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That quote by Dries really rubbed me the wrong way

Kat and Michael had such chemistry in that really short scene (6x21) […] We were like ‘Let’s explore that relationship.’”

Like it’s been SEVEN YEARS! SEVEN YEARS! HOW MANY scenes have Kat and Ian shared in which their chemistry was OFF THE FREAKIN CHARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And they STILL haven’t explored romantic Bamon!!!!

Seriously Dries, 

Your racism and dullena-obsession is showing.

Bamon has made me an emotional wreck. No one talk to me!

Me, right after the episode

But then, in the course of 5 minutes, it all comes back to me. I get a flashback of Damon getting all serious and saying “i’m sure there are about a billion people you’d rather be here with” and Bonnie smiles like she’s never smiled before “not exactly” she says.

And then I remember poor Bonnie getting shot with Kai’s arrow and Damon CHOOSING TO SAVE BONNIE (“I got you” he said) rather than going back home to his so-called soulmate

I see him struggling with Kai. “Bonnie get out of here!” He says under his breath, putting her life and happiness BEFORE his own

And Bonnie, his EQUAL in every way, like the BAMF that she is, despite being hurt, uses her powers to drag her hubby out of Kai’s grip and Damon is trying to fight her, but he can’t, and before he can understand anything, she’s thrown the ascendant right in his hands, putting his life and happiness BEFORE her own.

And I’m just here balling in plaid like,

Damon sucked into the light, yelling “NOOOOO” in a broken scream, because he can’t bear the idea of living without his wifey 

Then there’s the Defan hug and Stefan the Bamon fanboy breaking down in the arms of his big brother

And by the end of it I’m just an emotional wreck

Klaus leaned over Lucas’ shoulder to take a look at the pictures he took this morning. “How did they turn out?”

The young hybrid shrugged his shoulders. “So far they’re okay. I need to work on my angles more.” He bit the inside of his cheek as he stared at the picture of Aurora playing in their mother’s garden. “Also my lighting.” He pointed to the computer screen. “It’s too dark.”

Klaus nodded his head agreeing with the statement. The picture was a bit dark. To the human eye, one could not tell but the Original Hybrid could. “Something was blocking the sun. Made it a bit dark around the edges. You need more patience.” He brought chair from across the room to sit next to Lucas. “It would’ve been perfect if you were actually going for it.”

Lucas shook his head. “It wasn’t.”

He clicked through some more pictures of the Bennett-Mikaelson’s Big Brunch. It was an eventful affair. Family and friends of the Mikaelsons and Bennetts were invited. The backyard was decorated with spring-ful touches. The table was filled with food, family, and friends. They even had a seat in between Bonnie and Lucy with a single white rose on the cushion to honor Grams, since she was the one to start this tradition.

Though the supernatural family have had its dark times, it was a relief to find a sliver of light in between. With targets on the King and Queen of New Orleans, the family hardly had any downtime. Bonnie made it her mission to have a day with just her family, crazy ass druids and maniac blood thirsty wolf packs be damned.

Lucas continued to scan through the photos. The eldest Bennett-Mikaelson overall was happy with how the photo turned out…minus the tiny flaws. It made the little one’s heart warm seeing his family together again. He was happy to be in their Tudor home. He was happy to have his parents, aunts, uncles, and friends so close by. They needed this day and watching the stills on his laptop from the brunch made him content. He caught so many wonderful moments it was hard not to take pictures of everyone. Lucas’ camera never left his hand.

He clicked the next picture seeing one furrowed browed Henrik concentrating on the book he was reading in “his corner” on the hammock with Kol looming over him pointing to something in the book. Another where Uncle ‘Lijah peaceful lying against the big willow tree at the far end of Bonnie’s garden, reading to Aunt Gia. Her eyes were closed and a hint of smile curled at her lips. She was resting her head on Elijah’s lap with his fingers tangled in her dark locks. The next one was Cousin Lulu (Lucy), tante Nora, Bonnie, and Hayley sitting on the wide porch steps barefoot and laughing drinking Grams’ famous sweet tea. There was a shot of Aurora and little Oliver running through the star magnolia trees. Aunt Bekah and Marcel holding hands as they walked down the stone path. Freya blowing bubbles for Aurora and Ollie to pop. A huff of laughter broke through Lucas’ lips when a close up of a sleeping baby Aleksander lying on his mommy’s tummy, fat cheek squished and all.

His close favorite was the one where he took a picture of everyone around the table. Through the liveliness and commotion with everyone laughing, talking, and eating, there was a moment where he caught his father and mother staring lovingly at each other. It was as if there wasn’t anyone but them. They only mattered.

