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The new Young American Tracking Poll (YATP) is a first-of-its-kind quarterly survey and report that focuses on the opinions and behaviors of Americans between the ages 13 and 25 on topics in politics, policy, and civic engagement.

From its annual surveying of young Americans conducted since 2013, and TMI Strategy launched the YATP in order to elevate the voices of young people in discussions of national policies and priorities. The poll brings attention to the distinct ways young millennials and Gen Z participate in their civic communities, which often contrast from beliefs and actions found in the general adult population in America.

Most often, young people are defined as 18–29 and so thinly sampled that additional segmentation within the group is impossible. And for the voices of those under 18? Nothing.

Specifically, the YATP provides an alternative to the standard approaches taken by traditional polling towards young people. Most often, young people are defined as 18–29 and so thinly sampled that additional segmentation within the group is impossible. This approach mutes the nuances of youth experience and opinions. The circumstances of someone in her late teens are very different than someone in her late twenties. And even with more narrow age-bracketing, there are major differences between urban and rural youth, male and female, and so on.

And for the voices of those under 18? Nothing. Most national polls omit 13- to 18-year-olds entirely from sampling, thereby silencing millions of young people who disproportionately rely on and are impacted by policy decisions.

Summary of Key Findings

The YATP finds that young Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump and his policies. For all areas where a direct comparison is possible, youth disapproval of Trump exceeds that of the general population. Specifically, American youth disproportionately disagree with Trump’s actions regarding immigration and border security.

In the months since the election, young people significantly increased their participation in organized protests, their use of technology to take and promote positions on social issues, and their use of social networks to organize others to take action.

This strong disapproval of Trump corresponds with a perceptible increase in civic participation from young Americans. In the months since the election, young people significantly increased their participation in organized protests, their use of technology to take and promote positions on social issues, and their use of social networks to organize others to take action.

Self-identified young “liberals” — one third of all young people — are driving the increase in civic participation almost entirely. This group has been two to three times more likely to take action than self-identified “moderate” or “conservative” peers since the November election.

Additionally, across a broad set of issues and policy areas, America’s young people are increasingly taking sides. On nearly every issue/policy asked about in the YATP, the percent of young people with no opinion decreased following the election.

The biggest gains in agreement went almost exclusively towards traditionally liberal positions. On topics ranging from climate change, to immigration reform, to the legalization of marijuana, a new consensus is forming among young Americans.

On topics ranging from climate change, to immigration reform, to the legalization of marijuana, a new consensus is forming among young Americans.

On several issues and policy areas, young liberals diverge from young moderates and young conservatives. The Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and identification with feminism are resoundingly unpopular with young moderates and young conservatives but are popular with young liberals. On issues of religion and security, young moderates and young conservatives are noticeably more skeptical of refugees and concerned by terrorism than are their young liberal peers.

In this report, we’ll take a deep dive into:

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Prince Harry hosted former President Barack Obama today at Kensington Palace.  They discussed support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people and the work of their respective foundations. Barack Obama  also offered his condolences to the victims of the Manchester attack and support for those recovering from injuries.


The Apollo 11 command module, which took the first moonwalkers to lunar orbit and back in 1969, is undergoing a painstaking restoration, in preparation for an unusual national tour later this year.

Until recently, the capsule sat in the main lobby of the National Air and Space Museum, where it had been since the museum opened in 1976. Conservator Lisa Young says that occasionally workers would open up its Plexiglas case to look it over or put in new lighting.

“But it never really went under a full examination or investigative analysis as to all of the certain materials on there, how stable they are,” says Young, who is working on the spacecraft now in a restoration hangar at the Smithsonian’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va., outside of Washington, D.C.

“Our big job as conservators right now is to figure out, if we are going to put it back on display permanently, what could be happening to it in 50 years,” says Young, who wants to prevent future deterioration.

Moonwalkers’ Apollo 11 Capsule Gets Needed Primping For Its Star Turn On Earth

Photos: Shelby Knowles/NPR and NASA/Getty Images

The “Pray for Betty White” movement is cute and all, but I think the person who really needs our prayers right now is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a liberal member of the United States Supreme Court. Being a Jewish woman and a big advocate for women’s rights, her presence on the Supreme Court has really helped American law move towards equality. For example, Ginsburg is the first Supreme Court justice to officiate a same sex-wedding, is a big advocate for equal voting rights, and as a feminist, her voice and vote in the Supreme Court has helped protect women’s reproductive rights for years

The problem is, Ginsburg is 83 years old (the oldest member) and a cancer survivor. If she passes away, Trump will be in charge of replacing her presence on the United States Supreme Court, and you can be sure that he’ll replace her with somebody who is against everything she stands for.

At the moment, the Supreme Court consists of 4 liberal members, 3 conservative members, and Justice Kennedy, who is a conservative swing (a conservative member that occasionally sides with the liberals). The confirmation of Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch would give conservatives a potential edge of 5 to 4, which means conservatives could control what cases enter the Supreme Court for a vote, as well as the results. It only takes a simple majority of 5 votes to overturn a case. Nevertheless, we have fared well in a 4 liberal, 4 conservative, and 1 conservative swing court before. It’s not good, but not the end of the world. 


