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Too Young - Spencer Reid

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hello!! this blurb is inspired by Too Young by Post Malone :) gif isn’t mine but it gives me heart palpitations.


warnings: death, being shot, stress, guilt

word count:  1,778

Spencer Reid stood next to you, his coworker and best friend, during the plot the two of you had. You were holding his arm tightly, constantly looking down at the skirt of your long dress to be sure that you weren’t going to trip on it.

The two of you were at the Mayor’s Ball, which was held every year for the small island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, where there has also been a series of single shootings at multiple events throughout the island.  The councilmen of the island had thought about cancelling the event, but you all knew better.  It was the perfect event to attend as if it were normal, to get the unsub.  There was a gun strapped to your ankle, and a tiny one in your clutch, and you were nervous as all hell.  

Your “date” was gorgeous, and it made a longing feeling in the pit of your stomach form.  Spencer was your boyfriend, and no one on the team new of this except the two of you.  They all assumed for you two to be best friends, always together when outside of work, able to hold up intellectual conversations without skipping a beat, but little did they know of the life the two of you truly had.  

It was so far progressed that you had moved in with Spencer many months before, and kept your previous address on file at Quantico to keep suspicions from building.  

The thought of being able to be around your friends and showing affection to Spencer made you upset.  Both of you knew it was for the better that no one knew of the relationship, but it was still difficult for you to hide.  You were so proud to be with Spencer, but you were simply unable to show it.  

The two of you walked to the bar, where you ordered wine, and Spencer a gin and tonic as your eyes scanned the crowd.  You wore a red sequin dress that fell down your body beautifully and your hair was curled to perfection by none other than Jennifer Jareau, another close friend of yours.  

“You look absolutely breathtaking.” Spencer leaned down and murmured in your ear, and his long hair tickled your neck.  

A blush as red as your dress formed on your face as you smiled shyly up to him.  “Focus, my love.”  You murmured back just as quietly and sipped your wine.  Spencer hummed and looked out into the large crowd of the venue.  

A moment of silence between the two of you started as you focused on the crowd, looking for anyone that could possibly be of question.  You hadn’t noticed Spencer’s eyes on you until you looked up at him, about to ask a question.  “It is so hard to focus when there is someone as beautiful as you standing next to me.”  Spencer murmured and smiled lightly as his hand brushed against the bare skin of your arm.  

You smiled, and the two of you turned back to the crowd.  “Maybe, after we catch this unsub, the two of you can return to the hotel, and you can join me in my room tonight?”  You murmured to him as your cheeks were blazoned red.  

Spencer smiled without looking at you, but before he could reply, a loud, clear gunshot rung throughout the ballroom.  Spencer drew his gun in an instant, scanning the crowd for the perpetrator.  What he didn’t notice was your face falling, as the deep, dark red color leaking from your stomach.  Your hand went to it slowly, and your vision became blurry as you pulled it away and looked at your blood covered hand.  

“Spencer,” you whispered among the screams as you fell to the floor, slipping in and out of consciousness.  

The team, from various posts around the venue, chased after the unsub as he ran from the building.  Spencer noticed you fell, and his breath hitched in his throat as he looked at you on the floor.  “She’s down, (Y/N) was hit!”  Spencer screamed into his small microphone on his collar as he kneed down, taking you into his arms quickly.   “I need a medic!”  He screamed and began running with you, out of the building, towards the flashing lights of the security and police vehicles outside of the building.  “I need an ambulance!”  He screamed with all of his might as one pulled to s stop with a screeching of the tires.  

Officers ushered guests from the building, making it difficult for Spencer to weave through the crowd.  “Get out of my way!”  He yelled desperately, carrying your bloody and limp body.  

“Spencer,”  you murmured again, and your eyes fluttered open.  “I don’t want to die too young.”  You told him as medics quickly took you from his arms.  

“You won’t!”  Spencer cried as his entire body shook.  He loved you with all he had and he felt numb about the entire situation.  He was right there, he could have saved you, but didn’t.  He hadn’t even seen it coming, and it ached to know this.  

Spencer moved to climb in the ambulance, but personnel stopped him.  “Only family.”  They ordered.  

“I am her boyfriend!”  Spencer cried.  

The person shook their head and closed the door, and the ambulance sped off as quick as it came.  He stood there, frozen as the commotion gathering around him, but he couldn’t move.  He was numb, watching your ambulance rush away, down the street and turning quickly.  

“I will drive you to the hospital, Spence.”  JJ said softly over the commotion. 

Spencer turned, a desparate look on his face, but nodded.  The two of them ran towards the car and climbed in, turning the siren on as the zipped through the streets.  Spencer was silent as tears fell from his eyes quickly, in a steady pace.  