However, his favorite have to be the picture of his mother. Lucas stared at the picture. He remembered everything being bright and warm when he took the photo. Like his father, Lucas had a talent to catching people in the moment and this was one of them. He remembered the tingling in his chest and warmth. His feet snuggled deep into the hot grass and skin prickled with light sweat under the May sun. His hands were steady as his heart beat, then click.


He felt his father lean closer over his shoulder seeing the picture of his wife’s wide bright and carefree smile.

Klaus didn’t notice his hand moving forward to touch the laptop screen. His index fingers traced the lines on Bonnie’s face, then her small nose. She colored her hair into a much brighter brown than he was used to. He loved it of course. He thought the light chestnut hue made her skin glow. Freckles of gold danced in her hair under the sunlight. Gem cat eyes gleaming with laughter. Klaus’ eyes then travelled down her slender neck then traced every swirl and line of her floral dress.

He remembered her picking out the long maxi dress that morning. He was lying on the bed watching her move about around their room. She was simply beautiful. Her hair was in a messy top bun with little loose tendrils brushing against the two fang marks on each side of her neck. She was wearing his maroon v-neck, that moments before was littered on the floor along with his dark jeans and her sinful red velvet dress from their frantic love making.

Klaus buried his head on Bonnie’s pillow, remembering the night before. He could still feel the stripes on his back from her nails. The little nips on his neck healed but he could feel the stinging contrast with the softness of her lips. He buried his face deeper into her pillow. It still smelled like her. Lavender and honey with a mix of clean sweat. His hands clutched the ivory bed sheet. Her body heat seeped into his skin and the light dampness of her wetness soaked his fingertips. He wanted her again. The hybrid shiver from the thought.

Peeking from Bonnie’s pillow, he realized she was saying something to him. For some strange reason he couldn’t make out what she was saying. He admit he wasn’t paying as much attention before because he had other ravenous thoughts on his mind…still did actually. He wasn’t doing it on purpose, but his little witch was making him unbearably flustered again.

Though Klaus wasn’t paying attention, he did know his wife was excited for today. She was craving family time for these past months. They have been living in the compound while the children stayed with his mother and Aunt Dahlia. It was too dangerous for the children to be with them while the threat was still at large.

Klaus missed his children, but it was his wife who was going through it. It was her first time being away from the children. She stayed at the compound for a few days, sometimes a week she could manage, but months? She couldn’t stand it.

It was killing her to be away from them. They talked, texted, Skype, but it wasn’t the same. She couldn’t understand how Klaus could do it. She knew it wasn’t easy for him of course. Klaus always missed his children when he was away. She also knew her husband would do everything and anything to protect his family, even if it meant being away.

It was only yesterday the king and queen got to go home to their Tudors house from a long battle with the druids. Finally peace. Bonnie deserved this. They all did. His family needed to be together and the Bennett-Mikaelson Big Brunch was just what they needed.

Klaus watched as Bonnie lay her dress on the bed. She looked up at him ready to say something about tablecloth colors but stopped. She then crawled over to Klaus and kissed him ever so gently. It was then Klaus felt like he had forever. Staring at this picture now his talented son took reminded him of that.

He had forever with Bonnie.

He had forever with his beautiful children.

His babies are his world and Bonnie was his eternity. He loved them beyond comprehension and he’d be damned if he lost them. He had everything and it showed through this picture of Bonnie.

Klaus stood from his seat beside his son. He kissed the top of his curly head then lightly caress the little hairs on the nape of his neck. “Send me a copy of that picture.” He gave Lucas a parting pat on his shoulder then turned to leave out his son’s room.

Lucas twisted around in his chair giving his father’s back a curious glare. “Are you going to frame it?”

Klaus paused from going down the steps to look back at his son. “No.” He continued down the stairs following the chimes of laughter from his daughter and wife in the backyard. “I’m going to paint it.”

Lucas nodded even though his father didn’t see it. He turned back to his mother green eyes staring lovingly back at him. Flashes of taking the picture filled his mind.

Bonnie had the sudden urge to dance and thought torturing her son would be a fantastic idea. Lucas was minding his business wiping Aleksander’s slobber off his expensive camera lens when suddenly, he was grabbed from his seat. His mother dragged him into the fray of Bennett-Mikaelson madness.

“Stop hiding behind that camera and dance with me.”

Lucas pouted. He hate dancing. “But ma -”

“Don’t ‘ma’ me. Now come on. Dance with your mother.” She bumped her hip with his.

Bonnie moved fluidly around Lucas to and froe to the sound of Freddie Scott, Same ol Beat 7, while Lucas move stiffly side to side. This was embarrassing.

“How come you didn’t ask pop to dance with you? He’s not doing anything.”

