young aphrodite


am i not who you think of-                                                                               

golden hair marked with ash grows like envy,,                                                   she is who i want to be.                                                                                    i am not who you think of.                                                                                  

                                                                                                                           flash forward,,                                                                                                      venus has cut her hair.                                                                                                 she is not who you think of.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

aura has fallen. i am alone

                                                                                                                                   without thought.                                                                                            needless of aphrodite i remain sensual.                                                                   i am not who you think of.    

departure,,                                                                                                              i am who you thought of. 

So I’m working on a VLD/PJO fic rn, and let’s just say I got bored and made a lil’ list for ya’ll

  • Keith is a child of aphrodite
  • She stayed with his father until he was born then left, but Keith’s dad has pictures of her, and they have the same eyes
  • When he was three he and his dad moved to a small town in Virginia called Arus
  • Keith’s dad was quick to make friends in town, but Keith had a harder time due to the fact that he always saw monsters
  • He barely talked and you’d often find him suddenly turning tail and running away from everyone
  • At one point he was so scared of everything that he missed a week of school just because he wouldn’t leave his house
  • The only reason he came out was because his dad threatened to get rid of the kitten they’d picked up off the side of the road
  • Keith named her Red and could often be seen tugging her around like a stuffed animal
  • She curled up in his arms easily and was always with him, sometimes she’d even lay on his head when she was really young
  • He’s a really pretty kid and had admirers from every grade, including a certain Cuban boy
  • Lance had a crush on Keith since he was young, mainly starting when he helped him escape jail during  game of cops and robbers even if Keith wasn’t invited to play
  • But Keith moved a week later suddenly and wasn’t seen for a long, long time
  • Everybody thought he was taken away by a mental hospital or something due to his ‘outbursts’ on the street
  • In reality, a Cyclops attacked their house in the middle of the night
  • Keith’s dad died and he somehow managed to get away
  • It took him a year to find Camp, and when he first got there all he did was get into fights
  • He was eight years old in the infirmary nearly every day, and the Ares kids adopted him as their own on the conditions that he’d fight the dirty fights they didn’t want to deal with in case they pissed someone’s parent off
  • Safe to say there were a lot of broken bones, but Keith finally belonged, so he was happy
  • It was like this until he was twelve and got claimed by his mom
  • It happened at a campfire in the middle of summer
  • Somebody had just broken up a fist fight between him and a Hermes kid, and suddenly he’s decked out like a 90’s skater boy with flared eyeliner, sparkles and a broken, bleeding nose
  • So then he’s in a new house with people who want nothing to do with his temper
  • He’s the laughing stock of the Ares cabin, gets taunted by Hermes kids daily, and has to deal with glitter and giggles from dusk to dawn
  • It’s not until he’s thirteen that he finally caves and goes to his siblings to try and bond
  • It doesn’t take them long to teach him their ways (a.k.a full-on contour plus perfect eyeliner)
  • He’s still bad at flirting, but he’s got everything down pat, and if people even try to mess with his cabin then they get a face full of fist
  • At fourteen he’s elected cabin counselor
  • At fifteen, Shiro arrives, missing his arm and his memory
  • As a son of Pluto he’s not very welcome, whether it be his dad or his Roman lineage
  • Camp Jupiter used to be on good terms w CHB, but then about a year and a half before Shiro arrived their messages stopped
  • Then the Greeks found out about rogue demigods and the monsters taking over the camp, and because of that they cut the Romans off in hopes of keeping themselves safe
  • So when Shiro arrived not a lot of people trusted him
  • That is until they saw him and a young Aphrodite girl talking animatedly about eyeliner 
  • Him and Keith were seen around each other since then, often chatting about fighting and cute boys
  • The Hephaestus kids make him a prosthetic arm that he can control with his powers
  • During the whole process he sits with them in the forge and talks about the Vulcan kids back at Camp Jupiter and how been renovating the kitchens for over three months because somebody kept fucking up the ovens and making them explode
  • The cabin leader, Hunk, ended up making an SPQR engraving on Shiro’s new arm for him
  • After another year the oracle, Pidge, gave out a quest for the two of them

Child of the golden compass
It’s time to seek out your own justice
Travel to the mountain old
Retell your stories never told
Secrets kept will burn your mind
Your greatest hope you’ll never find

  • Pidge can only guide them towards where she thinks the ‘child of the golden compass’ will be 
  • Turns out it’s Arus
  • Pack your bags Keith-y boy it’s time to go home

And I’m leaving it there cause why the fuck not? Also if any of you try and decipher the prophecy, good luck to you, that thing’s interwoven into, like, five different plot points. It’s a Lit students worst nightmare



Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty & Eternal Youth

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and according to Hesiod’s Theogony, she was born from the foam in the waters of Paphos, on the island of Cyprus. She supposedly arose from the foam when the Titan Cronus slew his father Uranus and threw his genitals into the sea.

