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One thing that I have noticed over my years of reading Warriors is that whenever a she-cat has kits, she loses her personality entirely. Lets use Squirrelflight for example. Squirrelpaw was a fiery young apprentice full of ambition and hopes for the future, and never afraid to speak her mind, causing her to occasionally cross the line. She insisted that she go along with Brambleclaw on a big mysterious prophecy, because hey, that seems important right? She may have made many mistakes on the way, but she never let them define her or get in her way. She was flawed. She was relatable. She was a good character. But then Leafpool had kits, and Squirrelflight was to raise them. Aside from maybe Leafpool’s Wish, there was no transition between TNP and POT, or even character arc that occurred to explain what made her suddenly so automatic. When you are reading The Sight, Squirrelflight doesn’t have any trace of her former ambition or spunky attitude, her entire character is completely neutralized, and she is reduced to doing only the ‘right’ things a parent would do in that situation. She no longer has flaws. This same thing has happened to many queens such as, but not limited to: Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Sandstorm, Tawnypelt, Dawnpelt, Silverstream, Millie, Dovewing, Brightheart, Feathertail, Sorreltail, Blossomfall, and countless others. These were all good characters with so much potential, but for some reason thrown away and turned into background characters. Give me a mother who struggles to take responsibility to care for her kits. Give me a mother who tries her best to be a good parent but slips up all the time. Give me a she-cat who wants kits with all her heart but can never have any. Give me diversity, because watching all my favorite characters fade away is a lot worse than seeing them struggle, and overcome a new challenge.

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The question you asked about the Garlfied post: I would read the SHIT out of a story about a starving artist making a deal with an eldritch horror from beyond and accidently ending up getting some otherworldly dick.

okay so here is my pitch

it would be called Lionel James Wants To Be Famous

leo is a young man who, as the title suggests, would really like to be famous. and he has a lot of ideas about how he could like to be famous. but unfortunately for leo, he has approximately no talent, and not even in an interesting wiseau kind of a way.

he tried making a webcomic, which went approximately nowhere. he tried making flash animations, back when that was a thing. he returned to the well of webcomics. he tried stand-up. he tried self-publishing young adult novels. he made two episodes of a podcast. his latest venture has been an attempt to make it as a famous youtuber.

but he fucking sucks. not even in the fun way that some people suck. if he went viral for being shitty, he would be ecstatic. he would sell t-shirts celebrating his own humiliation. there is just nothing even remotely interesting about leo. there is not a creative bone in his body. he has no vision or drive. he is the guy who thinks he’s funny because he’s really good at repeating stand-up routines he saw on comedy central. he’s just. he’s not great.

so he does what any young man with minimal ambition that exceeds his even more minimal talent would do, and he summons a demon. which takes the form of a cat. a very round and fluffy black cat, with red eyes.

he names it taft.

taft the cat is a photogenic cheese-loving internet sensation. leo monetizes everything. there are shirts. there are ad-covered videos. taft gets their own comic book. sponsorships. leo gets to go on talk shows with his ridiculous fat cat from hell.

here is the thing about taft: they have been doing this for a long time. artists are easy marks. they’ve never taken the form of a lolcat before, but generally, acting as a muse is a quick way to get a soul. because sooner than later, an artist will realize how unfulfilling it is, how much it sucks to know that all their success is actually because of their demon muse, etc etc.

obviously getting artists to kill themselves due to lack of creative fulfillment isn’t exactly nice, but, demon.

leo, however, fucking loves this arrangement. because leo is not an artist. he just wants to be treated like one. and with dawning horror, this hideous shadowterror comes to realize that they are going to be stuck with this asshole for a really long time. and no matter what they do to try to make leo uncomfortable, or renege on the deal… it never works. he just rolls with it.

taft must now try to find a way to make living with an obnoxious manchild into something tolerable, and so far their plan is 90% ‘annoy the everliving shit out of him’ with a 10% side of ‘well, at least he’s not bad-looking’.


   Gemini season brings with it the birthdays of some of the most important figures in music history. Bob Dylan, 2Pac, Kanye West, Miles Davis, Prince, and the ATL Legend and arguably the best rapper of all time, Andre 3000. To celebrate the reclusive legends 42nd birthday, a deep dive into 3 Stacks features was done to do a proper ranking of his work that has kept his name more prevalent then ever before. With a solo album on top of my short list of “Things Never Happening But A Boy Can Dream”, and an Outkast album right next to it, the verses Andre has blessed us with over the past 20+ years will be on repeat instead.

Disclaimer: Only Counting songs were Andre has a full verse, not just a hook, skit or background vocals, but shout out to “Junie”, “By Design”, “Bubble Pop Electric” and “30 Hours”.

