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Team leaders really shouldn’t be betting on sparring match outcomes.

Sure, they’re the ‘Space Parents’, but I guess that makes everyone forget how young these two really are. I’m almost Shiro’s age and I’m as close to being a responsible adult as I am to being the next President.

I guess I wanted a bit of young, training-buddies-with-matching-outfits Shallura, more ‘playful older siblings’ than ‘Leaders of the universe’s only hope’ (even if Shiro does look like a proud dad).


Summary: Peter Parker may be a superhero but he’s still the clumsiest boy in the world. 

AN: y’all can’t tell me that peter isn’t clumsy af. you can’t

Peter Parker x Reader 

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Peter Parker nodded as his friend Ned prattled on about what happened in Chemistry class. A class Peter had to miss because of his crime fighting duties. Truth was, Peter couldn’t care less about Chemistry. He was too busy staring at the laughing girl from across their table. Her head was thrown back and her silvery laugh filled his ears. Y/N’s face lit up in a way that made Peter’s heart fall even more for her. The boy sighed and rested his head on his fist.

“You know you could just talk to her instead of staring at her like a creeper.” Ned stated.

“I-I wasn’t staring, Ned.” Peter defended himself.

“Sure you weren’t, buddy.” Ned chuckled. Peter rolled his eyes.

“If I was, and I’m not saying I was, can you blame me? She’s perfect.” Peter said, dreamily.

“Which is why you should talk to her.” Ned forced.

“With her friends, who hate me by the way, around her? I don’t think so.”

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Badd: This your sister, buddy?
Young Edgeworth: …Problem?
Badd: She cost $46 worth of property damage.
Young Edgeworth: What did she do?
Badd: She beat the stuffing out of this “Tickel Me Elmo” doll.
Young Edgeworth: You got into a fight with a toy?!
Young Franziska: It was LAUGHING at me!

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Sunday Smugglers

King Prawns Take To Bournemouth!

And Not A Shrimp Amongst Them!

Woof, Baby!

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