“Keep me out of your affairs, child.” Klaus yelled from across the yard with Aleksander on his shoulders. “Don’t bring your misfortunes on me.”

Bonnie stopped dancing and placed her hands on her hips ignoring her husband’s comment and son’s cute pout. “I want to dance with my son. Is that too much to ask?”

Lucas mumbled no and danced with his mother but he didn’t enjoy it. Too much unnecessary movement. His mother knew he couldn’t stand dancing and yet she still drags him out to dance sometimes. It was torture to his nine year old, body and soul.

While moue silently, Bonnie had mercy on his soul and took up another dance partner. His mother and Godmother Hayley moved about to the blowing horns and drums keeping the same ol beat. Lucas started to take pictures of both of his mothers doing silly dances and faces with the children. Bonnie whipped her head around to him, then -

Click. Absolute magic…at least that was what it felt like to the young hybrid.

Bonnie Adara Bennett-Mikaelson was magic, nature, and love in its true form in that moment.

After he took the picture, Bonnie shook her head but her smile never faltered. She reached over to kiss Lucas’ head soundly and told him she loved him. She left him to picked up Aurora and started dancing with her.

“Lucas!” The boy snapped out of his thoughts, then turned to his mother standing on the top step. “I’ve been calling you for the past five minutes, boy.” She sighed before speaking again. “We’re about to watch a movie and have some snacks. You comin’?” She motioned her head back towards downstairs.

“Come downstairs Lukey!” Aurora yelled from the living room. “We’re about to watch the Princess and the Frog!”

Lucas groaned. “Again?”

Bonnie shrugged. “We didn’t complain when you wanted to watch Dark Knight for the fiftieth time.”

“Twelfth.” He grumpily corrected her.

“Oh boohoo.” She made a dismissive gesture with her hand. “So I was off a couple. It’s Aurora turn to pick a movie. You know this.” Bonnie held out her hand wiggling her fingers playfully. “At least it’s not Frozen.”

“Thank the Gods for small favors.” He heard his father mumble making Henrik snort.

Lucas shook his head then stared at Bonnie’s out reached hand. “So…” His eyes came back to his mother’s. “You comin’, Peanut?”

Little Klaus hurried and sent the picture to his father’s e-mail, then shut down his laptop. He ran out the room only to run back into his room to grab his camera and lens.

He met his mother by the stairs as she shook her head. “You and that camera.” She took her son’s hand in hers to pull him to her side. She pecked small kisses over his face, especially his dimple cheeks. Bonnie gave him more when the young hybrid protested the whole journey to the living room where his family awaited him.

Lucas have been told he was a mama’s boy and that may be true. However, that didn’t take away from the three important things he knew when it came to his mother.

He respected Bonnie, the Mother of New Orleans witch.

He admired the blessed one, Bonnie the balance protector.

But he absolutely loved Bonnie the mother most.

My reactions to 7x11

Damon calling “Bon” in a choked whisper after realising that he seriously F’ed up.

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Damon feeding BonBon his blood (again!) and apologizing like a mad person

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Everything else

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Damon burning Elena’s ass

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^^^^^ Literally Bamon vs Dullena fans right now ^^^^^^

No but seriously, this seems too good to be true. I don’t think Damon really burned Eggbert. My theory is that Tyler knew that Damon would eventually come to him with a lame ass request like that and just led him to an empty coffin. That’s why he had a gun hidden there. Crazy Damon didn’t see the difference and when he burned up the empty coffin, I think he just hallucinated seeing Ethel in the middle of the flames… I mean guys, you know how unhealthily attached to dullena Dries is…

But still, let’s appreciate the irony of Damon burning his “twin flame” to a crisp. The dude still thinks it was real

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That’s just funny as hell. And please let us never forget how he Ian just stood there like

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And then just went home to sip some bourBON like nothing happened

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dullena for life right? #BamonIsRising

I cannot fucking WAIT to gif that Bonnie/Nora scene. That was EVERYTHING. SO important to have those things said to her, to have her say those things, even if not in a romantic context. This informs so much about Bonnie’s arc this season, and gives her a POV, and shows the path she’s headed down. And it’s a path I’m beyond excited about!!

Didn't watch the show but...

heard that Liz Forbes finally kicked the bucket. So I saw the promo for next week and apparently a WHOLE EPISODE is gonna be devoted to addressing everyone’s sadness and Caroline’s sense of loss, and I’m like



I mean yes I get it, losing a parent is devastating which ever the circumstances, but there is such a double standard here. Either the Scooby gang consoles BOTH girls who lost their parent or doesn’t console EITHER

I mean Caroline at least had a chance to try and save her Mom and when it didn’t work out, to prepare herself and get used to the idea that she was going to lose her mother, said mother who died peacefully in her sleep, while Bonnie freaking WITNESSED HER FATHER’S THROAT BEING SLIT OPEN, POWERLESS TO EVEN HOLD HIS HAND AS HE DIED!!!! And NOBODY in the Scooby gang gave two shits about it, nor has Bonnie’s trauma ever even been addressed. In what world is that fair??!

