young chrianna


I am home alone today so I decided to tidy my room a little, I have been constantly nagging Chris to move in with me every time we talk, even when we are texting. He will eventually give up and give in to me so I am tidying my closet so I can make space for his stuff, I have already filled a box full of clothes that will either go in storage or to charity, not decided yet. Chris is leaving for Dubai tomorrow, he has been too busy for me which sucks, always in the studio and I want him to myself. I literally cried on the phone while he was in the studio with his boys and I made him come to my house, Lee was literally side eyeing me but I wanted my way, he did come to see me so I got my way. Placing my phone in my back jean pocket and groaning as I picked up the heavy box to take to the garage, I should have made him do this with me but I think I have been annoying him for a while now. Sticking my tongue out as I tried to open the door with the box in my arms “come on Rihanna” I said to myself finally finding the handle “yess” turning the handle and pulling the door back, hearing the house door slam shut “you girls already back!” I shouted making my way down the stairs, them hoes have come back early.

Reaching to the bottom “why y’all quiet” making my way over to the garage, this box is getting heavy “Rihanna” banging into what I thought is a wall and dropping the box to the floor, looking down at the box and then seeing a pair of black shoes right in front of me, I blinked several times before slowly bringing my eyes up “Rihanna” G extended his hand “no!” I quickly stepped back “what the fuck” I looked in horror “how the fuck you get in my home!?” I screamed, I am so fucked and I’m home alone “you gave me the codes for the house, you still have my car in your garage” oh my god “get out! Just leave me alone before I call the police on you” walking back every time he got closer to me “why are you acting like this? Acting like I mean nothing to you” shaking my head in shock “you been ignoring my calls and my texts” I’m going to need him to stop trying to get close to me “stop moving” he snatched my arm pulling me into him “stay the fuck still” his hands tightly wrapped around my wrist with his fingers sinking into my skin “get off” I whimpered “I want answers” trying to pull my arm away “you’re hurting me!” he finally let go “I don’t owe you anything, I am with Chris. I want you out of my life!” tears started to fall which I quickly wiped away “I am not yours, you don’t own me” at this point my voice is quivering in fear, he is crazy. The look in his eyes, he is mad with me because he thought he owned me “is that it?” he mumbled “yes” stepping back even more, my back foot hitting the step, I fell back on to the step “he can have you, just like everyone else has. Least I got my last fuck out of you” his vile words hit me like a ton of bricks, lowering my head bringing my knees up and resting my head on my knees letting the tears fall from my eyes.

I jumped at the sound of my house door being slammed shut, I didn’t want to move from this ball position I am in. I can’t believe what just happened to me, I am so stupid to forget he had the passwords to my home still. I feel so unsafe here right now, trying to contain myself. Slowly lifting my head up seeing the box on the ground with all my clothes on the ground and no sign of G, moving to the side a little to get my phone. Shakily holding my phone, looking down at my wrist. The imprint of his fingers on my skin have clearly bruised me, I sobbed out unlocking my phone with the tears clouding my vision. I just need to call him right now, what if G is still in this house he could slammed shut nay door, get a grip Rihanna I mentally cursed myself. Chris’ number dialled, praying he picks up “y’all get some food” his voice came through the phone, I breathed out a sigh of relief “hey baby” he is smiling I can tell with the way his voice got all high pitched, placing my hand over my mouth trying to supress my cries “yo? Robyn?” I couldn’t calm myself down to even speak, tightly keeping my hand over my mouth “Robyn ….?” I sniffled closing my eyes tightly “man I think she called me by mistake” he started talking to someone else, moving my hand away from my mouth “Chris…”   I wracked out a sob until my breathing came in broken gasps “Robyn? Why you crying? What’s wrong” he asked in concern, sounding out of breath hearing me cry on the other end “talk to me!” Chris shouted down the phone, taking in a deep breath trying to calm myself down “I need you Chris, I need you now. Please can I see you” my voice sounding all over the place “where are you? Why are you crying?” my sobs started getting louder again “please pick me up, I’m at home” Chris sounded like he was running “I’m so far out Robyn, I’m in Compton” hearing people shout at Chris “are you okay? Talk to me what is wrong” I don’t want to talk to him over the phone, I want him here “I can only drive so fast Robyn, you’re upsetting me what the hell is wrong?” I didn’t speak at all “I need you now” wiping my nose with my sleeve “I can get Mijo to pick you now, that is all I can do” I nodded like he could see, I want out of this place “I have to go nigga, I got something that has popped up I’m sorry” Chris sounds so stressed “Robyn! You want me to get Mijo to pick you?” his car engine roared on “yeah” anything to just get out “I will call you-” cutting him off “no please! Don’t leave me” wiping my eyes “my heart hurts” Chris said, he sounds so upset “just don’t even have to speak just stay on the phone with me” Chris fell silent not knowing what to say.

