young cecil

Head canon: When Cecil was younger, the old radio presenters weather report said that; “the day was gonna be ‘surprising’, but do dress up warm..”

And then instead of it being cold, the sun came out and everyone was practically dying from heat stroke. (Note the scout trying to get his 'Grilling badge’) 

So that is why whenever the weather comes on, its a song because Cecil secretly wants everyone to suffer like he did due to misinformed weather reports.


it’s obligatory to draw younger cecil cause he’s sO FuCKInG CuTE!!!1!!

I also wasn’t sure if I wanted his odd eye color and eye tattoo to be something that he always had or only after the “died”/grew up/got possessed/whatever the hell happened. I’m leaning towards him always having them (tho of course with the tattoo he didn’t have that since he was born but my thought was that it was a special tattoo that helps him focus his innate sixth sense)

He’ll always have shark teeth tho.