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Here it is, the long-awaited trailer for DT 2017! 

This is more than we were hoping for, folks, and my hopes were pretty high.

Here are my scattered thoughts on the trailer:

I love the angle the series seems to be taking, which isn’t too far from the original series or the Barks and Rosa stories. Scrooge is a mystery to Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They’ve only heard the legends, but little do they know that he’s still an amazing adventurer, that he’s “tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties” (glad they included that all-important character-establishing line in the trailer).

Strangely enough, Scrooge’s voice, while distinctly different from the classic series, is close enough to not be all that jarring. It sounds like David Tennant is a worthy successor to Alan Young, much in the same way Chris Pine as Captain Kirk is a worthy successor to William Shatner. Different voices (although Young and Tennant both have tons of energy and vivacity), but similar enough you don’t think the character is different. That’s key to recasting any role played by one actor for ages. 

Fantastic job, DT creative team!

I know this is only a 90-second trailer, but I think the nephews and Webby are going to be the biggest adjustment for me. In this teaser, they’re kinda loud and annoying at times, but I think I see the real characters in some of the snippets of dialogue we hear. For example, after finding out he’s taking them to stay with Scrooge, at least for the weekend, Louie says to Donald, “You’re finally going to sell us.” That made me laugh out loud.

I do hope the writers have given the nephews and Webby genuine moments of humanity (strange to say that about ducks, I know). Their “realness” in the original series was key to their appeal. Based on what I’m seeing here and what Frank Angones has said, though, I don’t think we’re in danger of DT 2017 misfiring too much, if at all. 

A few other notes:

Donald and Scrooge are as fascinating as ever. I wonder if they have a prior relationship in this version of the series, and I wonder if they’re estranged. 

I love the Barks paintings on the walls of Scrooge’s mansion. Nice Easter Egg, DT creative team. 

Webby recognizes who the nephews are and seems to view them as celebrities. Curious and curiouser… 

I love when Webby calls Donald “one of the most daring adventurers of all time.” Glad he’s getting his due as something other than a foul-tempered fowl. 

We see Launchpad at the end of the trailer in another character-establishing moment (which the trailer excels at, BTW). Launchpad made me laugh. That’s a good sign for Beck Bennett’s take on the character.

The updated theme song packs a punch and made me feel five all over again, giving me that sense of anticipation I used to get (and still get with the DVDs) whenever DuckTales began each afternoon. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary music stylings and nostalgia. 

I love that this series is about family. That was so important to the original DT and made it one of the less preachy, but more impactful series of the 80s and 90s because it demonstrated how a family works and how a family includes everyone who is close to you, not just your blood relatives. 

Finally, adventure, adventure, adventure. The action, coupled with all of the character moments in the trailer, was invigorating and chilling and thrilling and almost made me cry, lol. My gosh, I’m so excited for DT 2017! And I think the kids will be, too! My two-year-old nephew watched the trailer and kept exclaiming, “More DuckTales! More DuckTales!”

No wonder Disney has already renewed it for a second season…

What are your thoughts? Which Easter Eggs did I miss? Anyone have a copy of the premiere episode they’d like to leak to me? Are the Russians still into DuckTales? ;-)

‘”Defenders of the Universe, huh? Has a nice ring to it.”

Arise (Part I) l A Voltron (Space Family) Fanmix

1. Particles of the Universe (Heartbeats) - Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin | 2. Green Light - Green Light | 3. Zaris - Mooncake | 4. Splashdown - Adam Young | 5. Paperman - Christophe Beck | 6. First Step On The Surface - Adam Young | 7. Star Wars Piano Lullaby Pt. II - Kathryn Ziegner | 8. Holding Out for a Hero - Frou Frou


Part II

1. Radioactive vs. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Imagine Dragons & Fall Out Bo | 2. Catharsis - Oscar H. Caballero | 3. Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars | 4. In the Air Tonight - Natalie Taylor | 5. Launch - Adam Young | 6. California Dreamin’ - Sia | 7. Re-Entry - Adam Young | 8. 静かな想い - 久石譲


