young british art


A 22-year-old Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in chalk by Hungarian artist, Charles Brocky, 1841. Commissioned that same year after Victoria saw his portrait of Georgiana Liddell, one of her maid’s of honour, and fell in love with his work. This romantic pair of portraits resides today in the Queen’s sitting room at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

He looks pretty good in English clothes, kakashi I mean. 

I drew him in it. Gawd, I bet he is going to be one smartass kid, and then I realize that he is alareayd a prodigy ahahaha. 
He looks like a balance of straight out beautiful, pretty and handsome. 

Black looks very good on him. 

Art is mine of course. I should really just make a blog revolving around kakashi and AUS. 



Shift (1996-97) - Jenny Saville

As in the very best of Saville’s works, in Shift we are invited to delight in the voluptuous flesh of female bodies and relish in the soft curves that perfectly tessellate to create an enticing ripple of flesh that traverses the colossal canvas. The epic scale of the work immediately envelops the viewer in all its rich, sumptuous detail, while the subject of the painting imparts an overwhelming sense of intimacy as we experience the realities of the female body laid bare.