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Bisexual Representation in Marvel Comics

In the words of David Alleyne, AKA Prodigy – “I’m bi. Never said that out loud.

Okay, so maybe not never, but I could probably count the amount of times I’ve directly stated those words on one hand. And why? Because being young and being bisexual is a taboo. It’s all about ulterior motives and secrets. I’m a young, female bisexual – so I must either be attention seeking or a closeted lesbian, right? Because apparently, after four years of knowing for certain my orientation, I still must be mistaken, because it doesn’t exist, right? Because keeping it a secret from everyone for over three years makes me attention seeking, yeah? Because, despite having a long term boyfriend (of three and a half years) who I love more than anything, I must just be masking my true lesbianism?

And so, bisexual representation in modern media is extremely important! And right now, after the revelation of Bobby Drake’s homosexuality last week, I’m wondering – really – what characters within the modern Marvel Universe have I encountered who are openly bisexual. And more importantly, how are they represented?

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