Part III

1. Candlepower - Chris Zabriskie | 2. In My Dream Last Night - Jake Sidwell | 3. Get Up - Barcelona | 4. Lunar Landing - Adam Young | 5. Hallelujah - Imogen Heap | 6. Last Agni Kai - The Track Team | 7. Everybody Wants To Rule the World - Lorde | 8. Young Blood (Renholder Remix) - The Naked and Famous



Auburn & brunette Meg Girys around the world

  1. Jee Hyun Noh, World Tour
  2. Georgia Ware, West End
  3. Dan Young Jung (?), Seoul
  4. Christina Tan, Australian Tour
  5. Julie Collins, Hamburg
  6. Sharon Millerchip, Melbourne
  7. Alicia Beck, West End
  8. Paloma Garcia Lee, US Tour
  9. Lucy Potter, Hamburg and UK Tour

And also: Diana Kaarina Wong, Catriona Ferguson, all South Korean Megs, and also a lot of borderline examples in the US (in particular Heather McFadden).

JokesOnJess’ Masterlist

Last updated: 30th September 2017

G’Day, guys! Welcome to JokesOnJess’ Masterlist! (hey, it’s me!). Looking through my posts, everything seemed a little chaotic and everywhere, so I’ve just complied all of my writings here, which will be updated with every story post I make. 

If you have an idea you would like me to write, please shoot me an ask here. It can be anything Marvel or Sebastian Stan related. This list can only get bigger, as is the initial plan. So, please, don’t be shy and challenge me with as many ideas as you wish.

Below the mark is the full Masterlist, so enjoy!

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This Sucks (Warren Worthington)

Request:  Can I get the soulmate au where you both have matching marks that glow whenever you are around each other. With Warren Worthington/Angel, please and thank you!

so you said matching marks and idk why i automatically went to a band on the wrist that everyone shares but the redness is specifically like when you hold a light up to your pinkie finger and it shines through, like there’s an actual light in your wrist and i didn’t mention it but when you touch the band turns white white.

You stared at your wrist, the band glowing faintly.

An hour at Xaviers School for the Gifted and already your life is looking up. Of course, part of which is because you’ve finally become one of the weekly boarders in the school. Previously, your parents had ruled that you needed to come home, on the two-hour bus each night and go to school on the same bus in the mornings, because you were “just a kid”.

Now, after everything the school and your kind have been through with the Apocalypse, your parents have allowed you to spend your weekdays there and return every second weekend.

And it looks like this is gonna be a good semester if your wrist is anything to go by.

“No way!” Jubilee gasps, staring at your glowing wrist when you proffer it to her. Her fingers are delicate as she traces the eerily red band. She giggles softly before meeting your gaze again and your chest aches to see the sheen on her eyes. “I’m really happy for you.”

“I know,” you say, a laugh escaping you as you pull her into a hug. “You’re just very jealous and angry, I would be too.”

She sniffles, then laughs, then pulls from your arms and fixes with you a big smile. “So it’s one of the new kids!”

“Totally!” You nod, your excitement resurging and she starts rattling off names, then crossing them from her list.

“James Beck, too young, Nikki Elan, too female, Pedro… He might be it. Then there’s Kurt, you left before he got here, and Warren- ew, I hope it’s not him. He’s a nightmare. Oh, and Ororo, she’s a girl but sometimes people get those glitches,” she says, her brows furrowed and you swallow the laughter in your belly. Glitches. “So in total, you have five options. Pedro, Warren, Kurt, Ororo and Benji K.”

“Benji K?”

“Well Benji, Benji J and Benji T are all called Benji.”

“Right! I love Benji.” You beam, remembering the crazy haired older boy. You had the wildest crush on him last year, only diminished when he dunked Brandons face in the custard pie and kissed Brandons girlfriend.

Last year was wild.

“Hi Kurt!” Jubilee chirps, her steps faltering as the two of you pass him, his smile bright. Your footsteps don’t slow, your gaze subtly on your wrist where it’s pressed to your waist. Jubilee guides you around a corner, her arm linked through yours and her laugh is a sweet sound that has you looking up.

What must be Benji K and Pedro are talking together just down the hall.

“It’s not them,” you whisper to her as the two of you near and she frowns, disappointed.

That only leaves you with Bad Egg Warren and ‘Glitch’ Ororo.

