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Okay, I understand people love Jason Todd but he got his own movie already, calm down. 

I want to see Kaldur get the freaking respect he deserves from his teammates and friends and Atlantis

I want to see my Queen Sha’lain’a Durham get animated and help her son deal with the aftermath of his undercover mission

I want to see Artemis Crock grow and develop as her own person without being defined by her relationship with Wally

I want to see Virgil Hawkins still meeting up with his friends the Runaways because maybe they don’t want to be heroes after all they’ve seen but after all that they’ve been through they can’t help but feel like some sort of family.

I want to see Tim Drake smile onscreen and get to show off his incredible detective skills for more than one minute

I want to see exactly what Mal Duncan has chosen to do with his life

I want to see Karen Beecher as a scientist who uses her discoveries to change the world for the better.

I just want these characters to get what they deserve before people start whining to bring back the white favs.

But that’s just my opinion.

I’m assuming Babs is chilling in Gotham with the Birds of Prey as Oracle.

I’m hoping Mal & Karen are featured either having joined the JLA or having maybe retired or something because they’re happily married & living a good life.

I’m kinda scared Lagoon Boy has been kidnapped (again) because the theme of the series IS to do with Meta Trafficking. (I hope he’s chilling in Atlantis instead; he was far from one of my faves but the guy kinda needs a break).

I hope, hope, HOPE M'gaan either joined the JLA or is back home on Mars dealing with something there, visiting family, whatever. And it’s not she’s been kidnapped or something.

Night On the Town -- Tim Drake x Reader

I have no self control. This was intended to be one, really long prompt, but after careful consideration, it will be split into two parts, three at the most! I am so, so sorry! Also, sorry there has been little to no activity from me on this page this past month. The holidays are a hectic time! With that said, enjoy lovelies!

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Word Count: 961

You felt your hands clench into fists as you watched Cassie talking with Tim. You knew it was silly to feel jealous or even worried, they two were good friends and were just catching up from their time apart. You’d done the same with Jaime earlier and Tim hadn’t batted an eye. Of course, he knew that you and Jaime didn’t think of each other in any capacity other than friends, but it would be somewhat reassuring to know that the Boy Wonder would worry about you around other guys.

You weren’t sure how to label the relationship between you and Tim. You weren’t official dating, but neither of you were seeing other people either. The two of you fell somewhere between “friends with benefits” and “in a relationship.” Whatever it was called was a mystery to you.

When you first joined the Team, you hadn’t been looking for romance. You wanted to use your powers to manipulate energy to help those in need. The two Green Lanterns were more than willing to train you to use your abilities. Once you had a good enough grasp on your powers, they had introduced you to Nightwing and soon you were fighting alongside the protégés of heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman. They had been very welcoming. Having a member with powers like a Green Lantern was a major help to the Team and the various missions they took on.

You struck up a close friendship with Blue Beetle almost immediately. He was sweet and considerate, taking quick note of your interest in the mysterious Robin. Jaime encouraged you to pursue him but warned against getting too close. Being Batman’s student meant he also had the same ideals of a secret identity as the Dark Knight. The only people who knew his real identity were his mentor, Nightwing, and Batgirl. This didn’t bother you and you tried to ignore the butterflies that would invade your stomach every time the masked boy looked your way.

As time went on, you became closer with Robin. Time spent doing missions, training, and hanging out together had only amplified your attraction to the dark-haired boy. And soon, the same became apparent for Robin. He’d never actually confessed or asked you out, but several make-out sessions made it clear that the two of you held feelings for the other. A momentary slip of the tongue had revealed his identity to you which he made you swear never to tell anyone. He’d also made it clear that he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of telling the others of their relationship. Based on M’gann’s playful winks and Batgirl’s smirks, you were quite certain several of your teammates were already aware.

“Earth to (Y/N)! Come in (Y/N)!”

Your blinked your (E/C) eyes in surprise at the hand that was waving directly in front of your face. Shaking your head to clear it from your thoughts, you smiled sheepishly at Jaime. A quiet apology to him and the two of you refocused your attention on Nightwing. The mission he was explaining was simple enough: Batman was elsewhere on League business and asked that a small squad be deployed to patrol Gotham. As Tim was one of the three most familiar with the city, he had been assigned as the leader of the squad. Jaime, Karen, and you were to round out the squad. Once certain there were no questions, you were dismissed. The four of you headed for the zeta tubes with various expressions on your faces: Tim’s was set in determination not to let Nightwing or his mentor down, Jaime had a carefree smile on his lips, and Karen looked somewhat bored. Your own expression was neutral, patrol was nothing new or exciting for you so you felt indifferent to the task.

An hour later found the four of you in various parts of Gotham. Blue Beetle and Bumblebee had taken to the skies and were quick to inform you or Tim of any suspicious activity either of them spotted. So far the night had been rather calm. A few break-ins and burglaries here and there, but nothing you guys couldn’t handle. You couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed/ You were glad nothing major was going on, but a bit more of a challenge would be welcomed.

As if reading your mind, Karen’s voice came over the commlink. You could hear her wings buzzing in your ear as her voice spoke over them. “Heads up you three, something big is going on at the docks.”

“Why do bad guys always go to the docks?” Jaime inquired with irritation lacing his voice.

“Does it really matter?” You shot back at the boy. You knew he couldn’t see it, but you frowned deeply at his tone. “Robin, what’s the plan?”

It took a few moments for the Boy Wonder to reply. “Everyone head toward the docks. We’ll figure out what needs to be done from there.”

You all replied with understanding and headed in the designated direction. You kept your breathing even as you jumped from rooftop to rooftop. One of the skills you had yet to grasp was enveloping your body in energy to levitate yourself through the air for quicker travel. It was harder than the Green Lanterns made it look. You silently thanked your mother for making you join the track team. Your nightly activities had certainly improved your time.

You landed softly next to Tim and looked over the edge of the building. “Are those guys with the Joker? I thought he’d been put back in Arkham.”

“It doesn’t take him long to get out.”

“Right. So, what’s the plan?”

“Oh yes bird brain!” A loud voice behind the two of you asked. “What is the plan?”

~Mod Nerd Bird