young captain hook


That’s why he forbade me to sing, except to guide sailors to their doom, he turned my voice into a weapon. But it’s all I have left of my mother, singing is the only way to keep her spirit alive.

He failed her. She is gone and all he has is a notebook full of poetry and the bitter taste of failure on his Tongue.

He doesn’t know why this case hit so close to home. There are other cases waiting to be solved, countless of people waiting to be found.

But she is special somehow.

She is important.

He never even met her. Just got a glimpse of blond hair and plaid t-shirt from an old security camera. But he feels connected to her. 

Like they knew each other in another life.

like she is family.

Or the AU where Eloise Gardener is young Emma Swan. 


Killian Jones is a Motherf*cking Hero, (2/?)