“Maybe you’re a glitch?” She says hopefully and you force a smile. What she’s said about this guy, honestly, he seems awful.

Stepping out onto the lawn, she scans the grass and you feel your heart quicken as your wrist glows a bit brighter.

“Well, there’s-”

“Warren,” you croak, your gaze glued to the blonde boy who stares at his wrist. The joint looks burned by how unnaturally red it is. “I can’t go over there.”

“What?” Jubilee gasps, releasing your arm to stand in front of you, blocking your visual of your soulmate.

“You said he was bad! You said… He’s bad and evil and did awful things to people who deserved better and what if he does awful things to me?” The words are thick and you can feel your face going red, a lump rising in your throat.

“Y/N, I’m sorry,” she whispers, her palms on your biceps comfortingly, “I said those things when I shouldn’t have- well, maybe I should have since you’d need a heads up… Anyway! You’re a mutant, Y/N, you can affect your matter to literally become intangible. There’s no situation where a jerk- your soulmate or anyone else- could actually lay a hand on you without your permission and even if it did happen, you wouldn’t let it stand. And even if all that failed and he’d hurt you and you hadn’t dealt with him or told anyone, I would help you. We’ve got this covered. Go meet him.”

“Meet me?”

The voice behind Jubilee startles you both and she yelps, leaping behind you with a few sparkles popping above her hair and you’re left staring at sky blue eyes and sunshine hair.

He looks like a fallen angel. A Christian cherub all grown up.

“Y-yeah, meet you,” you manage, not thinking as you hold up your palm for a high five and he stares at it. His gaze doesn’t move for long enough that you panic and start to lower your hand, only for his hand to smack against it and his fingers to interlace with yours.

“Hello, then, I’m Warren and I’m not like what they say I am,” he says, stepping closer to you and you feel Jubilee move back, but your feet are glued to the ground. “I’m worse and I’m so sorry that you’re my soulmate but I can already tell I’m going to be so in love with you and I hope you’ll love me too.”

Someone whispers a curse behind you but you can’t focus on that, can’t focus on anything but the natural disaster right in front of you.

“You’re going to be a nightmare, aren’t you?”

He nods once, his other hand rising to gently cup the side of your throat.

“And you have lots of issues?”

Another nod.

“But you’re good now. Right?”

He hesitates, his eyes darting over your features before he nods once more and you sigh, letting your eyes fall closed for a moment.

“Please,” he whispers and the words cracks your chest open.

Blinking your eyes back open, you tangle your free hand in the material of his shirt and pull, the tiny distance between the two of you eaten up when his lips press to yours.


If you haven’t seen Baby Driver I’d 10/10 recommend it. The soundtrack is the greatest thing since bread. Debra’s on it even. Hot damn. 

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Search and Rescue

Summary: After finding a terrified young Beck, you begin the search for her father, Dr Chris Beck, also your secret crush

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Word Count: 2698

Warnings: swearing but other than that, none really. Littered with fluff!

A/N: Thank you, Anon, for requesting! I had my work cut out for me this time, considering I have minimal knowledge of NASA and have only seen The Martian once. Hopefully, I did things good though :)

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Chris couldn’t help the grin on his face as the NASA facility he worked at came into view. He glanced briefly at his four-year-old daughter, Carina, as they approached. While being strapped down in her high chair, she was making rocketship sounds with her mouth as she made her little plastic shuttle fly through the air.

“Daddy?” She asked after a moment, clearly getting bored. Chris grinned. Carina had the shortest attention span he’d ever seen. But, then again, she was only four. “Yes, starlight?” He smiled and saw the cheeky giggle she erupted into.

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A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
“Love at first sight.” It comes out as hardly more than a whisper, but the quietest words carry in this vast, echoing room. “I’ve always thought real love could only come later. After you both know each other, trust each other. After days, or weeks, or months spent together—learning to understand everything that isn’t spoken out loud.”

Paul smiles, which only makes his eyes look sadder. “One can grow into the other, my lady.” His words are even quieter than mine. “I have known that to be true.”

When we look at each other then, he silently admits something beautiful and dangerous. Does he see the same confession in my eyes?”