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I’m getting tired of fans who don’t understand that Yu-Gi-Oh! is not going to have a female lead or become Sailor Moon in big women roles. There have been 5 series and all of them had almost no female focus. The show is targeted at young teen guys in Japan, so they are going to have males front and center most, if not all the time, and Japan has different views on women. It’s not changing. Fanservice is normal for anime too. It’s fine. Don’t like it or want big female leads, don’t watch Yugioh.


“Tipo di evento:
Distribuzione di photcard individualmente stampate dai membri + Hi Touch

Tokyo - 26 Novembre 2016
Osaka - 16 Dicembre 2016.“

(N/B:* Per partecipare ai suddetti eventi sarà necessario acquistare un album che permetterà di entrare nella lotteria. In caso si venisse estratti si potrà partecipare)

Traduzione a cura del Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Mira) | Trans ©bangtanitl
10 Ways (Japanese) YA Novels Leave You Totally Unprepared to be an Actual Adult
Donna Gambale wrote a refreshing and humorous piece on how unrealistic real life can be when presented within the pages of a typical Young Adult novel.
Lesson 11.2: Souls

In our previous lesson we talked about infant souls and baby souls, so now we’re going to look at young and mature souls. Old souls up next!

Young Souls

These souls have gone through lifetimes of mastering survival and then civilization/order, so now they’re interested in power. They’re exercising free will and self-assertion. They want to acquire physical possessions and usually seek higher education and employment. Achievement drives them. They see themselves and others in order of who has the most, who throws the best parties and has the best cars and phones and homes, who has the best body and the better-looking spouse. As you can imagine, America is heavily populated with young souls.  Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Canada also have many young souls. They like highly competitive environments, so places like Hong Kong, LA, and New York are buzzing with them.

Unlike baby souls’ perception of “us vs. them,” young souls see it as “me vs. everyone else.” They see everyone as individuals competing against each other. They do not just adopt predetermined societal norms like baby souls; they determine their own agenda, set trends, and make change. They make their own opinions and feel that these opinions are right. The idea that all perspectives are equally valid is completely foreign to them.

Think about toxic waste being dumped in the ocean for the profit of big companies. That’s how young souls are; as long as they can make money or get ahead, the morality of their actions doesn’t really matter to them. That’s why they often hurt others’ feelings, because they tend to take advantage of people for their own benefit. Still, they are confident and inventive.

They have an early understanding of how to make money and are very good at it. They will do things they don’t like to make money, because they do like success. It’s kind of like musicians letting record labels control their music and creativity in order to make more profit.

Young souls see everything as a boost to their status, including their spouse as we mentioned above. They see love as a “what’s in it for me” situation, so their love is rarely selfless. Their emotional relationships with others are weak, so they may not have good relationships with their children but will buy their ids anything they want to make them seem “better” than other children. Young souls are also heavily identified with their physical appearance, so they spend a lot on clothes and plastic surgery.

Most people reach fame in their Young Soul phase. Still, you don’t have to be rich and famous to be a young soul. It’s a phase we all have to experience; it’s necessary for our growth. Young souls often fear death and their views on religion are either conservative or nonexistent. They’re not as conservative as baby souls, but the ones who are religious are usually church-going. Most of them aren’t very religious.

Mature Souls

I love this phase :) I’m pretty sure I’m a mature soul, and I think a lot of you are.

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Inside of the #historical #himeji #castle, near the #top #floor there are very few #windows with a seat, but this #little #japanese #boy managed to find one, while taking in a bit of his #culture at the same #time. The castle is quite interesting, visually stunning but it’s a little bit barren inside, and if you’re not in the #mood for standing in a #huge #que for a few #hours, then maybe just take a #picture and #think about it.

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