Still in the same position and on the phone with Chris “I’m close by now” he had been singing down the phone to me which made me smile, I wouldn’t let Chris put the phone down or put me on hold so he couldn’t ring Mijo “you going to open the gate for me? I can’t get in if you don’t” looking around the hallway “how close are you?” not even wanting to open anything “I am-” he paused as I heard his car come to a halt “baby!?” I am panicking here and he just fell silent “I’m here, parked outside your gate. Hurry up” getting up slowly “no” sitting back down “the code is 439219, just come” Chris huffed in my ear “hold up” frowning just listening to the background sounds, I think he’s getting out the car “why did I have to park so far from the damn key pad” Chris talked to himself getting back in the car and slamming the door shut “I’m right here” the phone disconnected, placing my phone to the side of me. Chris’ engine could be heard as he sped down my drive, my palms are sweaty and I am getting more and more nervous. I just want Chris to hold me, the car door shut and my heart skipped a beat, taking in a deep breath as the door handle was pushed down “Robyn” I heard Chris’ voice and then his face appeared from the door, he started looking around shutting the door behind himself “Yo” he finally laid his eyes on me and my head fell down, I felt ashamed.

Chris didn’t speak a word and didn’t come forward, slowly bringing my eyes up to look at him which only beckoned a new wave of tears, Chris stood speechless watching me shed tears “Robyn” Chris said out of breath, more in shock. He jogged over to me kneeling down across me “baby, look at me” quickly wiping any tear that fell “what’s wrong!? Please talk to me” both his hands at the side of my face swiping every tear “I’m sorry” Chris’ eyebrows knitted together in total shock “about what? Please stop crying” sniffling feeling my nose starting to leak “I’m sorry, I should have never fucked with G, I hate myself” I blubbered with apologies “sshh.. Stop crying” Chris wrapped his arms around me “I’m here now” my heart hurts so much, he doesn’t even know anything but yet he is consoling me. I do doubt Chris if he has changed but the way he is with me, the old Chris would be just mean mugging me saying have I cheated. Chris rubbed my back still holding me, wrapping my arms around him “come on” Chris picked me up, hiding my face in his chest.

Chris placed me on the couch slowly “you going to talk to me now?” pulling my sleeve down on my top hiding the bruise that he created when he held my wrist like that “G was here” Chris slowly sat at the side of me “I forgot all about him having the passwords for the house and he walked in, I thought it was Mel he said something about his car, he has it parked here but I forgot about it because you know me and cars I don’t care about them and never go in the garage” pausing to look at Chris’ face “did he do anything to you?” shaking my head while tears started to foam again “I told him to leave me alone and then he said you can have me because everyone else has and then he held my wrist really hard” Chris’ eyes darted to the sleeve I put down, he slowly bought his hand up pushing my back the sleeve “I’m going to kill him” he said so calmly “stop crying” placing the sleeve back over my wrist looking up at me “just don’t cry over him, he is not worth it” his hand touching my cheek, more tears fell turning my head towards his hand and kissing the palm “don’t worry about it” feeling my nose leak again, Chris’ thumb swiped it clean “I don’t want to be alone, please stay here” wiping his thumb on his pants “cool, I’ll stay no worries” Chris being calm worries me.

My blood is boiling, I want to kill G but how can I. My anger is on 100 but I am being calm for Robyn and I don’t want her to worry about it, watching this programme on the TV I am not even taking anything in. I just see red but with Robyn slumped over me is keeping calm, she fell asleep so fast with my hand over her wrist, so mad that he hurt her. I was supposed to be getting ready for Dubai but I guess I will be staying here, the way Robyn is all on me she might as well just lay on top of me. I have been plotting on G, I will get him back. Getting my phone out of my pocket and scrolling down to Starino’ name, this nigga knows everybody “Young Chris” I chuckled shaking my head “I ain’t young anymore, I’m getting old as shit” he laughed with me “what’s up though?” he asked like he knew already “I know you know a person that knows a person, I need something to be done” the phone went dead silent “hmmm what we talking about?” chewing on my bottom lip “the foreign fuck soccer player, I have his whip. I need it to be sent back to his place but a special delivery if you know what I mean” Robyn lifted her head up out of nowhere scaring me “Chris” she said groggily, clearing my throat “where you at?” Robyn is just staring at me “I’m just at my girls crib” he fell silent “I got you” Robyn’ door slammed shut hearing Mel and Lee “it’s at this crib I’m in, I’ll text you when it can be picked up aight. I have to go though” Robyn laid her head back down on to my chest, I thought she heard me.

I waited until all the girls fell asleep and Robyn rolled her ass off me, she is like a damn leech. Lighting my cigarette waiting outside Robyn’ garage with the gate open, Starino is taking his damn time. I honestly want to fuck up his all white Ferrari, I really wish I could just fuck him up myself. A Range Rover turned off driving down the drive towards me, the range stopped in front of me with it’s blacked out windows. The driver’ door opened and so did the rest “my nigga” Starino got his hand out “what’s good nigga” dapping his hand and hugging him “long time homie” he patted my back “yeah” stepping back “this Rihanna’ crib?” he pointed behind me “yeah, that’s his car. I don’t have the keys but I want this out now, I’m not here tomorrow and no offence but I don’t want your people here with my girl” he laughed “same, Rihanna is good peoples anyway. She is family so anything for the both of you” he turned around hitting this guy in the arm “get into the car” the guy he just hit in the arm looks scary as fuck “he’s at his mansion, do it when me and shawty are away” me and Starino started walking away from his people “I got you, these niggas are sorted. They won’t get caught and if they do they know the deal” I’m just happy that dumbass going to be dealt with.

<< I used to kinda play her to the left a little bit like nah Ima act like I don’t like her, I don’t wanna talk to her, because I was nervous, I was like man I don’t know what the hell to say. I put my guard up most of the time until I actually hung out and we was just chilling, I was like - dang! this girl is cool. She not regular, she’s not looking at me like oh you Chris Brown. >>