young captain hook


That’s why he forbade me to sing, except to guide sailors to their doom, he turned my voice into a weapon. But it’s all I have left of my mother, singing is the only way to keep her spirit alive.


Killian Jones is a Motherf*cking Hero, (2/?)


Peter Pan had found James Hook roaming the streets of London as a child and brought him back to Neverland with him. For almost fifty years the pair had sauntered around the island, going on various adventures, but it wasn’t enough for James. One night he fled and stole magic beans from Pan so he could return to London and grow up. His actions left Peter heartbroken and as a result, Peter prohibited anyone from leaving the island without his permission again.

Many years later, James Hook returns to Neverland, an adult and Pirate Captain of the Jolly Roger. Peter, still heartbroken over being abandoned, cuts off the pirate’s hand as punishment and feeds it to the island’s crocodile as an attempt to dissuade the Captain from leaving him again.