Marvel blog recs?

So I got asked to recommend some good Marvel and Loki blogs, but that got me thinking that I could do with some more Marvel blogs to follow as well, so I’m going to throw down some Marvel blogs I know and if anyone wants to reblog this post and add their own recs please do so! Feel free to rec your own blog! Saucy blogs welcome!

Marvel Creators 

here’s some blogs belonging to people that actually write/draw/etc. for Marvel



















Fan Blogs

askthederpvengers I think this blog might be inactive but it’s still cute

marvelmeta collects Marvel meta from across tumblr

askthesciencebros an adorable ask blog for MCU Tony and Bruce

adamwarrock this guy does raps about Marvel among other things and it’s pretty epic, look him up on Spotify if you’ve got it

waitingforthet comics about Marvel comics

thordaily exactly what you’d expect

sexy-salmon this Marvel blog is ridiculous I highly recommend it

siege-loki-problems lots of comic Loki

fuckyeahmarvelhumour compilation of Marvel funnies

hip-young-beamslinger there’s some great Kid Loki cartoons in here somewhere beyond all the Eurovision posts

all-the-young-avengers-feels a Young Avengers blog

spacehamsters lotsa Marvel stuff

geothebio some funny Avengers cartoons in here somewhere

joannaestep a bunch a cool fanart for stuff including Marvel, some nsfw in here

celestialess there’s some great Marvel fanart here if you go far back enough, nsfw included 

boltplumart more great Marvel fanart in here, again there’s some nsfw

askvision a really cute MCU Vision ask blog (with art) that I only just realised exists

So yeah, if any one has any other blogs they want to add, please reblog and do so! Also, I’m assuming that reccing someone’s blog without first asking permission isn’t against some sort of tumblr netiquette I’m unfamiliar with but if it is……oops?

Do you ever think about Kate Bishop’s age in relation to her being a young avenger.
Here we have this 18 year old leading minors (except maybe Eli) into battle.
Kate helped convince them to keep being super heroes and she funded their operation. She was team leader.
And then Cassie died at age 16 (ish).
Think about how guilty Kate must have felt about Cassie as whole. Not just as her best friend, but as her team leader and the person who convinced her to be a superhero in the first place. She led these kids not even old enough to legally vote into battle and the youngest one died

I feel like we need to talk more bout America Chavez.

She’s a teenage latina gay superhero from another dimension. Like, how could you not just love her? Oh, and she’s a member of the Young Avengers.

Yes. As in THOSE Young Avengers. Did I mention she’s incredibly bad-ass?

You wanna talk powers? This lady has powers up the wazoo. We’re talking super strength and durability, flight,

as well as bullet-proof skin.

Is Loki checking out her ass? goddamn it Loki she will kick you so hard in the face. Oh yeah, there’s another thing.

She can literally kick holes between dimensions to allow for instant travel across worlds. So, basically…

America Chavez is essentially the ultimate superhero and someone we DEFINITELY need to be talking about more often.