‘He’s dead.”  JJ said after many moments of silence.  Spencer nodded, solemnly.  JJ frowned.  “She will be okay, Spencer.  (Y/N) is always okay.” Se reassured and gave him a faint, broken smile.  

Spencer slammed his hands on the dashboard.  “You didn’t see her!”  He cried.  “You didn’t see her like I did.  She was so hurt, so gone.” He hissed, angry for no reason.  JJ stared at him, unamused.  “I’m sorry.”  He murmured upon seeing her face.  

JJ nodded. “I understand.  If Will was hurt, I would be upset too.”  She told him with a frown.  “Why didn’t either of you tell us?”  She asked him quietly, almost hurt.  

With a guilt mind, Spencer shook his head.  “We thought it would best if we kept it to ourselves.”  He said weakly as JJ pulled into the emergency room parking lot.  

Spencer launched himself from the car as JJ dialed Hotch’s number.  Spencer ran into the emergency room, to the nurse’s station, and interrupted one of the nurse’s work.  “(Y/N) (Y/L/N).  Where is she?”  He asked quickly.  

The nurse typed it into the computer and frowned.  “In the operating room right now.  You are welcome to wait.”  She told him with a bitter sense in her voice. 

Stressed, Spencer ran his hands through his hair.  JJ entered quickly, her phone to her ear.  “Okay, I will tell him.”  She said and hung it up quickly.  “Spence.”  She murmured and he clasped his arms around her, sobbing against her.  “Hotch said the team will be here in only a few minutes.  She will be okay, Spencer.”  She repeated and led him to a row of benches, sitting him down.  

He sat with his head in his hands, trying to steady his breathing.  The team entered the emergency room quickly, looking as if they were performing a raid.  Once they spotted JJ with her arm around Spencer, they crowded around as well.  Spencer stood, trying to remain calm, but he failed as Emily Prentiss wrapped her arms around him quickly.  

Hotch watched with a pained look on his face.  “We think that he targeted her specifically.”  He told Spencer with a stony frown.  Spencer’s mouth fell open.  

“You need to understand that if we knew this, Spencer, we would not have ever let her go with you.”  David Rossi added quickly.  

Spencer rubbed his face.  “This is my fault.  This is all my fault.”  He hissed to himself and the tears commenced.  

“Kid, it is not your fault.  None of of knew that it was going to happen.”  Derek said quickly and put a hand on his shoulder.  

Spencer shook his head.  “It is my job to protect her, and I failed.”  He murmured and rubbed his eyes furiously.  

Hotch frowned.  “It is no more your job, than all of ours, Reid.  There is no reason to blame yourself.”  Hotch told him assertively, trying to make him feel less reasonable.  

“She is my girlfriend.  We have been together for over two years now, and it was my responsibility to protect her and I failed.”  Spencer admitted, hanging his head as he tried to hide the tears from his co-workers.  

A silence overcame the group as they took this information in, and JJ wrapped her arms around Spencer once more, trying to comfort him.  

“We had no idea.”  Rossi said softly as the group moved to a section of seating.  

Spencer nodded.  “That was our intention.” He murmured and the group was silent once more, at a loss for words.  There were no words that could fix how Spencer felt, besides the words from the doctor, who took over an hour to finally emerge, scanning the room.  

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”  He called, and Spencer stood immediately, walking briskly to the doctor, who was wiping his hands with a paper towel.  “The bullet shattered one of her ribs, which thankfully did not puncture her lung or her heart.  unfortunately, it did shred a part of her large intestine, which we had to remove.  She is expected to make a full recovery.”  The doctor explained quickly.  

A breath that Spencer didn’t realize he was holding slipped from his mouth as he ran his hands through his hair once more.  

“She’s going to be okay.”  Spencer repeated over and over as the group all smiled weakly.  

A feeling of relief passed through him, and he knew there was not going to be a time in the future where you were going to be on the job without a bullet proof vest.  He felt an even more advanced feeling of protectiveness wash over him, and he was grateful to know you would always let him do it.  

Pirate Diplomacy

A quick thing that I’m dedicating to @shoedonym, who had the idea of Killian threatening people while looking, well, like this.

It’s almost night time in Storybrooke. The hour between light and dark, where distances grow fuzzy and the eyes play tricks.

The thieving hour, it ought to be called. At least, in the opinion of a young criminal mastermind by the name of Jack Bradagan, who is probably given to more poetic flights of fancy than most thieves.

