young chimera

The scarecrow

“ papa …when did we get a scarecrow? ” the question came from the young chimera not out of fear but more curiosity than anything .

Bernard of course became instantly worried by the child inquiry and went to the window to find just that , a raggedy looking scarecrow hanging from a stand in the front yard of the manor “ now vhere on earth did that come from ? Perhaps somebody’s left it as some kind of Halloveen prank ” . The old werewolf rolled his eyes at the thought teenagers could be so mischievous around this time of year .

“ can I go out and see it papa ? ” bramble asked seeming rather excited by the new impromptu decorations , Bernard was not very keen on the idea “ vhy don’t you let me go check it out first love ”. With that Bernard stepped out the front door and went to look the raggedy old bag of straw over , wanting to make sure that it was safe.

He walked around the thing and took a good long look at it , and then when he noticed no strange scent or anything inside he gave a relaxed sigh “ just a regular old scarecrow ….some prank ”