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It feels like a lot of young conservatives have accepted the idea of culture as the center of politics as much as a lot of young liberals have, and I’d like someone to wake me up from my soon-to-be-self-induced coma when that’s done with

Politics is about balance. If you’re anything like me, that means balancing your crippling anxiety about the state of civil liberties in the United States with your crushing cynicism about the odds of being able to do anything about it. While most of us are doing our civic duty by posting our opinions to Facebook, the way the Founding Fathers intended, some people are organizing a protest in Washington, D.C. It’s a lot like a comment thread, except with fewer people just there to play devil’s advocate. Though if you fly to D.C., book a hotel, and make up signs and chants just to play devil’s advocate, then props to you.

The protest is the Women’s March on Washington, taking place on January 21st, with sister protests all around the country. Despite my being a big ol libtard / feminazi / cuck / whatever the four young conservatives are calling us these days, I had a bit of an internal debate about going. Here’s why.

The Washington DC Women’s March Is Important, Here’s Why

Addiction (Jiyong-5)

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Genre: Smut , Angst

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You were a conservative young girl. Even more in Korea than you had been back home. But that night you had had one too many shots. When they said that no one drunk like Koreans you should’ve listened. While your friends were still pretty sober and giggling back in the booth, you found yourself dancing on stage in front of a crowd. Your hands were wrapped around a brassy pole while two other girls (who were just as or more drunk than you) were dancing beside you. All eyes were on you, you weren’t trying to be cocky or conceided. But you would have to be an idiot not to feel and see people eating you up with their eyes

You’d always been one to enjoy the show, but that night you were the one giving the show. Despite having a mental debate with yourself about your morals, you actually liked stepping out of the shadows. You liked catching every eye in the room. That was until from the multitude of people you saw, Jiyong. 

Just the sight of him made shivers run up your spine. Even though you were drunk off your ass you knew better than to allow him to see you up in a stage as a temp stripper. Knowing him, if you didn’t get off the stage in zero point five seconds, he would drag you off of it by your hair. You were drunk enough to actually like the idea. 

You shimmied your way through the crowd, elbowing people who didn’t let you through. It didn’t take you long to see where Jiyong was. He was already seated in the middle of a red leather booth. Three girls on either side of him desperately trying to catch his attention. You watched him generously giving each one of them what they wanted. He’d flash them one his devilish grin and shoot them a wink. Just the way his mouth moved when he spoke was enough to make any girl squeal. 

But you weren’t falling for his charms today. If you had been sober you would’ve probably shot Jiyong an angry look and spun on your heel’s immediately leaving the scene. But you were far beyond sober. You were wasted and couldn’t quite analyze your actions and what they would cause. You stepped between a grinding couple parting them by their shoulders. It didn’t take long for Jiyong to see you. Apart from you, being well -you. You were wearing a rose gold sequin dress that clung on to your curves. The flickering club lights made you look like you were some type of jewel. 

Jiyong’s attention was firmly fixed on you. You didn’t even have to speak to catch his eyes. But you were such an oblivious and naive girl that you had no clue that the older man was completey enticed and bewitched by you. Whatever you wanted he would give you without hesitation. You never noticed the effect you had on him. He was already attempting to make his way out of the booth to hug you, but you interrupted. 

“Wow, Jiyong-shi.” you spoke formally for some reason. It surprised both you and Jiyong, you’d never addressed him as that. He leaned in closer as if trying to hear you better. “I was fine with one,” you held up one finger than gestured to the rest of the girls sitting beside him. “but don’t you think six is a little too much? I mean you’re kinky but- really?” 

His expression darkened, not at all amused with what you had just said.  “Excuse me?” 

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I saw a little girl at church today with dyed pink hair and my mom teased me that it was probably my fault

listen up

This quarter I had the utmost pleasure of taking a class on democratic theory. For weeks we debated the importance of inclusiveness, the division of power, and the boundary of law. We discussed the role of the citizen, the role of the government, and how these two should ideally interact. We discussed in- group bias, and our inherent tendency as individuals to gravitate towards those whose opinions and beliefs align with our own. I learned the more that we polarize the more we put our society at danger for becoming groups of citizens at odds with one another. I learned the best discussions with the most effective outcomes are those of groups with different types of peoples, with different expertise, and different values. We gain nothing by listening to opinions that revalidate and reassure us that the opinion of our own is the best.

