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#you know that moment when #your daughter grew up to be a beautiful young girl #and so badass and intelligent #and you just can’t handle the feels

Name: Katie “Pidge” Holt
Age: 19
Height: 1.60m
Origin: German
Fighting Style: White Crane Style Kung Fu

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Pidge/Katie gets to be the “badass young girl” character: she’s small, dangerous, and on a mission. This character often wears traditional clothing, so I designed an outfit for Katie that’s halfway between cyberpunk hoodie and a more traditional kimono-like-tunic (was not refering to traditional japanese kimono, hope it’s clearer now ;). “Pidge” is her hacker nickname because I have 90s fever atm :D

Blood in Numbers

Author: deanthewarrior

Request: So set when Sam and Dean were in high school. Dean x reader. (Y/N) always had this strange ability where she knew how “dangerous” someone was by looking at them on a scale of 1-10. For example, an ordinary kid would be a 1 while a trained man with a gun may be an 8. One day a new kid (Dean) walks in and he’s a 10. She’s intrigued and wants to find out why he so dangerous. She is kidnapped by whatever they were in town hunting and then she finally sees why.                                                    
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: mentions of drugging, violence, blood, sexy motherfucker young Dean.

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One time in 5th grade we had an exchange student named Soon-Yeong from Korea and we all thought he was the new class pet so we asked him lots of nosey questions that he didn’t understand and in return he gave us scented twistable crayons and shiny anime stickers as tribute then we found out he was really good at soccer so we took him out to play and he kicked the ball so high it hit a seagull flying by and it fell into the playground and we all crowded round to see if it was dead and after that Soon-Yeong was our hero.

To this day no one knows what happened to the seagull.


Requested Imagine: Can we see more of the young badass assassin reader and her adventures with the justice league. Anonymous
Part 1 Part 3
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“He won’t listen to me. Maybe he’ll listen to you,” Bruce says. To be honest you’re still angry about the whole toddler thing, but you know how important this. And he intrigues you so you do it. 

“But you’ll owe me one,” you say with a smirk and Bruce grunts something in return. He’s never been a man of many words. 

“Can I come?” Barry asks and both you and Bruce says no at the same time. If you weren’t mad at them both, you probably would’ve laughed. 

“I’ll head out now,” you say and go to grab your bag from your room. By now you always have your bag ready in case you need to leave quickly. You head out to the garage where your beloved motorcycle is. Even though it’s freezing outside you’ll use that since to you there’s simply no other way to travel. 

“I’ll be back in a couple of days,” you tell Bruce before driving away. About 6 hours later you’re in the small village where he supposedly sticks around from time to time. You’ve heard the story from Bruce, so you spot him immediately. There’s something about those eyes of his that just does something to you. He looks away and you know you won’t get anywhere if you just go talk to him. Instead you dive in headfirst and you can feel his eyes follow you - he is aquaman after all. 

“What I don’t do for the league,” you mumble under your breath as you swim around for a little while. 

“Join me,” you say and you know he hears you. A few seconds later you hear the splash and suddenly he throws you up on the deck and pins you down. 

“Why are you here?” he growls and no one seems to want to stop him. 

“Bruce,” you manage to get out as you struggle to catch a breath. 

“I told him no,” he says and his face is really close to yours. He seemed so angry. 

“But you didn’t tell me no. I won’t let you.” He’s finally giving you a chance to breathe. Rolling off you he walks away and you quickly get up to follow. You put your hand on his shoulder and turn him around. He takes a swing at you, but you block it easily. 

“Don’t be rude,” you say with a smirk. Water may be his playing field, but fighting is yours. 

“If I agree to help, will you leave me alone?” 

“Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of you helping?” you grin knowing you’ve won. And when you get home to rub it in Bruce’s face then all of this will be worth it. He growls at you and you decide he shall be named Grumpy.

“You know what I mean.”