man that could be useful for vidding.

2x18 The Ultron Outbreak
This one is a M U S T! So much Steve/Tony it’s like Christmas!
They save one another. They chase after one another. They bicker like old couple who missed each other way more than they’d ever admit in public which means they must DO THE OPPOSITE AND BE SALTY! Until Tony is about to risk his life once more (this time by launching himself into Sun, gosh the drama in this relationship…) and till death do them part aspect becomes too real.
Seriously, this one has everything!

2x19 The New Guy
This one has a very important scene of Steve painting one of his husband’s near untimely demises (mentioned it in S1 list, the end scene from 1x01). In the background there are pics of other Avengers, but only Tony gets 2. And one of those has him smiling with a cup of coffee in his hand. If you read even 1 Stony fanfic in your life you know the special use for that painting. :PP
Other than that this is mostly a Hawkeye/Ant-Man budding bromance episode. But there’s a potentially useful tied-to-a-tree Cap moment in it too.

2x20 Terminal Velocity
This one has a few tiny blink and miss them moments (one of them is acting like dads at Hulk this time). It’s mostly a Hulk episode.

2x21 Spectrums
The Dr. Spectrum episode. It’s known for the scene in which Tony saves Cap in a very suggestive way, he grabs Steve’s torso from behind and has them landing on a road side to side and panting. It also has hand-holding/flying just before that.
Thor, Steve and Tony face their demons. Tony admits he too makes mistakes.

2x22 Midgard Crisis
This is mostly a Thor episode. He almost becomes buddies with Zarda (Squadron Supereme’s evil Wonder Woman) which hurts Hulk’s feelings a bit, especially when they start making waves while sparring because that’s THEIR thing and how dare Thor?
It has a cute scene with a bunny on Iron Man’s head. It can be incorporated into a fairy tale vid. Something I’d like to exist very much.

2x23 Avengers’ Last Stand
This one has Steve and Tony captured while on a diving expedition. Very few scenes but they do look cool, because they’re under the sea.

2x24 Avengers Underground
Squadron become global dictators. This episode has a cool scene of Steve using Dr Spectrum’s prism to change the color of sunlight. And even though it doesn’t have much Steve/Tony one on one interactions it should be watched because episodes like this one show why Avengers are best when together.

2x25 New Frontiers
This one is known for Steve and Tony in Space, admiring Earth and space respectively.
They end up on some random planet and fight Thanos and his goons.
There are small moments of Steve and Tony touching, Tony saving Steve from space vacuum, etc.

2x26 Avengers World
This one has the final scene that looked a lot like the infamous scene in the comics Avengers where Tony made this map of Avengers and called it Avengers World but later that turned out to be a lie of sorts… So people were like “Oh, no!” Luckily nothing came of it. No Incursions for AA!verse. Phew!
Tony uses a Jaeger-like mega robot to fight Thanos (and I can’t believe the writers couldn’t find an excuse to have both Steve and Tony pilot it! What a missed opportunity!). Looks very cool anyway.
There’s a scene in which Tony offers Steve some cake from his own plate which I loved so much I giffed it myself. It looks very good and could be used with other mentioned scenes where Steve and Tony stealthily (or not) try to feed each other.

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As always, if you think moments got omitted, feel free to send a message or reply to this post.

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