However, according to Homer, in Iliad, Aphrodite may instead be the daughter of Zeus and Dione. As with so many Greek deities, there are many stories about the origins of the gods.

Many gods believed that her beauty was such that their rivalry over her would spark a war of the gods. Because of this, Zeus married Aphrodite to Hephaestus – he wasn’t seen as a threat because of his ugliness and deformity.

Despite this marriage to Hephaestus, Aphrodite had many lovers. Her lovers include both gods and men – including the god Ares and the mortal Anchises. She also played a role in the story of Eros and Psyche in which admirers of Psyche neglected to worship Venus (Aphrodite) and instead worshiped her. For this, Aphrodite enlisted Eros (Cupid) to exact her revenge but the god of love instead falls in love with the girl.

Later, Aphrodite was both Adonis’s lover and his surrogate mother. This led to a feud with Persephone in which Zeus decreed Adonis should spend half of the year with Aphrodite and half of the year with Persephone.

Just some Drew Tanaka Headcanons

• loves legally blonde
• her hair color can change to fit her emotions
• kinda buff
• totally has a belly button piercing
• has a knack for languages
• Born in Brazil and lived there til she was five
• went to camp when she was ten
• either wears Silena’s camp necklace or keeps it on her somehow at all times
• can run in six inch heels
• went through an emo phrase when she was 12
• listens to Kate Nash and Regina Spektor
• wants to be an actress or singer
• Will introduce her to Broadway and she fell in love with it
• one day she will dress all girly and the next she will dress gothic or tomboyish. But will almost always wear heels
• has a huge sweet tooth
• she’s like 6'1 without any heels on
• gives the really young Aphrodite kids piggyback rides when no one else is around
• doesn’t care about what you say about her but don’t you even dare say anything bad about any of her siblings or there will be hell
• her and Nico become sarcasm buddies



“Eos (Dawn) the yellow-robed arose from

the river of Okeanos to carry her 

light to men and to immortals.”

                                (requested by catherinedemedici)

piper mclean tho

-saves everyone from hercules using a cornucopia
-lifts two unconscious 16yo boys, puts them on a flying horse, and rides the horse 2(ish) miles back to the ship
-again saves everyone from khione using her voice
-yet again saves everyone from the Gemini using her voice
-fights a full grown giant
-defies all stereotypes of a daughter of aphrodite
-teaches young girls that beauty is not everything
-saves her father from a giant
-her father finally learns what she truly is and then she has to erase his memory for safety issues which must be pretty emotional
-stands up for herself and her friends
-actually helps save the world

-is a WOC and fifteen years old

  • Aphrodite: Look in that mirror, I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady.
  • Piper: :)
  • Aphrodite: Oh look, you're here too!
Quietus Chapter 47 - SNEAK PEEK (Thanatos/Hades/Kore Flashback)

Kore gaped in astonished dismay as she watched Aphrodite twirl a lustrous long lock of golden hair flirtatiously around her slender index finger, whilst batting fluttering eyelashes at the handsome young god with the unruly, layered dark brown hair and sharp eyes.

It was the same one from earlier, Kore immediately recognised; one of the two, regal-looking deities who had been seated beside Hades on the podium. He was tall, and even more arresting on closer scrutiny. There was an almost languid grace about his posture.

She could scarcely believe it; Aphrodite really had not been jesting when she’d haughtily claimed that she could make any deity fall wildly in love with her – including an Underworld dweller. She hadn’t been joking when she’d promised Kore that she would make a pass at one, too, just to prove her point.

“It is Hypnos, isn’t it?” The Goddess of Love questioned.

He cocked his head. “You know who I am,” he commented, his voice light and pleasant. Its tone was rich, smooth and lulling. It seemed to match his namesake.

“Of course,” Aphrodite smiled one of her alluring, irresistible smiles, before she dramatically declared, “You and I share a fated connection, after all.”

His dark eyebrows shot up at that. Although Kore hung back at a safe distance by the entrance to the dancer’s tent, she could still make out the god’s expression with perfect clarity. To her great surprise, he did not appear anywhere near as smitten or flustered as all the other young deities Aphrodite usually approached. It normally only took her several minutes to have them either eating from her palm, or eyeing her with lustful, dishonourable intentions.

This one was doing neither. In fact, he seemed mildly amused, instead. As if he was in a benevolent mood and was choosing to indulge a small child, instead of the ravishing Goddess of Love and Beauty.

“And how is that?” he drawled, a small smile dancing upon his lips.   

“Love and Sleep,” she simpered coyly. “Is it not obvious?”