Ginsburg’s passing would give the conservatives a concrete 5 votes, and a potential 6 votes, which would give conservatives the ability to overturn any major court case, including Roe v. Wade (abortion rights) and Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage).

On top of that, Supreme Court justices serve life terms, so you can bet Trump will elect a YOUNG conservative, meaning conservatives have the potential to completely control the Supreme Court for GENERATIONS to come. 

So pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg y’all.

The bright Book was heavy on her back as she looked out across the night. All around, for miles and miles, was glittering light, brilliant motion, shining under the Moon; lights of a thousand colors gleaming from windows, glowing on streets, blazing from the headlights of cars. The city, breathing, burning, living the life they had preserved. Ten million lives and more. If something should happen to all that life—how terrible! Nita gulped for control as she remembered Fred’s words of just this morning, an eternity ago. And this was what being a wizard was about. Keeping terrible things from happening, even when it hurt. Not just power, or control of what ordinary people couldn’t control, or delight in being able to make strange things happen. Those were side effects—not the reason, not the purpose.

- young wizards, diane duane 

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Betsy DeVos’ pick for civil rights office has a terrible record on civil rights

  • Betsy DeVos’ pick to head the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has long been an active opponent of discrimination… against white people.
  • Earlier this month it was announced that DeVos would tap Candice E. Jackson as her deputy assistant secretary for civil rights, and acting assistant secretary for civil rights. 
  • Because the assistant secretary position requires Senate confirmation, Jackson will serve as “acting” secretary until she can be approved by the Senate.
  • Jackson is a relatively unknown figure in public policy circles, but a report Friday from ProPublica delves into her well-established political philosophy honed during her time at Stanford University and through her work in the Libertarian think-tank world.
  • While attending Stanford in the mid-‘90s, a young conservative Jackson frequently wrote for the Stanford Review. In one op-ed unearthed by ProPublica, Jackson wrote that Stanford’s affirmative action policy, “promotes racial discrimination.” Read more (4/14/17 5 PM)

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Hey I messaged you a few months ago (February?) saying that Taylor was straight and we got into an argument and I wanna say sorry for that i've read more of you guys blogs and now that this Joe thing has started i'm 99% sure Taylor is gay. It's really put me off her not because i'm homophobic or anything but I really don't like how her career and songs and personality are basically a total lie, how do you guys know this and still like her?

Hey! I love love love getting messages like this… I’m super glad you kept an open mind and figured it all out for yourself. I am not here to force people into believing what we say, but when people open their eyes and do their own research, it’s pretty magical how quickly they agree with us. 

So as for the “how do we still like her” part, I’d say, personally it’s not that hard. I don’t see it as her lying.. Just as I would never think of a friend who was in the closet as lying to me. She is a young woman who has grown up in an EXTREMELY homophobic industry (especially in country music where she started). You have to understand that if she had been open about her sexuality from the beginning, you would not know who Taylor Swift is. I can guarantee you that if she had been an openly gay/bi woman in her country beginnings she would have been shunned from country music and would never have gained any popularity.  So by that point, she had a reputation to keep up, she needed to continue the facade. When she moved from country to pop, she had gained a HUGE fanbase… made of mainly young, straight (and somewhat conservative) girls. I am super glad that you (and many others) would be 100% okay with her coming out, but you have to understand that at this point many of her fanbase would be outraged at her coming out. She would potentially lose a lot of fans over this, and while I personally believe it would help her overall image, it would be a giant risk for her to come out. 

She isn’t lying to you. You need to shake the idea that she is somehow breaking your trust by staying in the closet. I can guarentee that 98% of “celebrity couples” that you see in magazines ARE FAKE. PR relationships are the status quo for celebrity culture and have been for decades. Taylor is doing the exact same thing as 98% of today’s celebrities and is trying to protect herself from getting hurt by the awful homophobes that are still so prevalent in our culture. 

Don’t think of her lying, if you look close enough in her songs and performances, she throwing us all little winks and acknowledging the fact that we know. Take a listen to I Know Places or Wonderland… she is telling you very clearly ;)


Looking for legitimate, respectful, honest discourse with conservatives anywhere from right-libertarians, neocons (no one would self identify anyway), traditionalist/social conservatives, right centrists, and garden variety republicans.

What is the legitimate role of government?

I see conservatives promoting free markets, how can a government exist in a free market?

Is taxation theft? If so how should this small government be funded?

If we agree that free markets make for better products through competition, what prevents competing businesses from providing the services government currently provides better?

How do you determine what services should be ran by government and what services are better left to competing firms?

I appreciate any respectful responses, I’m not out to attack anyone (in this post 😉) and I’d appreciate intellectual honesty (i.e. Let’s not make up crazy, extremely rare, probably would never happen in 100 years situations and base our entire policies on this chance these situations arise)

Thanks so much! I’m going to tag a few people to get the party started.