Tomi Lahren is a young female conservative who has gained rapid success and fame in the past year. She is well known for her political commentary on The Blaze, a conservative news network owned by Glenn Beck. This past week she was invited to voice her opinions and discuss her beliefs on The View. The View is commonly known as a discussion based talk show where women with liberal ideologies address current events, and debate relative issues. It is also known for being lighthearted, and for the purpose of entertainment.  

While on The View, Tomi Lahren was asked about her stance on abortion. She said she was pro-choice. Since then Tomi Lahren’s show on The Blaze has been suspended.

I am angry, I am disheartened, and most importantly I am disappointed. Tomi Lahren laid out her truth, and she has since been shunned for it. Tomi Lahren, the female conservative who rallied votes for Donald Trump, who publicly supported the second amendment, who stood up to Black Lives Matter, and who demanded those inciting violence to do away with their anger, has now been shunned by the party she wholeheartedly has supported for the past two years. For the past two years she has received death threats, she was told she was worthless, and she was thrown into the lion’s den of the liberal media, and she did it all to support the party she aligns with.

She shared one belief that does not align with a large percentage of Conservatives, and her own party kicked her to the curb. Are we to think this is right? Are we to think this is anyway to handle a disagreement? Are we to accept that when people do not share the same views as us they no longer hold value?

To Glenn Beck, I did not know The Blaze existed until Tomi Lahren came around. Do not take away her voice because in one instance you did not like the words that came from her mouth. Applaud her for her bravery thus far, agree to disagree, and then share your concerns. We gain nothing by refusing to listen, and we regress when we refuse to tolerate those whose views we find different from ourselves. The world is changing, progressing. The Republican Party is no longer the party of old, white men. You will need females, and you will need strong willed females, the likes of Tomi Lahren. Keep that in mind.

anonymous asked:

What's on opinion on getting freaky with boys you don't want to be serious with? Like I'm struggling between have fun n be wild when young but also stay conservative and save myself for my husband you feel?

mm i think do what u feel the most comfortable with and your sexual activity isnt to be decided by anyone else but if you’re asking my person opinion on casual sex i think i dont have any issues w it i endorse it

So the UK’s fucked.

The equivalent of the Republican Party just got announced as the exit poll winners for the 2015 election. The Conservatives are not as right wing as some Republicans, maybe more like a New York Republican, but still bad none the less. They cat benefit disabilities to pretty much unlivable amounts over the last 5 years, and around 60 people have died needlessly because of it.

They are planning to further privatize out NHS. America of all places knows how shitty that is for ordinary people. The NHS is probably the part of Britain that citizens are most proud of and grateful for.

They raised tuition fees from £3000 to £9000 for English citizens. That’s a huge fucking jump. 

The Tories have fucked over so many people over the past 5 years. This is really shitty for people. So many wanted them gone.

Fuck this.

i hope this whole thing makes tomi lahren realize that she’s nothing but a young female figurehead for conservatives, and that as soon she strays one inch from their rhetoric, she gets punished and denounced, because she’s not allowed to exist on a political spectrum

How to Make a Cropped Cardigan Look Cool

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We’ve covered the oversized coat trend and fawned over long, flowy dusters on our favorite bloggers, but we’d like to put our two cents in on a much different sweater style: the cropped cardigan. Before you shrug it off too conservative or young-looking, consider the variety of ways you can wear it to fit your individual style. Take a look at how some of our favorite celebrities wear theirs, like Sienna Miller and Ashley Olsen, get a feel for how it’s styled on the street and shop the best new styles below.

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Wear a sweet-looking cardigan as a shirt for a more grown-up feel, like style icon Ashley Olsen, and pair with boyish loose-fit jeans.