The deity’s gaze trailed unhurriedly over her voluptuous form, taking in the flattering manner in which her virginal white dress hung from her body. But he did so with marked detachment.

“I see,” Hypnos mused, making no move to alter the casual position he stood in, leaning nonchalantly back with his elbows propped on the wooden fence.

“What do you think?” Aphrodite flirted.

Hypnos appeared to consider a moment. Then he stated, “I think I have a far better idea.”

Aphrodite’s crystal-clear blue eyes widened. She leant forward, resting her own elbows on the post, also.

“And what might that be?” she purred seductively.

Hypnos did shift then. He turned, and leaning forward toward her in turn, he smiled. Aphrodite made a show of looking enthralled - when Hypnos suddenly held up an index finger, and tapped it once against her nose.

“I think you had better try your luck with some other, more gullible fool,” he smirked, before making a little shooing motion with his hand, as if to encourage her to leave. “Run along, now, little goddess.”

Kore’s lips parted. A deity who was refusing Aphrodite? And mocking her attempts at seduction? It was impossible! What uncommon strength of iron will, did Hypnos possess?

Aphrodite bristled at the rejection. “Little goddess?!” she exclaimed indignantly, her back straightening as a scowl formed on her features. Even frowning, she was dazzlingly beautiful. “How dare you-!”

“Well, that’s certainly changed your countenance, hasn’t it?” Hypnos remarked, feigning surprise.

“Now you listen here, you impertinent, pompous-”

“Pompous? Me?” Hypnos chuckled. “You should meet my cousins.”

Kore had seen quite enough. She went back into the tent. Now was her chance. She knew she wouldn’t get another one. While Aphrodite was preoccupied with Hypnos, and there was nobody else around to chaperone her, she had the opportunity to sneak toward the tent she had spied Hades entering earlier.

Her heart pounded as she slipped out of the back entrance of her tent and walked hurriedly in the direction she had seen Hades head. He wouldn’t recognise her, she told herself. Her braided hair and eye colour had been altered and she still wore the ornate mask that concealed half of her face, up to the bridge of her button nose. He would just think her one of the dancing nymphs he had watched perform earlier.

She knew the desire to see him was reckless. She knew it was probably unwise. But she strangely longed to, even if only for a moment, and the craving was far too great for her to dismiss.

She kept her head down as she passed numerous other tents, hoping she would not see anyone she knew along the way. Fortune seemed to favour her, for she did not.

Kore wondered why the butterflies in her stomach seemed to flap more agitatedly the closer she ventured to her intended destination. When she finally reached it, her heart was racing so fast that she almost turned and fled back to the safety of her own shelter.

She parted the heavy brown fabric – only for her eagerly seeking eyes to find the rich carpet covered interior empty. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment. Had she come to the wrong place? But she had been certain that he had entered this one. Or perhaps he had left already?

Her eyes widened when she then suddenly spotted a figure she’d initially overlooked in her haste, stationed almost beyond sight behind the decorative plume of large peacock feathers. The person was tall and cloaked entirely in black – in a hooded cloak identical to the one she had seen Hades pull on as he’d headed into the tent.

Her heart leapt. It was him!

Without thinking, she stepped forward into the tent, her mouth opening to call to him, just as he lifted his hands to push back the hood.

“Had-!” her breath hitched in alarm and she swallowed back the rest of his name, when the hood slipped away and the back of the head she found herself looking at did not match that of Hades. The silky hair was black, yes – but a different shade, and much longer, drawn up into a high, elegant tail atop his head. She realised her mistake far too late, however, for the figure, immediately noticing her presence, turned to regard her.

Kore had to fight to suppress a startled gasp. It was the other immortal she had seen earlier, the quiet, indifferent one who had been seated directly beside Hades. While Hypnos’s grace seemed a care-free, relaxed kind, this god carried a far more imposing and reserved air of grandeur about him. His dignified, authoritative bearing radiated a majestic aura of effortless grace and daunting brilliance. Yet as compelling as his form was, there was something else about him that was unnerving. Something almost dangerous, a potent, overpowering presence that froze Kore in place as his piercing, crimson eyes locked onto her. They seemed to stab through her soul with their searing intensity, and were rendered all the more striking by the long, heavy black lashes bordering them. Strands of long, raven black hair framed his face, and a garnet and gold droplet adorned his left ear lobe.

He was beautiful. So beautiful. Kore felt as though she were marvelling over a statuesque masterpiece, as her eyes darted over his face in dazzled confusion. She was entranced and afraid all at once. The chiselled perfection of his aristocratic features reminded her greatly of Hades; all sharp planes and sculpted angles. But he appeared older. Even more silently intimidating and magnificent, and she could not comprehend how that was even possible, how anyone could possibly match, much less surpass, the perfection that was Hades.

