young avengers now

i can’t get the idea of the young avengers going to a dumb college halloween costume party dressed up as the older avengers out of my head - like america goes as captain america, kate as hawkeye (she basically just dresses exactly the same as usual, she acknowledges that it’s a bit of a cop out, but she doesn’t care), teddy as hulk (he paints himself green and wears a shitty wig because he claims just turning green would take away half the fun), noh-varr as black widow (he thinks she’s pretty kick-ass, plus i reckon he’d be up for the costume), tommy as quicksliver, billy as thor and david who just goes as himself because he doesn’t have the time to make himself an outfit and most of his options are gone. but then some shit goes down (as it always does) and they actually have to fight but stuck in their home-made avengers costumes 

consuming actual queer content, especially genre fiction, is just so.. healing? listening to griffin talk abt Lup being trans in today’s taz episode, and now reading young avengers (where p much all the main characters are canonically explicitly queer) its just.. so Nice. fanfic is good bcause ya theres a lack of good queer rep, and headcanons can keep u going, but actual original queer content is just. it heals you.