A little art therapy self care👌🏻 My water color painting of all my favorite books💙

"Accidentally" started writing an original thing today...

“Well, my folks kicked me out as soon as they found out.” Shana said softly. “No attempt at the harsh conversion therapies or counseling. I’m sure they pray for my soul every night.” The last was said with a hint of irony. “What about you?”

Zinnia laughed uncomfortably. “I’m not–I mean–I don’t…” she chewed her lip. “I never really thought about it. I guess…” She looked down at her brother sleeping soundly on the ground. “It wouldn’t matter much to my parents. We were hiding some people in our house who were. They were our friends. But someone tipped off the authorities and they raided our house. Records show they only have me. My brother was born in secret. So I’m just trying to get to the safe house with him before they find me.”

Shana nodded. “The sins of the father…” she leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to Zinnia’s lips. “For luck.” Shana sat back once more and turned to the door. “I’ll keep first watch.”

Zinnia nodded, curling up by her brother. She pressed her fingers to her still-tingling lips. That was her first kiss. And I totally blew it, she thought to herself.

Who’s ready for the third installment of Jenny Han’s ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’?!🎀
I AM!😍
I preordered it and the release date has changed.. why?!?!😩
Well.. it won’t be long until it’s in my hands..
What book release are you looking forward to this year?😁💥🎉

I will stand on that battlefield again, Nesta Archeron, to protect this house - your people. I can think of no better way to end my existence than to defend those who need it most.
—  A Court of Mist and Fury, by Sarah J Maas, page 553
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