young and reckles

Tonight Alive interview with Young & Reckless
  • Jake: Hi, I'm Jake.
  • Jenna: Hey, I'm Jenna.
  • Cam: (looking at Jenna and Jake and smiling) And I'm Cam and I play bass.
  • Jake: Oh, I play guitar as well! (laughing) Sorry, I forgot about that one.
  • Jenna: (laughing) Oh, we should've gone through that. I--I sing. And we're in Tonight Alive from Sydney, Australia. This is our 3rd tour in the States. I don't know how I feel about sharing this, but I'm gonna do it! Um, me and my best friend--my girlfriend--(laughs) um, did a little nudie run in our high school. (puts her finger to her lips) Shh!
  • (Cam and Jake just stare at her like 'what?')
  • (Jenna laughs)
  • Jenna: That was fuckin' awesome!
  • Jake: Wooooowww.
  • Jenna: I didn't tell--I didn't tell you guys! So if you guys wanna stay in touch and stay updated, Tonight Alive is on almost every social networking website.
  • Jake: Our debut album, 'What Are You So Scared Of?' is out now on Fearless Records.
  • Jenna: It's also in store and online, and uh, we're on the Warped Tour, so if you're checkin' this out, come see us at a date. If you missed us, we'll be back in the Fall, so don't stress. See you there!
  • Cam: Stay young and reckless.
  • (Jenna laughs)
  • Jenna: Ha! Nice.