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Strickler and Blinky shirking their fatherly responsibilities off on each other occasionally.

You know, I actually feel like it’s more like them that they would compete for fatherly responsibilities than try to shirk them off on each other? Because Deya dammit, they’re gonna get all the moments they can with with their son this boy.

“You assisted Master Jim in studying for the SAT! It’s my turn to train him in–”

“What, crashing cars? Leave driver’s education to someone who is actually licensed to drive!” 

Memos in the Citadel (13/?)

To: All Kingsglaive, All Crownsguard

From: Clarus Amiticia

CC: Cor Leonis, Captain Titus Drautos

Subject: Rules and Legislation update.

Due to recent events I have been asked to ammend article 53 of the Crownsguard handbook.

Any and all mentioning of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is hereby banned within the Citadel walls.

Please do not reply to this.

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moments in college teaching, from last night:

*class is discussing Stevenson’s Jekyll & Hyde and the lack of representation of women/representation of women in servant roles*

*we talk about 1880s historical context and expectations for a while; class is happy enough to talk about the novel*

me: thinking about some of our other readings, and present-day popular culture narratives you might be familiar with, how do you feel about the question of gender representation - is there an identifiable shift, or not so much, or any main similarities or differences you notice compared to CURRENT representations of women in popular media?

*class pauses*

student #1 (young, male, Asian): well…I feel like we’re getting better?

*more students nod*

me: yes, that absolutely might be true, and we can talk about examples in a sec, but that’s interesting phrasing you chose just now, isn’t it? GETTING better, but not done yet?

student #2 (young, male, white; clearly bright from his writing assignments but normally quiet in class): *raises hand shyly* so…okay, so if we’re talking about it, and you’re asking us that question, that means we’re not there yet? like, if we really weren’t sexist anymore, and it just WAS better, we wouldn’t need to have discussions about representation, because it would already be equal? I mean, like, we still actively NEED to talk about sexism and, like, also racism, in society, so we still, um, have work to do.

Yes, student, yes. Well done. Very well done.  *waves pom-poms of enlightenment and encouragement for him*

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Sorry this is off-topic, but i wanted to ask you something about Pride and Prejudice. Why did Elizabeth fall in love with Darcy?

I used to read Pride and Prejudice once a year but it’s been a while since I did a rereading and I don’t really want to do a deep analysis of it. But I think it was very complicated. The reality of the Bennet’s lives were that the young ladies needed to marry well. 

The cynic in me says that Elizabeth’s feelings were influenced by his lovely lands. But the romantic in me says she learned something about judging a man for his worth– not monetary– and not the pleasing fancy manners.

You know, it’s ironic, because part of Jane Austen’s critique is always about how couples married according to these ideals of what is, say, a jovial woman, and then you end up with a mismatched pair like Mr and Mrs Bennet, where the silliness of Mrs Bennet is NOT tempered by the severity of Mr Bennet. Her other books show similar problems sometimes, when we see the results of characters who feel like they won the courting game but ended up with people who would make them miserable. 

So what I like to think happens to Elizabeth is, although her head is first turned by the “dashing” Mr Wickham, she comes to learn who Mr Darcy really is, and that, rather than being cold and proud, he is actually someone who is much more compatible and who could make her happy. He was quicker to get over his prejudice about her family and upbringing and recognize that her wit and brightness could make him happy, but then he was still an idiot about it. Until they got it all worked out, because in the end, he was a good and caring person and she was an intelligent and clear sighted person and that was really what they needed, not the dashing man or the accomplished woman.

Jane and Bingley make a good match of it, both being so kind and good. But Lydia and Wickham? That’s going to disaster. And Charlotte and Mr Lucas? Neither of them will make each other happy, although like Mr and Mrs Bennet, they will probably be content enough. 

Please remember I haven’t read Pride and Prejudice in possibly 10 years. (I think it’s time for a reread!) so this was a quick interpretation, not indepth. 

I do know that one of the reason I like the 2005 P&P movie version better than the BBC version, despite it being more faithful to the text, is because I felt that Elizabeth in the BBC version was more influenced by the economics and the beautiful house than she was by feelings for Darcy. Or rather, the beautiful grounds were what allowed her to come to care for him. And that’s my cynical take. I like the romantic one. 

pls go by what mark says guys. He says hes fine, and hes still a minor so i doubt theyre making him work overtime like how they would probably do if he was older. He has a curfew so as long as hes getting rest and support from his loved ones everyday, hell be fine ♡


            “You must be careful with Lord Melbourne. You are a young girl, and he, well he is a Herzenräuber. A stealer of hearts. You should take care, Drina, that he does not steal yours”.
             Really, Mama, there is no danger of that. You forget I am the Queen and he is my Prime Minister.” 
             “I am sure that is what you are believing, Drina, and maybe it is true. But I am seeing the way your cheeks are making a rose every time you see him.“

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So, I actually had that Nursery Rhyme VHS when I was very young as well, and memories of it actually brought back fear before I saw your video (though oddly enough not from the Crooked Man moment). I think it was because some parts of it were kind of surreal to me back then and made me uneasy to think back to. However, watching your video on it so far has pretty much washed away any fears I had from remembering it. So, thank you Caddy.

No worries! I figured one or two people out there would remember it, it’s SO obscure. And somehow most Nan’s in the U.K. owned it for their grandchildren haha

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hi! I'm writing a trans boy character and was wondering if there was a possibility of them being too young? (he's 8)

Well, too young for what exactly? Some kids just know they’re trans as soon as they can conceive of what gender even is, some people don’t know until they’re sixty. It’s too young for any medical transition, I think, largely because you wouldn’t give hormones to a kid who hasn’t even started puberty yet.

There’s people that say that you can’t know when you’re that young, and there are certainly kids who experiment with gender presentation and roles when they’re young but don’t turn out to be trans, but the former people are probably just dickheads and the latter kids don’t have any bearing on whether or not trans kids exist.


Genji: If I were there I would have convinced the Dragon to just give the gold back!
Hanzo: Genji, this is not like our Dragons…This is evil, you can’t just domesticate it!
Genji: NAH! I can tame any Dragon!

Or: Hanzo reading The Hobbit with Genji and trying to explain him the difference between Smaug and the Shimada Dragons

And this is how to make me cry over my own stuff at 5am

Bye, I’ll be in that corner over there.


Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