While he was not as smoulderingly intense or brooding as Hades in demeanour, and seemed not to possess the same degree of unabashed arrogance, his beauty, instead, was more unearthly.

He blinked at her. While there was no expression in his face, the suffocating weight of his heavy gaze suggested a depth of wisdom and knowing that went far beyond Kore’s young existence.

“I-” she finally stammered. “I am sorry! Please forgive me. I must have taken a wrong turn!”

The god spoke to her then, and his deep, quiet voice was akin to the richest of black silks, a smooth, dark, sensual caress that sent a violent tremor rattling down a startled Kore’s spine. His voice… it was irresistible and soothing. It glided seductively over the senses and rendered thinking a laborious task, indeed. It was the kind of voice to command immediate submission, and melt away all resistance, without the need to alter its tone or lift its pitch to the slightest degree.

“You called for Hades.”

It was not a question.

Kore gulped. So his ears had caught the name before she could take it back in time! There was no use in denying it. Her mind raced. Think! She urged herself, but the way he was watching her, so unnervingly, caused guilty heat to flood to her cheeks.

Somehow, she could not look him in the eye and lie. Averting her gaze, she fumbled, fidgeting awkwardly with her hands, “Ah- y-yes. I was sent by the Sun God to fetch him.” In an attempt to sound even more convincing, she ventured, “A-are you him?”

“…” There was a long pause, in which she could feel his eyes continuing to watch her intently. And then, “I am not.”

“Then please forgiv-” she began to bow courteously – for it seemed the correct and appropriate thing to do before this grand prince of a god – when another, more familiar, and equally as alluring voice rang clearly through the tent as an identically cloaked Hades suddenly entered in the opening opposite the one Kore had used.

“Thanatos. Hypnos is waiting for us by the-” he broke off abruptly, blinking as he noticed her standing there.

Kore’s heart was beating so thunderously, she could feel it shaking her entire body, shifting her internally like trembling quakes in the earth. The delectable sight of him made her breathless, and for an awful moment, she feared that he would somehow recognise her.

He glanced at the god Kore now knew was called Thanatos – and then inclined his head briefly toward her.

“Who’s she?” he questioned flatly.

“She is here for you,” Thanatos answered, and turned dismissively away to retrieve the sword behind him.

Hades regarded her aloofly. When she simply stared at him, his eyebrows drew together in distaste.

“Well, nymph?”

Kore swallowed, horrified that her voice might have abandoned her entirely. She had really landed herself in a fix, now! She had to repeat the lie, since Thanatos was still present. Her cheeks burned. Oh, what a mess she had gotten herself into. What if Hades went in search of Apollo, only to discover that he had not called for him at all?

It didn’t matter; she tried to frantically reassure herself. Hades had no idea of her true identity and no way of holding her accountable.

Thankfully, she managed to get out, ashamed of how nervous she sounded, and doing her best to keep her voice as low and unrecognisable as possible, “Apollo the Sun God sent me. He wishes to see you.”

Hades’s smoky eyes narrowed at her. She tried to hold his gaze as steadily as she could, though it made her pulse hurtle faster still.

“Hn,” he then scornfully dismissed, closing his eyes briefly. “I have no interest in conversing with that moron.”

“…” Thanatos, who had finished gathering his supplies, cast him a silent glance.

“Let’s go. Brother.” Hades nodded at him.

Brother? Kore’s eyes widened. So that explained the uncanny resemblance in good-looks; they were relatives!

As Thanatos exited the tent, Hades began to follow after him. She was just about to exhale a sigh of relief that everything had worked out fine, after all – when Hades abruptly swivelled back around, and tossed a smouldering look over his shoulder back at her.

Kore’s was powerless to look away. His blistering gaze blazed through her, made her feel as though her very blood was being set alight and birthed an agonising, throbbing heat deep within her.

Her aching heart then jumped violently into her throat, as he murmured with great derision, and quietly for her ears alone, “That hair. It’s awful.”

The air caught in her lungs as she gaped at him in open shock. He was referring to her chakra-altered, dirty blonde tresses. But how could he possibly have detected it? Perhaps it was just some coincidence. He had even called her ‘nymph’! There was no conceivable way he ought to have recognised who she really was-! The disguise had been fool-proof!

But there was no more room for doubt - when the tiny, smug, condescending smirk curved one corner of those haughty lips just before Hades turned away and left - that he unmistakeably did know.


I know I’ve only just updated, but I was so fired up to write Itachi, I just HAD to type up this quick one. I tried to make Thanatos/Itachi sound as drool-worthy and noble as I could. Did it work?

And damn that sexy fiend, Hades, and his sexy, sexy smirks. Hope you enjoyed this sneaky peek! It’ll be the first flashback in the next chapter.

The next chapter should be up by Christmas. You will get another sneak peek before then.