young buddy


Badd: This your sister, buddy?
Young Edgeworth: …Problem?
Badd: She cost $46 worth of property damage.
Young Edgeworth: What did she do?
Badd: She beat the stuffing out of this “Tickel Me Elmo” doll.
Young Edgeworth: You got into a fight with a toy?!
Young Franziska: It was LAUGHING at me!

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One More Time…

Get Moving, Mates!

Woof, Baby!

After seeing a dude on the For Honor subreddit argue that you shouldn’t report people with swastikas as emblems because he “wouldn’t report someone who had a rainbow flag”, my buddy @young-knight-learn and I have created a new clan, which we have dubbed Warrior’s Pride, because if I can piss off a bigot on a given day, that was a good day

Taxi War Dance
Count Basie Orchestra

Count Basie Orchestra - Taxi War Dance

New York, March 19,1939

Ed Lewis - trumpet

Buck Clayton - trumpet

Harry Edison - trumpet

Shad Collins - trumpet

Dicky Wells - trombone

Benny Morton - trombone

Dan Minor - trombone

Earl Warren - alto saxophone

Lester Young - tenor saxophone

Buddy Tate - tenor saxophone

Jack Washington - baritone saxophone, alto saxophone

Count Basie - piano

Freddie Green - guitar

Walter Page - bass

Jo Jones - drums

apedarling  asked:

How about some kid caleb, Anna, Ben shenanigans??? or maybe turn/Harry Potter crossover?!?! Lol just throwing stuff out there. If you're not interested just ignore me :)

OK, first and foremost, I LOVE getting mail and you’re a bright bit of sunshine, so keep that in mind forever!

NEXT: OOOOOOO, Kid stuff! I’ve done High School AU’s, but I’ve never done like actual kid stuff so that could be fun! I always like putting Sam in stuff and I could do that! 

Do you know what’s totes crazy, I’m actually looking for oneshot ideas to write so I can put off updating my Harry Potter Turn AU! I really need to update it, but I get frustrated because I started writing it in a different writing style than I usually do and it throws me off but it’s still kinda fun! Little bit of shameless self promotion, but The Thin and Dotted Line Between Obvious and Oblivious is my Tallster Triwizard Tournament AU that I’ve been writing for kind of a while now and it’s not my usual Artsy Avante Guarde Deep Built-In Metaphor type of work, but it’s a casual read if that’s what anyone wants!

Thanks for the ideas!! Come back and say hi anytime! I wanna work out a short story for your Kiddo Shenanigans idea, so I’ll tag you when I finish it and post it!

  • Kaze: Please, Lady/Lord Corrin, I see you have no retainers. Allow me to pledge my loyalty as your--
  • Flora: woah there hold on a sec lil' ol' buddy
  • Gunter: Young kids this days smh
  • Silas: #RUDE2K16