Next time anyone tells you this show isn’t racist, feel free to reblog this.

Is it me or was the episode full of foreshadowing?

So I normally post an episode gif reactions but the only scene I care about is that very last Bamon scene. OH THE FEEEEELS!!! It fully made up for what was otherwise a truly cringe-worthy Dullena fest!

First off, congrats to us, we called it as usual, the gift was the cure! When BonBon pulled that familiar little box out of her bag I was like

But when she said “for Elena” I was like

Then, just like the rest of you, I rewatched the scene a million times and I realized something. Given Damon’s facial expressions, it’s almost as if for the very first time Bonnie Bennett got something slightly wrong: he didn’t want the cure for Eldebert, he wanted it for himself. I mean think about it, he devised that whole plan while in 1994 when he had NO HOPE whatsoever of making it back to present day Mystic Falls, so why would he waste his time hunting down the cure for someone he was never going to see ever again?

Secondly, did y’all catch it? At one point in the episode, Lily tells Damon that her creepy desiccated friends made her feel human again and as she speaks, the camera cuts to Damon’s face as if he’s recognizing that he has something in common with his mother: how much they both miss being human (remember season 2 when he admitted to that random girl that he missed being human “more than anything in the world”?).

I think that Bonnie’s gesture did really shake him to his core because - whether she realizes it or not - it is forcing him to face himself and what he really wants instead of just slipping back into his old life and living the lie he always has, believing that all he’s ever wanted is to “get the girl”. The truth is that all Damon Salvatore has ever wanted is to be loved. Not to be a vampire, not to get in some girl’s pants. All he’s ever wanted is to be truly accepted for who he is, good and bad. Something that we’ve established Eggbert can never give him, but that Bonnie just does without even realizing it. Ask yourself why he didn’t exactly jump up and down when Bonnie gave him the cure; because he feels conflicted about it and I think that conflict mirrors pretty beautifully his feelings for Bonnie, because to some extent, Bonnie Bennett is his cure. She represents a chance at salvation, at normalcy, at being human away from toxicity, blood lust and basically being an abomination of nature. Sure, Damon could be the answer to Bonnie’s prayers, but as we’ve learned with our OTP, their relationship isn’t one sided and Bonnie could well be the answer to Damon’s prayers as well.

I think that whole scene was full of tremendous Bamon foreshadowing, and not only because of the very obvious “BonBon” moaning while he was making out with Eleanor. I mean yeah, this does say it all… 

Careful Damon, I might start to think you actually… Ah forget it! MARRY HER ALREADY!!! No but seriously, believe it or not, the eye sex is not what “shook me to my core” ;) What got to me is this:

Bamon have a thing with holding hands. They’re both pretty awful at putting their feelings into words, especially with each other and holding hands somehow helps them materialize what’s going on inside. That half a second is packed with so much emotion and meaning that it makes that pissy Dullena make out session look like a rotten sandwich. And can we talk about this?

How beautiful, poetic and freakin perfect it is that Bonnie bloody Bennett is THE ONLY CHARACTER who’s ever truly trusted Damon with ANYTHING, let alone such a mind blowing decision? She’s not belittling, patronizing him, or guilt tripping him into “being the better man”. She’s fully trusting his judgment, letting him know that whatever his decision may be in the end, she’s perfectly cool with it.

On TV and in movies, camera shots matter! Why did they do TWO close ups on Bonnie holding Damon’s hand? That folks, is foreshadowing! I think, in that moment, Damon is beginning to realise that he’s seeing Bonnie differently. In that scene, it is his interaction with Bonnie - which involved almost no physical contact - that really mattered, not that gross and frankly overdone Dullena make out scene. Damon’s interactions with those two women stand on complete opposite sides of the spectrum and pretty much summarize why we ship Bamon. Dullena is shallow, physical and selfish (freakin Lily Salvatore with super vampirical hearing was upstairs and they were still planning on doing it?), while Bamon is deep, emotional and selfless. That scene has so much subtext, it’s insane! It may be my shipper goggles talking but what I saw was the approaching end of Damon’s immature-toxic-chip-on-his-shoulder ways materialized through his affair with Edna and the dawn of a more mature-true-to-himself-comfortable-in-his-own-skin Damon brought about through his relationship with Bonnie. Bonnie and Damon both seem to be coming into their own this season and I’m loving it!


This Bamon video created by Leah Hale on Youtube…made me cry!!! OMG