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A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
“Love at first sight.” It comes out as hardly more than a whisper, but the quietest words carry in this vast, echoing room. “I’ve always thought real love could only come later. After you both know each other, trust each other. After days, or weeks, or months spent together—learning to understand everything that isn’t spoken out loud.”

Paul smiles, which only makes his eyes look sadder. “One can grow into the other, my lady.” His words are even quieter than mine. “I have known that to be true.”

When we look at each other then, he silently admits something beautiful and dangerous. Does he see the same confession in my eyes?”

anonymous asked:

I love your depictions of the Dear Evan Hansen characters! Who do you think you'd FC for them? Off the top of my head, I'm thinking Okieriete Onaodowan as Evan and Alice Lee as Zoe.

Also, I forget how old Heidi is supposed to be, but I’m feeling Tonya Pinkins for her.

I honestly never gave much thought to face claims for my character designs, but after thinking about it a bit, I have come up with some ideas!

Evan Hansen - Young Okieriete Onaodowan

Heidi Hansen - Tonya Pinkins

Zoe Murphy - Go Ah Sung

Connor Murphy - No Min-Woo

Jared Kleinman - Jesse Heiman (but with straight hair)

Cynthia Murphy - Kin Hae Sook

Larry Murphy - Ji Jin Hee

Alana Beck - Young Janet Mock


Cosettes and Fantines backstage.

  1. Celinde Scheonmaker and Emilie Fleming (London)
  2. Sophia Ragavelas and Gina Beck (London)
  3. Lilian Marti (unsure on the Fantine, it should be Maya Hakvoort but it looks nothing like her to me.) (Germany)
  4. Joanna Ampil and Lydia Griffiths (London)
  5. Nikki Renee Daniels and Idara Victor (Broadway)
  6. Betsy Morgan and Siri Howard (Quinlan) (US Tour)
  7. Caissie Levy and Melissa Mitchell (Broadway)
  8. Sierra Boggess and Samantha Dorsey (London)
  9. Na-Young Jeon and Samantha Dorsey (London)
I sometimes wonder what Taylor thinks about Raydor’s personal life.

From what I heard, wasn’t he supposed to be the biggest gossip on The Closer? I can see that with Taylor he would not be surprised by Brenda Leigh’s quirky offbeat family members. But with Raydor I can imagine him thinking that she would have a completely dull life outside of the LAPD and would be interest in men that are highly intelligent professor types who would freak out if they got a traffic ticket.

I can just imagine him having a conversation with Brenda about Raydor’s social life.

Taylor: Captain Raydor, has a, shall we say a dramatic personal life.
Brenda: Really!?
Taylor: Raydor’s ex-husband-
Brenda: Wait…Captain Raydor was married!?
Taylor: Yes, to say he’s a mess would be an understatement. A lawyer, very charming but an alcoholic and a gambling addict. Not a good husband or father. Apparently they were separated for 20 years before divorcing. Then there’s Rusty Beck.
Brenda: Rusty Beck? That young boy from the Stroh case? Now what does he have to do with Captain Raydor?
Taylor: She adopted him. And he always finds himself in trouble. If he’s not being stalked then he’s sticking his nose into one of our cases.
Brenda: My My, I never would have imagined that woman’s personal life would have been so interesting.
Taylor: At least you didn’t date one of your subordinates.
Brenda: Surely someone that transferred in. Not someone from my old squad.
Taylor: Actually Lt. Flynn.
Brenda: Cap..Captain Raydor and Lt. Flynn…*wide eyes*

Forever and Ever and Ever


The boy’s mother promised to return

soon, but the man she was with knew

better and said nothing.

The boy watched them cross the street and

go into the bar, then he climbed over the front

seat and sat behind the wheel.

In a diner window, a waitress moved between

two men who were eating alone at separate tables.

A  yellow taxi pulled up in front of the supermarket.

The driver got out and helped an old lady into the

back seat then loaded her groceries into the trunk.

As the taxi drove away, the skies opened and it

began raining heavily. The waitress came to the

window, holding a pot of coffee. It seemed to the

boy that this was the first time she had seen rain.

Hiding beneath a large red umbrella, a couple ran

through a puddle laughing—and  the boy noticed

the young girl in the back of the white sedan.

She was staring back at him, but a truck temporarily

blocked his view and separated them. The light in

the parking lot flickered its discontent. Condensation

began filling the windows. The boy used his hand

to wipe away some of the moisture, but when he

looked for her again she was gone. The car was still

there, but he couldn’t see her face. Then he saw

the love heart she had drawn in her window.