Storybrooke, he has discovered in the short time since he stumbled through a portal, is a very sleepy, unassuming town. The port is far less crowded than any he’s ever visited back home. In fact, at this hour, it’s all but deserted. There is no noise and light spilling from taverns beckoning sailors to drink and spend their coin, no brothel or loitering whore to be seen anywhere, no late-night gambling or merchant stalls.

He has his target. He has his crew. He also has a sword, and several knives hidden in strategic places upon his person. He takes a deep breath, then motions to the other four, and they make their way along the docks, to the lone sailing ship tied up at the pier. The Jolly Roger.

The gangplank is down. Jack leads the way up to the deck, almost giddy with excitement. The price he paid for the tip-off looks to have been worth it. It’s not nearly this easy to even board a ship back home.

“I don’t think you want to do that, mate,” says a man’s voice behind him. It’s a hard, world-weary sort of voice, a voice that has seen more than its share of thievery. It’s followed by a soft cooing sound that seems out of place. The voice goes on, “Turn around.”

Jack is already doing so. His heart is simultaneously somewhere around his knees, and trying to jump into his throat. He knows that voice, or rather, he knows what a voice like that means. It’s a voice used to giving orders. He’s heard it from many a captain, though never quite like this.

The man standing in front of him looks like he was made for thieving hour. He is dark-haired and dressed in shades of black and grey and navy, so that he seems to blend into the falling night, except for the pale skin of his face and hand. His one hand, which is currently holding a sword, the curved blade pointing at Jack. The other arm ends in a wicked curve of metal. More metal gleams at his belt: a strange-looking badge of some kind.

Strapped to his chest is a baby. Jack blinks, taken aback, but it is definitely a baby, cradled against the man’s chest, tiny hands flailing a little.

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Some doodles of my sona along with classic species discrimination :p Love my Fall Out Boy shirts! ^^

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Above The Law: How Canadian Police Are Rarely Held To Account When Accused Of Misconduct
Canadian police are rarely held to account when accused of breaking the law.
By Bruce Livesey


Like the United States, Canada has a poor track record of prosecuting police who break the law, despite the emergence in some provinces of agencies specifically designed to investigate police.

BuzzFeed News examined court records, data from police investigatory bodies, and media accounts, and spoke with experts, former police officers, victims, lawyers, and advocates and found that Canadian police who kill, wound, assault, allegedly plant evidence, or are found to have lied in court are rarely held to account. We found many examples of officers who were reprimanded by judges for fabricating testimony, or whose unethical conduct caused charges to be dismissed, and who went on to commit similar acts — and even be promoted.

“It’s like Groundhog Day,” said André Marin, a former Ontario Ombudsman and former head of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), an agency that investigates police in Ontario when they cause injury. “When there is a [police] shooting, everybody freaks out, ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,’ and nothing seems to happen.”

Alan Young, a criminal law professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, agrees. “Basically when it comes to accountability for misconduct, police get a free pass,” he said. “It’s always been that way and it will probably continue that way until somebody wants to champion the issue of police accountability.”

One significant challenge in evaluating the accountability of police in Canada is that no nationwide data exists that accurately tracks how many police officers are accused or investigated for misconduct, what happens when they are investigated, how often they are prosecuted or cleared, and which offenses they are most often accused of committing. But the few statistics that do exist on police accountability paint a bleak picture.

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Meeting the Gallagher’s (Carl Imagine)

“My family is fucked up.” Carl reminded you for what feels like the thousandth time.
You rolled your eyes and laughed kissing him quickly as you walked down the street towards his house “Remind me… who doesn’t have a fucked up family?” you asked and raised an eyebrow.
Carl nodded “But you haven’t met Frank yet.” he reminded and you took a moment to think of who Frank was exactly. Carl had a huge family; it was hard to keep up with the stories he would tell about them. You two had only been dating for about two or three weeks so you were kind of trying to figure each other out. It was one of those relationships that clicked. Your friends introduced you and within a hour you were hooking up and within the week you were dating. It was new and exiting and just felt good.
“Oh! You’re Dad, are you two alike?” you asked, curiously trying to remember stories Carl had told about him.
Carl let out a breathy laugh and shook his head “If I am ever like Frank Gallagher, beat the shit out of me.” he said. “Anyways, I wouldn’t get your hopes up on meeting him. He is either everywhere you turn or nowhere to be found.”
“Got it. At least I already know Debs.” You said and it was true. You two had met in passing and you got along well enough. As you were planning what to say when you saw Deb, Carl stopped in front of a house and nodded. “This is it.” he said and you nodded.
“Sweet.” You said before walking into the gate without getting permission from Carl. Carl scoffed and followed after you.
You opened the front door and immediately saw the man passed out on the floor. “That is Frank.” Carl said and led you farther inside as you looked around.
“Aw you look alike.” You cooed and Carl groaned “Shut up.” he said.
You didn’t have long to process what was happening before two boys had a choke hold on Carl.
“Well look who it is.” the ginger one said.
The other one smirked and gave Carl a noogie before turning to you and sticking out a hand “Lip.” he said and you shook his head and the ginger nodded towards you “Ian.” he said.
“Oh hey I’m…” you started before getting cut off by and girl in her late 20s.
“We know. Carl sprang it on us last night that he has a girl and was bringing her around. I swear one day he’s going to just show up married with a couple kids.” she joked. “I’m Fiona.” she said and hugged you.
You heard footsteps coming down the stairs and you looked over and saw Deb walking down with who you assumed was Liam, the only sibling you were able to identify by name. “Hey good to see you again!” Deb said.

