young captain hook

Disney Meet and Greets

Want to get more out our your character meet and greets? Its the characters job to hold a convo with you so here are a few ideas for you to have fun with the character and stand out from the crowd! (more ideas to come for other characters) If you have a specific character you want me to talk about, message me and I will post ideas! :) (some ideas from pixelplnt​ thanks for your suggestion :)

Peter Pan-

Location- Disney World: Near the bridge to Adventureland. Disneyland: Refreshment corner on Main Street, sometimes roams around Fantasyland, sometimes is with Alice and Mad Hatter playing games.

               -When meeting Peter Pan great him with a hearty “Cockadoodledoo!” (like the lost boys)

                -Ask him what its like in Neverland

                -Tell him you’re from or visited Texas, the ‘Lone Star state’

                -Ask him about Wendy and what she’s been up too

                -Ask him where Michael and John are

                -Ask him if Tink can give you some pixie dust

                -Ask him to take you to Neverland

                -Ask how the lost boys are doing

                -Ask him if he’s seen Captain Hook lately

               -Tell him to never smile at a crocodile

               -Ask him how Tinkerbell is doing

               -Ask him if he’s ever meet any of Tink’s new friends

               -Ask Peter Pan what there is to love about him

omg he’s so cute he’s like a little pirate and he’s like “omg like I just wanna sail towards the sun it’s like my dream yo #sun #yolo #apirateslife #backselfie” den next thing u know plot twist then he’s captain hook and he’s even more badass


Killian Jones is a Motherf*cking Hero, (2/?)

Dark Hook...


So, I noticed some things on Dark Hook’s Robe/Vest.

I see some Dragon-looking-creatures.  I also see a very familiar looking pattern with the ‘dragons’.  So I went through some old pictures and realized where I’ve seen them!

(Closer Look!)

And the pattern (Top Circle)

Now, I know that this probably doesn’t mean anything or maybe it does idk.  It just caught my eye and I thought maybe I should look into it.  When I first saw the ‘dragons’ I thought about some other dragons that we know that are in Storybrooke.  Maleficent and Lily!  

I remembered how Lily and Maleficent don’t know who Lily’s father is.  And because Lily told Emma that “it happened in dragon form”, we can assume that Lily’s father is part dragon.  That’s what brings me back to Dark Hook’s ‘dragons’ on his robe/vest.  

Now, I’m thinking about Papa Hook.  Although, we don’t know much about him yet, I gave it some thought about who he might be.  He does look a lot like Killian, but he also looks a little like… Lily.  

Plus, young Lily and young Killian look a bit similar too.

Papa Hook might have some relation to Lily.  Like… maybe her father?!? It might be why Papa Hook abandoned little Liam and little Killian.  Because he was a dragon?!

Oh well, we’ll get the real answer soon anyways! Just a little idea that popped into my head.  Probably no relation at all.