young angela

“Why do you love comics?”

*remembers that time Malekith wore Thor’s arm as a necklace and treated it like couture*

*remembers that time Loki’s biggest villain was his own guilt taking human form and nearly killing him*

*remembers that time Billy and Tommy ended up with like five dads and none of them were even gay with each other it was just a lot of weird magic and technology*

*remembers Gwenpool actually testing out fourth wall powers and trying to make them work for her*

*remembers that Howard the Duck exists*

*remembers Angela’s Space Bikini and All The Gay and her amazing later costumes*

*remembers Tony Stark trying to be a reasonable, friendly authority figure to child superheroes who won’t stop if he tells them to so he might as well make sure they’re safe*

*remembers everything about Ms. Marvel*

*remembers that Loki’s solution to a problem has, on more than one occasion, involved eating his own soul and then catching fire*

*remembers Noh-Varr’s FUCK YOU fires*

*remembers the goofy, heartbreaking process of Cindy Moon trying to readjust to a world that’s passed her by*

*remembers that Image comics and thus The Wicked and The Divine and all their fuckery exist*

*once again remembers Malekith ripping off Thor’s arm and lacing their fingers together while wearing it as a necklace who does that*

“IDK they’re just fun I guess.”

thealaxy  asked:

Aww u guys are the cutest! If u don't mind me asking, what was your first meeting like?

Jesse: Well, after my first Blackwatch mission, being the dumbass that as I was, I broke my right arm…

Now I wasn’t the type to believe stuff until I experienced it myself

But in that moment…

I believed in love at first sight

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LITERATURE MOODBOARDS: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas 

“You can destroy wood and brick, but you can’t destroy a movement.”

“What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?”

[slams fists on table]

Angelo Ziegler is Angela’s younger brother who was orphaned at a young age along with Angela due to the war. Angelo is good hearted, compassionate, and kind just like his older sister who he looks up to as a role model (hence their similar angelic motifs). Angela strongly discourages him from joining Overwatch when she joins, not wanting to risk losing the last of her family left alive. If Angelo were to die on a mission, Angela would not be able to handle it. He wants to join when he’s older since he too wants to help people through medicine but Angela doesn’t want him to experience everything she’s seen since joining Overwatch. Overwatch disbands before Angelo even gets a chance to be recruited. When Overwatch is revived, Angelo finally gets his chance to join the ranks and brings his own research with him just like his sister did many years ago, much to Angela’s dismay. Which is why her attitude towards Overwatch has changed and she sees its revival as a negative thing. She doesn’t want anything to happen to her baby brother. But she rejoins for his sake.