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“Talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. Talk to a man in the language of his home - that goes to his heart.” As for the context, I imagine Genji would have been feeling pretty down post-operation/getting murdered by his own brother. For those that can’t speak japanese, Genji says “Never mind, It’s nothing.” Angela replies with “Really?”

Overwatch - ‘Twas the Mistletoe


Been busy this last week preparing for Christmas and visiting relatives, the usual.

So my first Overwatch comics based on a Pose for Mercy the one holding the Mistletoe and the idea was born.

For Mercy’s kind and gentle personality I thought she has a slightly playful side.

So here is a Jack x Angela comic from when both were young and naive.

BTW I’m aware that Jack is like a solid 18 years older than Angela who was around 17-18 at the time.

Anyway guys, I hope you have had a good Christmas with friends or family, and I wish the the Happiest of Holidays!

Jack Morrison and Angela Ziegler from Overwatch© Blizzard Games.


I’m not proud of what I had to do – but I would do it again. You all quit, you all die, I can still guarantee you one thing – the Squad will go on. - Amanda “The Wall” Waller


Young!McMercy aesthetics

I was talking with @jjessemccree earlier about this headcanon I have of the two of them in their younger years, and this happened. 

Since Mercy joined Overwatch at such a young age and it is known that she was the head of surgery at a Swiss hospital before that, it’s pretty safe to assume that she was a child prodigy who, after the death of her parents, dedicated herself to helping those in need. Next to getting experience in the field, Angela spent most, if not all of her free time to studying and researching everything she needed to know in order of being a good surgeon. 

Along comes McCree; a boy came from a completely different way of life, having grown up in the American Southwest among gangs and criminals and having been involved with one himself; The Deadlock Gang. Captain Reyes had taken him in after the gang was busted in a sting-operation of Overwatch and the boy was faced with the choice of rotting in a maximum-security prison among his fellow members, or joining Overwatch’s covert-ops Blackwatch, in which he chose the latter. 

Albeit being the same age as Angela, Jesse had a very different look on life than her; he was known to be a reckless man, while Angela was anything but that. He had gotten her into trouble a ton, so much so Mercy didn’t even bother to count them. But it wasn’t like she was complaining about it. Sure the situation he caused her to be in didn’t help her reputation of being the quiet and reserved doctor whom everyone in the organization respected, but she was completely okay with that after a while. He showed her something she never really got to experience in her teenage years; what it’s like to be young.


McCree take your heart worm medicine

So yeah I like cowboy bork man. There’s edgey Gabe vampire and harpy angel Mercy too.

In the end, Mercy gave McCree a slim Jim with the medicine in it and he ate it without realizing (and proceeded to be very betrayed when he tasted the yucky medicine) and Gabe shut young boof up by giving him a jar of peanut butter

Imagine just as McCree loses his arm
  • McCree: *in shock and just stuttering and crying*
  • Reaper: *holding McCree* Hang on, Jesse! It's going to be alright!
  • Mercy: *beginning to bandage his wound* Hold still, we'll get you help immediately!
  • McCree: Th...That...
  • Reaper: Yes? What, what is it?
  • McCree: *begins sobbing* THAT WAS THE ONLY ARM I JERKED OFF WITH!
  • Reaper: *drops him and walks away*