Seen on the Street

Balance a chunky cropped cardigan with a mini skirt for a taller silhouette, like Swedish model Hedvig Palm.

If you’re feeling gutsy, style a small cardigan over a cropped shirt to show a little skin, and let your pencil skirt sit a little lower on your hips.

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My favourite part about kids on facebook reposting from “young Conservative” groups is when they reminisce about the “good old days” that they weren’t even alive for.

Like hey bruh you’re aware the Andy Griffith Show wasn’t a documentary about American politics right?

To Young People Backing The Conservative Party

So we’ve got a Tory government, and I’m devastated.

Today I’ve been seeing statuses and tweets wishing that people would stop talking about the election, or telling us not to ‘feel down’. But we’re not talking about the World Cup here. The scores will affect all of us—and it’s going to be a nightmare for everyone except wealthy pensioners. Wait a minute, aren’t the majority of Conservative voters wealthy middle-aged men soon due to retire? Coincidence, hey?

The thing is, young people are also getting involved in Tory voting. Many of which are from middle-class backgrounds who look up to parents working in respected, high-earning jobs. Why did they choose Conservative? Because they’ve correlated the Tories with having a strong work ethic and being ambitious, and, in contrast, equated Labour to sitting on the couch with a bag of Doritos.  

And if you take a look at Britain’s media today, there’s no surprise that they do. The Royle Family, Benefit Street, Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps—I  know I see a Jeremy Kyle vine on my Facebook feed at least several times a day. This disgusting misrepresentation and mockery of the working class is fuelling the Tory votes.  

Another huge misconception is that those who ARE living comfortably do so purely on the grounds of intelligence and ability. After all, politicians, engineers and lawyers today once attended leading universities such Oxbridge, or other Red Brick universities, right? Put it this way: 45% of Oxford candidates come from private schools. Within the other 56%, there’ll be high percentage of students that attended grammar school. Private schools cost on average £12,000 a year per student. £12,000 a year is the current national minimum wage. Grammar schools don’t cost money and and are said to ‘help social mobility’—yet private tutoring does(which is often required to pass an entrance exam and can be needed throughout a person’s schooling to maintain the required academic standards). The bottom line is that living comfortably comes down to privilege, and the Tories want to keep it that way.

Do NOT confuse having a personal sense of work ethic with supporting the Conservative party. It’s not about how ambitious you are-it’s about who you want to help. If you want more afternoon tea for the wealthy whilst working-class families are going hungry, vote Conservative. If you’re concerned with giving the privileged more privilege and making it even more difficult for those in need, vote Conservative. If you want to prioritise the wealthy, living in a country that has 1 in 5 living under the poverty line, vote Conservative. 

Yes, people ARE ashamed to vote Tory—and it’s for good reason. 

This is a really useful article that shows what each party stands for, so you can see for yourself what the Conservatives have in mind. If you feel as if you’ve misvoted in this election, don’t make the same mistake in the next.–do-you-know-what-each-party-actually-stands-for-10227671.html

October 19 2015

As most you know the election is coming up very soon and on October 19, my work day starts at 5 am. This is when all the staff and volunteers are meeting up and getting ready for the day. Some of us are rallying throughout the city, others are taking part of get out the vote while some are staying at the office tallying and telling people where they can vote. Because we live on the east cost, (New Brunswick), our polls are the second group to close. If the Liberals get Atlantic Canada and Ontario but the NDP get Quebec, it will mean that everything is dependent on BC. This means we will be staying up until their votes comes in. Which is around midnight their time, 4 AM Atlantic time. I’m going to be up for over 24 hours.

So please Canadians, especially young Canadians. Don’t let everyone’s hard work go to waste by not voting. This is one of the most important elections Canada has ever seen and I want to see voter turn out, most importantly young voter turn out, like we’ve never seen before.

British Colombians, you will most likely have the power to chose who becomes the next Prime Minister of Canada. So choose wisely.

We need to show our current government that Canada can do so much better. That we are so much better than what we’ve become. Above all, we need to show the world that Canada is not the nation the Harper government has made it. Show the world that we are great.