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When Adrianne Reynolds was 16-years-old, she left her hometown of Kilgore, Texas, to live with her father and his wife in East Moline, Illinois. Once there, she enrolled in Black Hawk College Outreach Center. She dreamed of earning her GED and joining the marines. Another dream of hers was to become a car designer or a singer; he had a phenomenal voice. It was here that she met Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory, both self-proclaimed juggalos.

Just a couple of months after joining the school, Adrianne asked Cory on a date. Despite the fact that Sarah had a boyfriend, Sean, this infuriated her. Cory was her friend and she didn’t want Adrienne “stealing” him. On the afternoon of 21 January, 2005, Sarah invited Adrienne to Taco Bell with her and Cory. At some point on the drive over, Adrienne and Sarah got into an altercation. As the rolled up to Taco Bell, Cory held Adrianne down while while Sarah beat her with a wooden handle that she kept in her car for protection and strangled her to death with her belt.

Following the murder, Sarah and Cory took her lifeless body to Sarah’s grandparents’ farm. Here, they attempted to set her on fire in the hopes that she would turn to ashes. When this failed, they contacted 16-year-old Nathan Gaudet and told him about their predicament. Nathan drove over to the farm, armed with a handsaw to dismember Adrianne before disposing of her remains in a manhole. A couple of days later, she was found and it wouldn’t be long until Cory’s conscience got the better of him and he confessed.

Both Sarah and Cory were found guilty of first-degree murder. During testimony at trial, it was claimed that Sarah had a crush on Adrianne and acted out due to jealousy. Sarah received 53 years in prison while Cory received 40. During her trial, Sarah announced that she felt no guilt. Nathan was found guilty of concealment of a body and served 4 years in a juvenile centre. 4 years later, he died in a car crash.

Man Meets Woman

When Cory first met Topanga, he didn’t yet know
His initial exasperation would someday grow
Into the beautiful behemoth LOVE–
Where he used to ridicule, poke, and shove
It turned into hand-holding, hugs, and kisses…
Then in college, they became Mr. and Mrs.

When I first met you, I also couldn’t see
How much you’d someday come to matter to me.
I grew up with Cory and Topanga as the ideal,
But I took a step back to remember they’re not real–
Two characters created by writers like me,
Who know how to plan and plot a love story.

They may have a cute love story that blossomed in youth,
But our later-blooming one is rooted in the truth.

**the rights to the photo and characters from Boy Meets World belong to ABC

There’s a Farkle Under Your Bed (Riarkle Future One-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle (Main), Corpanga

Characters: (Main) Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, and Cory Matthews, (Supporting) Topanga Lawerence-Matthews and Auggie Matthews

Rating: T for compromising positions and some shirtlessness…? Idk…the making out got a little out of hand, honestly. Lolz.

Description: It turns out Cory Matthews has been chasing the wrong boy out of his daughter’s bay window for years. But, the real threat is now clear… Or at least pretty clearly hiding under the girl’s bed.

Author’s Note: So, technically, this one-shot is a part of my canon future Riarkle one-shot collection. If you want, read the other pieces in that collection, if not… High school Riarkle is still always cute, am I right? Also, there isn’t any sex, but for real, this is an intense make out scene, so be aware because I don’t want to offend!

Riley felt absolutely lightheaded by the time her back connected with her mattress. Had she not already been utterly breathless, the landing might have knocked the air from her lungs.

Reaching up, she frantically pulled the boy hovering over her closer, drawing him in for another kiss between gasps for oxygen. Ironically, her radio, which she’d turned up to cover up any noises that might be made, played Into You by Ariana Grande at near full volume just as her boyfriend ducked his head to begin kissing a trail from her jaw to where her pulse beat erratically on her neck.

She shrieked before peeling into giggles as he nibbled that one spot that he knew damn well was ticklish.

Breaking from her skin to laugh, Farkle hushed her, “Quiet! Remember?”

Riley replied with only a whine, pulling his lips back up to her’s. Farkle smirked into the kiss but didn’t whisper any more orders, keeping his mouth busy with much more pleasurable activities.

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You know what really hurts about the stars that died young? Like river Phoenix and Heath ledger and Kurt Cobain and cory Monteith? When you go to look them up on google images or whatever twenty years from now, it’s going to be the same pictures that would come up if you searched them today. Nothing new. And twenty years from now you won’t have to type “young cory Monteith” you won’t have to do that for any of them. Because we didn’t get to see river Phoenix older than 23 and Heath was gone before we saw everything he was capable of. God only knows how much more Heath had to offer the world. Type in “Kurt Cobain” ten years from now and it’ll be the same pictures and interviews that would have come up if you’d searched him ten years ago. you’ll still see the same Kurt, 27 years of age and younger. That goes for all of them.. And it breaks my heart that that’s all we got to see. All we will ever get to see.


Team Corypheus Fan Cast

Corypheus: Brian Cox || Calpernia: Rooney Mara || Raleigh Samson: Michiel Huisman || Gereon Alexius: Mark Strong || Felix Alexius: Rami Malek || Florianne de Chalons: Lucy Lawless || Livius Erimond: Jemaine Clement || Crassius Servis: Gael García Bernal || Denam: Michael Shannon

(Jemaine Clement fan cast by chupacabrasmustdie)