With That I Present, Andre 3000′s 25 Best Guest Verses

25: Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes

From TLC’s “CrazySexyCool” (1994)

24: Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)

From Future’s “Honest” (2014)

23: Walk It Out (Remix)

Loose Single (2007)

22: Throw Some D’s (Remix)

From Rich Boy’s “Rich Boy” (2007)

21: Interlude

From Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV” (2011)

20: Thought Process

From Goodie Mob’s “Soul Food” (1995)

19: I Can’t Wait

From Sleepy Brown’s “Mr. Brown” (2004)

18: Throw Your Hands Up

From 8Ball & MJG’s “In My Lifetime” (1999)

17: Sleazy 2.0 (Remix: Get Sleazier)

Loose Single (2010)

16: Green Light

From John Legend’s “Evolver” (2008)

15: Everybody

From Fonzworth Bentley’s “C.O.L.O.U.R.S.” (2011)

14: What A Job

From Devin The Dude’s “Waitin’ To Inhale” (2007)

13: The Real Her

From Drake’s “Take Care” (2011)

12: I Do

From Young Jeezy’s “TM103: Hustlerz Ambition” (2011)

11: Pink Matter

From Frank Ocean’s “channel ORANGE” (2012)

10: Party

From Beyonce’s “4″ (2012)

9: Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)

From Lloyd’s “King Of Hearts” (2011)

8: Play The Guitar

A Promo Single For B.o.B.’s “Strange Clouds” (2011)

7: Do Ya Thing

A Single From Converse’s “Three Artists, One Song” Campaign (2012)

6: Hello

From Erykah Badu’s “But You Caint Use My Phone” (2015)

5: Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)

From UGK’s “Underground Kingz” (2007)

4: Solo (Reprise)

From Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” (2016)

3: Sorry

From T.I.’s “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head” (2012)

2: Decemba (Remix)

From Divine Council’s “Council World EP” (2016).

1: Sixteen

From Rick Ross’ “God Forgives, I Don’t” (2012)

Written By Johnny Vulture Jr. aka Deputy Sheriff Of Stankonia aka @soflogemstone on Twitter

As much as it would break my heart, I would really love to read the history of Severus Snape. His early years, his life in and out of Hogwarts, his experience becoming a Potions Master…everything. His illusions as a young boy, his ambitions as a teenager, his decisions as a young man.
We know a lot about him, but at the same time so very little.

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It feels a bit silly to come to your inbox since we're actually chatting but you're good and you're indulging me in this, so. I'd like to have a comparison between songs harry wrote, like a timeline of his writing characteristics, something that shows how he's grown in term of songwriting, and maybe a little flash forward to his solo album? I know you've already made posts about SG, IICW and WITW, but maybe you could sum them all up and starting from the origins? And including Don't let me go?

Thank you for this ask, Julie!

I looked through the list of songs available to the public for which Harry shares writing credit. 

2011: Taken, Everything About You, Same Mistakes

2012: They Don’t Know About Us, Summer Love, Still the One Irresistible, Don’t Let Me Go

2013: Story of My Life, Happily, Right Now, Something Great

2014: Just a Little Bit of Your Heart (for Ariana Grande), I Love You (for Alex and Sierra), Not Our Fault (for Gavin Degraw)

2014: Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Fool’s Gold, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome, Change Your Ticket

2015: Perfect, If I Could Fly, Olivia, Walking in the Wind, AM

2016: Someday (for Michael Buble)

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I mean just look at him! He’s sitting in an actual shoe. The ribbon is the width of his hand. Those pearls must weigh a ton to him. But does he care? No he doesn’t care. You know why? Because he’s your Little Prince and he knows it.
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Moonbin Scenario – It Was Written (Soulmate AU) Part 1

A/N: Sorry this is so late, I’ve been studying for my finals which are in 4 days. After they are over though be prepared. Also this will only have two parts of the same length.  

Summary: You never realised until much later in your life that as Marcus Tullius Cicero had said a room without books is a body without a soul. Only, you required just one special book and it came with a good package. 

Genre: Tragic, Fluff

Requested: Yes

Words: 7500

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Assassin’s Creed!AU. Jackson Wang is the master of the knights Templar. He has piercing eyes, a bank account with a large sum of money and  an irresistible desire to possess the Apple of Eden.

Mark Tuan is an young assassin with big ambitions, a thirst for blood and a desire to destroy the Templar order. His mission is to protect the Apple from danger.

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Dahlia and Phoenix

Roleswap: Dahlia and Phoenix

Dahlia Hawthorne: A clever and hardworking young lady with high ambitions. Dahlia attends Ivy University and majors in English. She’s a little brisk at times, and very competitive, but also very motivational and efficient. Her greatest flaw, however, is underestimating others because of her high opinion of her own intelligence. This becomes her downfall when she takes Phoenix’s goofy persona at face value. After being acquitted for the murder he tried to pin on her, Dahlia sets her sights on becoming a lawyer.

Phoenix Wright: An angry young man who gets grudges at the drop of a hat. Furious at his childhood mistreatment at the hands of his parents, Phoenix sets out on a quest to get revenge on every single person who’s ever done him wrong, and the list simply grows as he goes. He uses his generally gormless appearance in conjunction with a nonthreatening veneer to fool others into thinking he’s too stupid to be a suspect. Despite most of his crimes being spur of the moment, his knack for improvisation and brilliant bluffing technique can get him out of almost any situation. Almost.