About a hour later you were in the kitchen with all them, eating dinner with the neighbors Kevin and Veronica who Carl told you were pretty much family too.
“Please tell us you don’t have a criminal record.” Kevin said. “We can’t have another young criminals on our hands.”
You laughed and shook your head “Surprisingly no. My mom is screwing a cop so they don’t really mess with me.” you admitted.
Ian raised an eyebrow “Shut up! When Fiona screwed a cop Lip and I were arrested!” he exclaimed and him and Lip immediately began rambling about their adventures in jail.
The laughs quickly quieted however when Frank stumbled into the kitchen and sat in a chair, taking a sip from a beer that was sitting on the table. It was silent for a moment before he looked at you and took a second before saying “Who the hell are you.”
“My girl.” Carl told his dad and Frank raised his eyebrows and nodded.
“Nice catch. Wouldn’t mind fucking her myself.” he said.
Fiona groaned “Oh come on Frank!” she yelled while Lip added “You’re such a fucking pervert.” and Ian contributed an annoyed “You just have to make things weird don’t you.” but Carl looked at you and shrugged.
“I guess my dad and I have the same taste in girls.” he said and smirked, winking at you. “But only one of us can screw you.”
You laughed and squeezed his thigh “Well one of you already has and I would like to keep it that way.” you said.

When will my fave TV show return?

THE CBS EDITION for 2017/2018 fall season: 

  • “Criminal Minds” - Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 10PM (S13 premiere, ep 13x01) 
  • “NCIS:LA” - Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at 9:30PM (S9 premiere, ep 9x01) 
  • “Scorpion” - Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 10PM (S4 premiere , ep 4x01) 
  • “TBBT” -  Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 8PM (S11 premiere, ep 11x01)
  • “Young Sheldon” -  Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 8:30PM (S1 premiere, ep 1x01) 

EXTRA: “Scorpion” Halloween episode, episode 4x0? will air Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 10PM #postfootballseasonlineup 

EXTRA 2: “TBBT” (8PM) & “Young Sheldon” (8:30PM) move to their regular time-slot, on Thursday nights on Nov 2nd, 2017 

EXTRA 3: “Elementary” returns mid-season (exact date and time TBD/revealed later, but some time between November 2017 and February 2018, most likely in December) 


Mondays (possible “Scorpion” S4A episode air dates)

  • September: 25th*
  • October: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th* 
  • November: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
  • December: 4th, 11th, 18th

* the dates in bold (Sept 25th & Oct 30th) are confirmed weeks with new episodes airing. Whether we have a new episode every week/Monday and/or when are the few hiatus weeks…is yet to be revealed. 

I predict one week with no new ep in November, and possibly one week without a new episode in October. And either no breaks or one week with no new ep in December. The season premiere is on Sept 25th, the Halloween ep airs on Oct 30th & the Xmas ep/winter finale most likely on Dec 18th. With the premiere being Sept 25th & Xmas ep airing either Dec 11th or 18th, then if they plan to show 11-12 eps before Xmas break that means maximum 1-2 weeks with no new eps during season 4A… cause that’s 13 Mondays…for 11-12 episodes. 

Leaving much more breaks for season 4B, which most likely starts on Monday, January 8th, 2018 (because 1st Monday of the year is January 1st, and I’m not sure they’ll air a new ep on new-years-day. And if we assume the season finale air early/mid-May, meaning May 7th or May 14th, that gives us 18-19 Mondays for 12-13 episodes (depending on how many eps  the season has, but most likely the usual 24 eps), meaning there’ll be at least one hiatus week each month during S4B. We have to prepare for 6 weeks with no new eps… during 4 months. Those breaks will most likely be: one in Jan, one in Feb, 2 in March and April/May… 

Source: TV Line (click to see full list)