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That really is the dilemma for young conservatives: how do you look cool and rebellious when a core feature of your ideology is defending status quo powers? The silly “actually, Hollywood and academia run the world” narrative is going to be pretty hard to keep up now that they are not only backed by the majority of the business and wealthy classes as usual, but are also and running the White House, both houses of congress, the majority of governorships, the majority of state legislatures, and, soon, the Supreme Court.

Addiction (Jiyong-5)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Six

Genre: Smut , Angst

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You were a conservative young girl. Even more in Korea than you had been back home. But that night you had had one too many shots. When they said that no one drunk like Koreans you should’ve listened. While your friends were still pretty sober and giggling back in the booth, you found yourself dancing on stage in front of a crowd. Your hands were wrapped around a brassy pole while two other girls (who were just as or more drunk than you) were dancing beside you. All eyes were on you, you weren’t trying to be cocky or conceided. But you would have to be an idiot not to feel and see people eating you up with their eyes

You’d always been one to enjoy the show, but that night you were the one giving the show. Despite having a mental debate with yourself about your morals, you actually liked stepping out of the shadows. You liked catching every eye in the room. That was until from the multitude of people you saw, Jiyong. 

Just the sight of him made shivers run up your spine. Even though you were drunk off your ass you knew better than to allow him to see you up in a stage as a temp stripper. Knowing him, if you didn’t get off the stage in zero point five seconds, he would drag you off of it by your hair. You were drunk enough to actually like the idea. 

You shimmied your way through the crowd, elbowing people who didn’t let you through. It didn’t take you long to see where Jiyong was. He was already seated in the middle of a red leather booth. Three girls on either side of him desperately trying to catch his attention. You watched him generously giving each one of them what they wanted. He’d flash them one his devilish grin and shoot them a wink. Just the way his mouth moved when he spoke was enough to make any girl squeal. 

But you weren’t falling for his charms today. If you had been sober you would’ve probably shot Jiyong an angry look and spun on your heel’s immediately leaving the scene. But you were far beyond sober. You were wasted and couldn’t quite analyze your actions and what they would cause. You stepped between a grinding couple parting them by their shoulders. It didn’t take long for Jiyong to see you. Apart from you, being well -you. You were wearing a rose gold sequin dress that clung on to your curves. The flickering club lights made you look like you were some type of jewel. 

Jiyong’s attention was firmly fixed on you. You didn’t even have to speak to catch his eyes. But you were such an oblivious and naive girl that you had no clue that the older man was completey enticed and bewitched by you. Whatever you wanted he would give you without hesitation. You never noticed the effect you had on him. He was already attempting to make his way out of the booth to hug you, but you interrupted. 

“Wow, Jiyong-shi.” you spoke formally for some reason. It surprised both you and Jiyong, you’d never addressed him as that. He leaned in closer as if trying to hear you better. “I was fine with one,” you held up one finger than gestured to the rest of the girls sitting beside him. “but don’t you think six is a little too much? I mean you’re kinky but- really?” 

His expression darkened, not at all amused with what you had just said.  “Excuse me?” 

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I’m sorry but I refuse to believe the Cullen vampires didn’t wear makeup because they “don’t need too” and that their skin’s too impermeable. It just doesn’t make 100% sense to me because makeup is an easy way of adding “human” colours to themselves.

At most, I think they would probably only use powders because creams wouldn’t set or sink into the skin. And you bet your arse Rosalie wears at least mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick, Alice mascara and lip gloss, Esme favours apricot blush and a touch of mascara. 

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Bee 1/2 / Hey. I dunno if this is any use to you but I noticed two things that I don't think have been mentioned yet. So the first one is, the kid who popped out of the car seat, when he said 'suprise.' There was a rainbow-esque thing running up his body like he was coming out almost. And secondly, I was thinking that when Margaret thatcher was superimposed over sherlocks face, perhaps it's signifying the two sides of him, and the struggle against his homophobia? I can't think of a better word.

Bee 2/2 which would explain his not wanting to accept the whole Margaret thatcher thing when it was mentioned, because he just doesn’t want to talk about it. So the subsequent destroyings of thatcher (repressed gay) mean a lot. I’m sorry if I’m not coming across clear here but yeah.

I absolutely agree! There are hints of Charlie being distant from his family- his mother says “At least he’s phoning, I suppose,” -and it would make sense to be so distant as a closeted young man living with conservative parents, one of whom at least is a big fan of Margaret Thatcher. 

And yes, that flash of rainbow when Charlie says “Surprise!” definitely makes me think of him coming out. We see his father act joyfully- he accepts his son, as he should do. But then, the tape rewinds- that’s not what happened. This case acts as a too late warning for the parents: they could have had a happy life with their son if they had not idolized “Mrs T.”

I love that shot of the Thatcher bust imposed over Sherlock’s face. To me, it signifies even more of his facade shattering and crumbling- as the bust literally does. I don’t think Sherlock struggles with homophobia himself (he’s stated his being gay since ASiP), but I do think the bust shattering over him also signifies the silent pain he’s feeling during this case, of being reminded over and over again of Thatcher, someone whose homophobic attitudes he could not have escaped while growing up during the ‘80s.

(This ask was from you @bumblerat, but only the second one wasn’t anonymous! Thanks for your ask <3)