young bobby forever



Glasgow, April 14th. 
Peter Capaldi and Robert Carlyle: two glaswegians, two actors, two awesome men. Both they were born in Glasgow on april 14th (Peter in 1958 and Robert in 1961). Happy birthday, guys. You are growing old, but for me you will be forever young.

Somewhere In Neverland | 02

✒  Here is chapter two, hope you guys continue liking the fic :)

“Tell me how you feel over and done with, like your life is a map with no compass.” 

           It was weird going back to your dorm room later that same night and taking the time to clean it out completely. Yes, you started a couple days ago by taking down posters and getting your boxes together, but you’d been putting off the whole “finally cleaning the dorm” thing for a while, but tonight was the last night, and you had no choice.

           You went out with the boys for a while just an hour before. You ate, laughed, and even played a couple rounds of karaoke at that place down the street that never seemed to get any customers, other than you guys. It was weird, but you all preferred it that way; it made you feel like it was your place and no one else’s.  

           But after the partying died down a bit and you remember your messy dorm, you excused yourself from the fun and slipped away. The boys were mostly too absorbed in Junhoe’s performance to mind your absence, aside from Bobby however. He managed to discreetly slip away as well right after you and see where you were heading.

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