young 4 life

Yea…I have this friend…turned me into more of a nerd then i was. She made me watch a show called Young Justice. And let me say she turned me into Young Justice trash. I ship so many things in that show but i mostly ship BIRDFLASH!!!!! OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER LIKE I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! *clears throat* Now that i’m done fan-girling let me just say that they are the cutest thing ever. (ALSO THE ART WORK DOES NOOT BELONG TO ME) But yes i ship this and so many other gay ships but let me just say you wouldn’t in a fandom if you didn’t have a gay ship

welp i’m done here for now… see you guys soon 


So last year @impureimpulse and I moved to a new apartment and with that came the realization of exactly how much Persona 4 merch we own.  It’s… a lot. I decided to take on the task of trying to figure out exactly how much, and now I’m seriously contemplating our life decisions.

Disclaimer: This is several years worth of collecting; we’ve been into Persona 4 since around 2009, and we’re both adults with full-time jobs. 

I decided to leave out things like prints/posters, partly because a lot of them are already up on the wall, and partly because photographing them would prove difficult. This is also not including any of our P3/SMT stuff, but also includes any PQ/P4U/P4U2 merch. I’m also missing a few incidental straps/buttons/charms that I found as I was putting things away, but this is probably 99% of it.

Don’t be us, kids.

I just saw a post that said it was hypocritical to think Steve/Sharon was shoehorned in but then expect Steve/Bucky to be established in “one movie” and I’m just like.. did u miss the last 3 movies they were in together or


Ah, I forgot to post about this a while ago, but! impureimpulse and I surprised bedsafely, retrodynamics, and sakura-ouji at KatsuCon earlier this year for their birthdays with a customized CAH add-on deck we titled Cards Against a Real Shin Megami Tensei Game. We sat down and brainstromed 90 black cards and 254 white cards and had them custom-made. It’s mostly Persona 3 and 4 jokes because that’s what people are the most familiar with, but there’s a few of Persona 2, Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner, and Devil Survivor cards thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, all of us managed to leave our base CAH decks at home for the con, but we can’t wait to get everyone together again  and try combining our deck with regular one.